42 comments on “Rape, German Leftism and Voodoo: The Psychology of the Ruthless

  1. Now some might be saying “Ohh but wait! It is the Arabs that did it! It is the problem of “radical Islam!” but this is the wrong way to look at it.

    Well, one might disagree with this point in the article. One should not let the Arabs and Turks off the hook entirely and they actually should be held responsible first and foremost. Arabs, Berbers and Turks of the Muslim faith do in fact have a culture of cruelty and violence against white women and women in general. I went on youtube and did a search “muslim sheikh beat your wife” and it turns out that there are sunni muslim religious scholars and sheikhs from Egypt and Qatar who say quite openly that beating your wife for a muslim husband is totally okay and they should do it. And this is their muslim religious scholars and elders justifying and endorsing cruelty and sadism against women and even young girls! Yep, Arabs, Turks and Berbers are somewhat twisted and perverted along with their religion. Those muslim men are grown men and they should be held responsible for cruel, inhuman, criminal behavior. And their sunni muslim sheikhs and elders who justify and normalize sadism and misogynist behavior toward women be should also be held responsible and should be punished (if they live in Europe). If their muslim clergy condemned sexual assaults and beatings against women, those arab, berber or turkish men would not have done it. But their sick clergy endorses this in fact.

    • Tell me hows that womens equality working out for your country?

      hmm, thought so.

      Would love to hear your ideas for keeping women from destroying any nation.

  2. When are you guys going to do the next podcast? I’m anxious to hear the news in detail about the developments of Golden Dawn in Greece.

  3. Muslims need to be eradicated from turkey right throughout the middleast, Persian gulf, Asia, North Africa and Africa. Muslims need to be targeted world wide including lefties and pseudo neocon right

    • This is just lunacy. Simply eliminating them is not a good or viable option. Most of the middle east, outside of the finite oil fields, is worthless anyway with the only exception being Asia minor. And seeing as how Turkey is currently incredibly powerful, you would do best to put any fantasies of invading them in our lifetime. All that needs to happen is for them to be removed from Europe. The way I see it at least, a major goal of nationalism for all nations should be that each people have a land to call their own and this includes the sand monkeys. And this is also not to say we have to be allies with them. Just that when they are allowed to be fully autonomous, let them govern their nations as they will. Whether that means being at least somewhat civilized or picking up Kalashnikovs and going crazy as usual is up to them so long as they keep it to themselves.

      • Beating Turkey is hardly a fantasy.
        Right now, the result would be hard to determine in a war between the two, but both Greece and Turkey would come off pretty bad.
        But if Greece comes under Golden Dawn, and Golden Dawn HEAVILY militarizes and strengthens Greece and the Greek population, which would most likely be the case, like Hitler did in National Socialist Germany, or like in ancient National Socialist Sparta, Greece would be able to wipe the floor with Turkey, no problem.
        Turkey is reasonably powerful, however it’s more of a case of Turkey having a strong leader with a loud bark (in Erdogan), rather than being actually as powerful as they make out they are.

      • It really is mostly a fantasy. As of right now, if Turkey invaded us, it would be nasty for both sides but ultimately it would fail. If we invaded them today, we would be ABSOLUTELY annihilated.

        Look, I am also a supporter of Golden Dawn (in case that isn’t yet apparent) and that is because I know they are the only ones who both know what to do as well as have the will to do it. But even the leadership of Golden Dawn are not miracle workers. We are talking about over 40 years of corruption and national economic mismanagement which is still more or less continuing to this very day. Most industry we once had is gone. Even when they gain power as the number one party, it will take years just to make the economy FUNCTION. Not thrive nor excel, simply function.

        And lets go further into the future where Greece is thriving under Golden Dawn leadership and we once again have a fully funded military that is even larger then before. I’ll even concede that in modern combat, pure numbers don’t matter as much (so Turkey’s greater population is less of a factor) and it is more about having higher tech and more specialized troops and vehicles. Even if this all was the case, any invasion of Turkey would result in retaliation by NATO, more specifically (and more importantly) the United States.

  4. Germans and Muslim Turks have long history of being allied. Germany supported turkey in the massacre of Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians. Germany supported the Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanian Muslims during the war against Serbia. I have no sympathy for Germans. They all can rot in hell with their Muslim lovers. It’s time for Greece to kick out All the foreign scum and foreign religions and lockup all the corrupt politicians. One race, one culture, one religion.

  5. All the other commenters are racist Nazis. Muslim refugees are a special group of people who know no better. Their culture dictates their right to rape all white women and produce the offspring of allah. All white Germans need to give each of these strong male Arabs their own white woman and a bank account with a million Euro.
    Only then will we be blessed by the beauties of diversity.

  6. To hell with the left wing scum. Western Marxism is poisonous to any society. I also hope the the Italian Forza Nuova makes huge political gains. To hell with the European cultural Marxists.

