8 comments on “Kos: Greek Police Assault Locals to Protect New Invader Center.

  1. Good. If people want to act stupid like an animal they might as well be trated like animals sin they keep voting for the politicians that sold them out which votes YES when people votes no. Now they can eat the baton they voted for.

    • I agree, Just a few months back they were crying to the GD to save them and when elections came around they went and voted yet again for the terrorist party Syriza. A friend of mine was on Lesbos with the last election when locals were crying about the invasion and when he said to them to vote for GD they said no they will vote for Syriza and if that doesnt work out they will vote for GD in the next election (most likely they wont) so from my side they are getting what they deserve. Im done sympathising with idiots who continue to vote like idiots.

  2. All votes are fake !
    Democratic elections are fake!
    Don’t believe in the voting system !
    Greeks being Desensitized to other Greeks catching a beating is what all xeni want us to do !
    One for all and all for one we must stand . Our people are too divided and that’s our biggest problem . Never allow xeni games to divide our people and fatherland !
    hail victory
    Heil XA

  3. this will only work to our favor. That’s what I’m thinking. I ‘ve been waiting for soo long for this to happen! And happily there is so soo much more similar to come. Total chaos, distrust without a doubt to the entire political fraud of the Greek rich animals, EU and rising anger, is the very positive thing coming out of all that. The next elections in Greece and all over again elections every 2 yrs or even more often, is a thing, for sure undoubtedly to happen.
    Let us just see what all these Greek idiots will vote for next time.
    Time for truth and nature, to slowly but undoubtedly take over.
    The only positive thing I see in all these, is that the disease eventually will start displaying all its symptoms. And the nationalist strong awakening, realization and lifetime bound to only care for the homeland and do anything it takes to protect her must go through very painful incidents, thank God these idiots in Kos are finally starting to take their lives and holy land in their hands!
    it’s already late, they had many chances, but better late than never!

  4. Mk, and other, the islanders of Kos are peaceful people’s and tolerant. But they have limits. Many people of Kos have shot guns. And there are over 7000 registered gun owners in Kos. They won’t need any political party to help them, they will take matters in their own hands and it will be bloody messy.

    • Mano

      I’m just waiting to see your words coming true, otherwise we are just sitting here, typing, hoping for that and wasting time.

      I don’t think the people of Kos, same goes for the rest of Greeks, have truly realized what is being long and carefully planned and designed against their own lives, land and homeland. To be honest, I think a small minority of Kos residents do, the others are more like confused and agree, seeing their once peaceful, easy going, shinny money-generating tourist island losing a huge back of lots of euros for this summer, and for sure, many others.
      I do not think like you say, that they are that much gun shooters and familiar with guns or truly patriotic people any other more than the rest of Greeks, with the exception of some older predominantly Cretans.
      They were just much deeper and harder affected by the symptoms of the national rapid destruction and ethnical/social decadance of their small society by the non-white races they bring from the Turkish shores to take over Europe, and for a longer time. It is clear and understood, that this small group of Greek islanders who wait a year long for the summer to fill up their pockets with money to live up in an already extremely hard and depressive national economy, flying away, for good, in the sake of the governmental EU-ordered decisions to establish Kos as a hotspot identification camp for illegal non-white immigrants.
      What kind of tourist who wishes to spend some sunny, stress- free enjoyable days in the summer will go and spend money on Kos, when the island has turned to a non stop stinky demographically-raped, human trash inhabitated little island?
      There are so many others, and as a direct consequence many tourism-based jobs will be lost in Kos thanks to that too. They will witness their lives changing dramatically completely, something already going on due to all the Greek politicians they voted for with the exception of GD, it was already bad, one can only imagine now. So it’s more natural for them to stand up now, more next to other Greeks who are still less directly and personally affected by it.
      You know many realize there is a problem, but as long as the inconvenient problem and truth doesnt directly affect their daily lives so much, they tend to push it back and project shamefull guilty TOLERANCE, once the problem start affecting directly their lives more and more, then they see no other option than taking the long hard way of fighting it back, putting aside the short termed days of peace and quiet.
      Anyhow, I find it a splendid thing that the police and army of Greece has taken orders to attack them now, that will only leave them no choice other than realizing that the government and authorities of Greece are totally against their common good, and on reality are even much more dangerous and worse than the illegal invaders coming with orders in our country by the EU and Greek political scum. It ll force them even more to realize that everyone in authority are plainly AGAINST them, and they have to vote or fight side to side with that party the same other authorities brainwashed them to believe are bad evil racists and fascists, cuz they fear Kos and Greek people siding to them and helping them bring in power.

