8 comments on “The Greek Farmers Have Risen Up! Golden Dawn Stands With Them – Tsipras-Kammenos Answer with Chemicals and Beatings…

  1. Days are numbered for criminal tsipras,kanenos nd,,pasok,Syriza and co. Hang the traitors bastards. Tsipras should seek asylum in Davos. But nothing will save his Syriza scum political party. He can ask asylum with that poutana Markel.

  2. The finally got him out of the building late last night. They dressed him up like a police officer, he popped his coller to hide his face, tey got him in a car and then sped off lol

  3. Are you guys ever going to get Golden Dawn Radio up & running again? I miss all the updates you used to do when the show was running regularly but that was ages ago now! Would love to see at least a fortnightly update show get off the ground again but I guess it takes having someone committed to putting that together and presenting it on a regular basis. Food for thought anyway – there’s still tons of people out here who would stay in much better contact with what’s going on via a podcast. Thanks for all you do 😉

  4. I watched a clip where a bunch of farmers were shouting at a Syriza terrorist expressing his dissapointment over current affairs saying that they voted for them in hope of something better and that Syriza terrorist just wiped his ass on the crowd with typical marxist arrogance. I wonder how they will vote at the next election? i must also be very honest and state clearly that i have no sympathy for anyone who votes for the left and then gets a kick in the nuts and cries about it. They were all warned but they kept shooting down those that warned them as a bunch of racist nazis. Well now deal with it and remember that come next election

  5. Well said Dion. But unfortunately I think and I hope not at the next elections vote ND mitsotakis the theif. If they vote ND it’s over for Greece permanently.

    • Mano lets at the very least hope that common sense prevails and that the GD climbs into second place come next elections. We only have to see what happened in the last few yrs as to how Syriza came from nowhere to get into office. If all these useful idiots vote for the likes of ND and they get much of the same thing i reckon they will only have one choice left. Add into the mix all these invaders which has changed many across europe’s perceptions faster than even i predicted it may well play into the hands of GD more than ever by the time a new election comes around. The voters have already shown that they can vote away from the traditional parties as the did for syriza so anything is possible. Even if they vote again ND and get the same old shit sooner or later they will realise that the height of insanity is repeating the same mistake expecting a different outcome but that lesson comes hard learned unfortunately.

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