12 comments on “Massive Golden Dawn Demonstration Defies Leftist attempt to Ban it.

  1. This is gorgeous. I am very proud of the Greeks for standing up to Zionism. May Golden Dawn succeed in the next elections and become a permanent thorn in the Marxists side.

  2. All this is because of Xrisy Avgi…Great too see other nationalist there as well the movement is getting bigger. God bless

  3. Hey XA Ameriki,

    I noticed that the news is saying there were 2000 people at the rally this year. Back in 2013 the media said there were 30,000, which would mean the movement is shrinking.

    What is your take on the numbers?

    • False News Reports, there wasn’t an official number given but by all accounts it was over 10,000 for sure. They have always tried to minimize the numbers. There was also an as antifa counter demonstration with 500 people.

    • Also keep in mind that as the article itself mentioned, the gov took official action to try and stop this event. The fact that it still ended up happening regardless of it being prohibited is alone indicative of success.

      • Right makes sense when you have Jews controlling the media of Greece and Marxists controlling the gov’t.

  4. Kim so tsipras days are numbered as for panos hesminos and mitsotakis. Check out kanenos helicopter couldn’t land in Kos, being mobed by the islanders in KOS.

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