  7. Dear Anastais, my dream is to see turkey burn in hell. And for it to burn hell the major country will burn Turkey is Russia. As Vladamir Shrynozsky said that Russia should arm all Kurds, Armenians, Slavs, Greeks. Turkey can be beaten. They are not gods. Turkey must be punished for the crimes it have committed and every Muslim must be targeted throughout Greece.

    • I hate Turkey as much as anyone else but honestly this is getting a bit silly. Tone down the “RAAAH ME DESTROY TURKEY!” nonsense. Even if this outlandish idea of yours comes to fruition, the entirety of the wrath of NATO would come barreling down upon us, among other problems. From what I can tell, you are either a troll or a 10 year old who thinks he is being edgy.

      • Some people talk about this like it is some kind of game. Or they talk about it like they are living 80 years ago. People need to understand 2 major developments that didn’t exist in the past. The first is that while Greece always had some degree of traitors or lamogia, never before has the leadership of the country been determined to destroy Greece. They are not “stupid” they are not “mismanaging” Greece. They are going to kill the country and then move to Switzerland with the money they are being paid.

        The 2nd thing is that there will never be a war between just Greece and Turkey again, the war will be on a huge scale if not all out world war.

        So talking about “Yeaah destroy Turkey!”, or “Greece should do this and that” is pointless right now. Either these people aren’t serious, or they live outside Greece and listen to 70 year old villagers who left Greece in 1965, and have no clue about what Greece is like today.

      • Who said Greece alone should destroy Turkey. There are many countries that hate Turkey, from Armenians,Russia, Kurds, Iranians, Syrians,besides it the best opportunity for Russia to arm Kurd militants to hit Turks in turkey through to Europe. Greece and many other can support these groups to fuck turkey. It’s fair. Turkey supports Islamists, it fair to arm groups to attack Turks and pro Islamists.

  8. take it easy its not a blood bath that greece needs or wants. I would say just kick out the forigners and lock up the country and take care of home and let the rest of the world go on there way. Greece has in my life time not taken advantage of the few people that traditionaly make good friends with greece. Persia is one. At least they recognize the true history and there a nation with many goods to trade. And they like us. Next is Eygpt and Ethiopia aswell all the African countries will do postitive busness with the Greeks.
    But simply put KICK EM ALL OUT!!!!!!! OUT OF THE HOUSE OF THE GREEK!!!!! OUT!!! WE WOULD BE OK IF WE WERE JUST LEFT ALONE FOR 100 years or even 50. But its our time tell the world greece is for Greeks and anyone else just should not be there, get out. AND people get it!

    • The problem Brenda is that in order to throw out the Muslims in Greece, the Greek traitors, both conservative and leftists need to be brutally destroyed. If we do not destroy them, we have no chance of removing the foreigners. This is the root of the problem.

    • Brenda
      You are a traitor fool. Persia ? Egypt , African nations etc …Like Greeks ?

      The hell with those savages !
      And the hell with you !
      Greeks are a noble people being deceived by people like you !

      Greeks need to only Do Business with other white European nations preferably Christian orthodox nations .

      The savage country’s you named attacked Greece ! Learn your history !

      In 1921 1922 Greece had 250000 troops in turkey ! Greece s warriors nearly won however the traitor fake king turned victory into defeat !

      On top of that traitors and idiots like you called our near victory The Big Catastrophe ? How in the world is that a catastrophe ?

      To all Greeks Turkey is weak don’t let them think they downed a Russian jet because they are powerful. USA pulled that trigger . Russia alone can destroy turks in 1 month .

      Listen up all Greeks we are as strong as we believe we are! Iron Will prevails against all odds ! Without IRON WILL Greece will remain getting raped and continue making idiots like Brenda !!

      Break the mind chains and we will become supreme leaders as we were in our past .
      Hail victory
      Hail X.A.

  9. Hey puppet master. Russia can destroy turkey in 1 minute not 1 month with 1 massive nuke up Turks arse. Death to Turks, Jews, and all Sunni muslims

    • Mano my friend, please go back to wherever you came from and stop your childish rants! You give Nationalism a bad name you idiot !!

  10. Hey Brenda, the only African country Greece should do business is Euthiopia because prodominately orthodox Christian and Angola which has banned Islam. The rest of African countries are Muslim and can burn in hell

  11. Potts, what wrong about my comment death to Turks. Obviously you are not Greek or Orthodox Christian, you sound like an ANGLO, You need to understand that Turks are our eternal Enemy of Greeks, Armenians and Serbs. Now go back and crawl to the hole you come from.

  12. Amen
    It is a blatant, psychotic intentional act on the part of these politicians. It is as obvious as “Good vs Evil” in The Bible. If these politicians don’t realize it I hope the women that were “sexually terrorized” press charges and sue their govt or these ratchet people individually. If anyone needs classes on how people should be treated these leftist should go first. They need to forfeit their positions for the welfare of the people.

  13. The writer fails to identify the bloody evil behind the “German leftest sociopaths,” the stinking jews. THEY are the ones engineering this barbaric invasion of witless animals. Taking advantage of these mindless, black thugs whose psychotic practices dictate that any unveiled female is fair game and to be “punished” by rape and swarming molestation, lets millions of sand niggers loose upon Western Europe in order to destroy White European culture and mongrelize the white race, thereby eliminating it.

    These officials are merely following orders, through threat, browbeating or, yes, by being a sociopath and agreeing.

    They are succeeding by sheer number. However, if this isn’t happening fast enough, the jew bastards will bring out the big guns. If we don’t take a stand now, in a year or two it will be too late.

    If Europe falls, the US will be next. The jews hate Gentiles with a violent, pathological passion. At this point there seems to be no stopping them. These parasitic aliens have destroyed every culture they have ever come in contact with, Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc. Now they are after us. Good luck cutting off the head of THIS snake.

    • You can talk about that all you like, but it doesn’t have any practical application in the real world. There are hundreds of articles on the internet from people like you who blame Jews for engineering these things. It is not that you are incorrect about that, but the question is how is an average German or European going to understand the complex nature of international Jewry when they are just now learning basic things like “Muslims are Violent Rapists”.

      You really expect the Germans who have just seen the rape epidemic and are angry to all of a sudden understand how jews are orchestrating it? These people think like a combination of a child and a robot, so doing that is a waste of time at this point.

      What they CAN understand is that for some odd reasons their politicians are lying to them and things arent going as smoothly as they were promised. This is why people must understand the role the middlemen play is so important.

      • The Germans have been fucked over and slaughtered by the jews since WW I, they understand more than you think they do. You can’t kill the snake by punching the middleman in the stomach.

        And yes, you are right about their thinking, but it’s sites like mine and others that are desperately trying to wake people up. Besides, if they are roused enough to get rid of their politico middlemen, they will simply be replaced, by the jews, by more of the same. Look at our long line of American presidents whose first job is to fly to Israel and kiss their stupid Whining Wall. These are “our” middle men and the jews place in office those who will do their bidding. Most Americans have yet to figure this out, no matter who they vote for.

      • Really? They understand more than we think they do? Have you ever been to Germany? Ever spent a significant amount of time with Germans?

      • You are right you can’t kill the snake by “punching the middleman in the stomach” however these people arent going to be easily replaced provided the consequences for the ones who were removed were severe enough. Unless of course your talking about voting them out.

        The Average German doesn’t read sites like yours or this one, nor do they even question or want to find out. Right now they are short circuiting trying to figure out why their government is lying to them. Believe me even this discovery is shocking for them, they aren’t thinking cynical like Americans do. They aren’t capable of dealing with the Jews in the current state they are. But the best first step is to get them openly hostile to their local representatives and politicians and perhaps then eventually they will find out who is behind them and deal with it.

      • There is 2 things thing you have to understand about Germans.

        1. They believe when somebody is in power, that they must be in power because they are qualified and honest. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in a position of power.

        2. Certain things that you may think it’s obvious somebody is lying about, isn’t obvious to them. Especially big things like the Holocaust. They don’t think that it is a lie not because they study evidence, but because it is unimaginable to them that somebody would lie about something like that. Again, the mindset of a child and a robot combined.

  14. Germans are scum. Karl Marx was from Germany. Lenin another criminal that was educated in Germany. Communism and left wing ideology came from Frankfurt university Germany.

    • Yeah so how does that make it the Germans fault? If all these sephardic Jews in thessaloniki were scheming does that make it Greeces fault? Avraam benaroia was a Greek then because he lived in Greece and started KKE?

      • To hell with Germans. Never forgive and never forget. Greece must focus on building strategic ties with Russia and Serbia.

      • Did you even read what we wrote? Why did you just go talking about something unrelated. And what do you mean never forgive never forget?

  15. Xaameriki is spot on when talking about the German mind set.
    I have been working with an import for a few years now.
    Fresh from Germany.
    Even though he is a good family guy with good intentions he brain was totally cucked.
    Bereft of what is going on , the reasons and negative outcomes for Germany and the world.
    He was more concerned with the Nazi stigma.Thats why they accept this unatural invasion of uncompatable people .
    Just to say to the world, see, we arent the big bad Nazi’s.We are just regular people.
    He is almost a child in a grown up body.
    Very naieve.
    It took three fckn years of persitence but he is just starting to believe and understand the reality and i think he is starting to reject the Nazi guilt trip pummelled into him since birth.
    He is still a long way from being free.I must say he did find it refreshing that he could talk about the Jews in any way he saw fit with me.
    His wife just walks away unable to listen or comment due to fear and mind controll.
    Keep up the good work Golden Dawners.

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