      Economy and the ugly turn off it is of course vital and a strong motive for KOS residents to finally agree to take action, but slowly they still realize that their life safety and safety of their female family members is by far more important, what kind of human being fears more not having enough money in their pockets than getting raped and stabbed for real at the end of the day?
      And do not even think for a sec of the day, that rapes of girls in Kos and stabbed murdered Koes will not happen cuz the Greek authorities will not allow this to happen until they move them to Athens and the northern borders, eventually all the very dangerous and inconvenient truths and natural affects will become a common daily phenomenon as the time goes by in this barbarian legalized.. invasion. If you think this is exaggerating and not true, just wait to see what it happens the next few years. Time will prove these words an inconvenient hateful reality.

      You say Koes are tolerant but have limits when it goes too far.. Didnt you already realize that this type of..tolerance is sick, unnatural, irrational and toxic for their own lives and homeland, not only to them but the whole of the rest of Greeks ?

      You really think that by showing tolerance and patience, that will make your masters (government-authorities) and murderers symphathize with you and recognition of “your efforts and tolerance”?
      Hahaha. That is a common big time self-loathing most stupid mentality I ve encountered for many many years to the most Greeks I know.
      What are we? Jesus? That turns his other cheek when slapped from one side, to show a human example of tolerance, patience and kindness?

      This very very same type of tolerance you are talking about, tolerance and patience, is the worse kind of thing deeply infiltrated to most modern Greeks today!
      They tend to just take more and more and be.. filotimoi and stupid self-destructive forgiving with a short sick to hell memory, until the thing has gone too far, then they realize that IT IS THEIR HIGHEST AND MOST LIFE VITAL DUTY TO SHOW ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE OR PATIENCE TO ANY non patriotic and non traditional act the politicians they voted for to work for them right from the start! NOT WHEN IT HAS GONE TOO FAR, because now we have less money or now the government hasnt appreciated our tolerance to their evil anti-Hellenic acts and they want more.

      Mano you must understand Greek. You know the old Greek saying “δώσε θάρρος στον χωριάτη να σου ανέβει στο κρεβάτι”. I’ll try to translate the essence of that wise old Greek saying in English. “Show tolerance and give that foreigner a little bit more of a right in your own house, and he will take over your bed and the whole of it completely”. Keep that saying now deep in you Manos. NO TOLERANCE. Absolutely no stepping back, and absolutely no patience to the national treachery they are commiting. When is enough enough? I guess when you can’t even step out of your house door without trembling of your life, of getting stabbed, harrashed raped or hurt severely, eh?

      The people of Kos were whining to Kasidiaris and the GD ministes to save them from the barbarian never ending invaders already last summer when Syriza was ALREADY governing if I remember right. Now they are just whinning, they are getting attacked by the Greek police ordered to do so by the very same party they were begging GD officials to save them.
      Not all, but a vast majority of Koes voted for Syriza again. You tell me, what kind of “trava me k as klaio” and self loathing irrational behavior is that?
      Now you tell us they are proud people who got betrayed so badly and they know how to us guns. Well good for them!
      Let them clean their own mess, they created themselves now Mano. They lost the sympathy they deserved. They had a big chance. They screwed it all up! No one feels pitty of them, I don’t, time for them to learn that tolerance and money,hungry mentality is what has brought them and the rest of Greeks to this hell they are on.

      And if you want to maintain your peace, then you need to fight a war for it. The angels when being attacked from demons, they are obliged to fight them as well. Don’t you think?

      Never understood that increedibly stupid and idiotic big time loser mentality of Greeks to be tolerant, peaceful and filotimi. Treachery and evil knows no limits for Gods sake!
      Learn that

  5. That is the smartest thing to do. To stop sympathizing with them. They had already 2 chances. These people were a lifetime Pasok, ND and every kind of leftist-democratic-liberal-socialist/capitalist -whatever- agenda “customers” and slaves. You shouldn’t expect neither from Greeks, or Europeans, such a “rapid” change towards a poltical and ethnical ideology such national socialism, something that for many painful decades after Hitler they ve been brainwashed and programmed from all sides to believe it’s the worse kind of evil that can happen to mankind.

    I know you are undoubtedly very much familiar with what I’m saying, but what I’ve realized is that strangely, words and academical theories, poisoning press, media and schooling for decades, cultural Marxism in other words, can and are indeed proven to be SO MUCH stronger than any reality and practical true side of life, thus I get what nationalists meant by saying that political Marxism can’t succeed for too long and reality itself will force it to fail in the end, cultural Marxism though has been proven WAY much stronger combined with a long generation living in artificial security and wellness.

    I stopped expecting from Greeks to react as faster as we wishfully thought they would.
    Old habbits die hard. That says it all. It will take a longer time for them to realize what we already know.
    It might take 1 to 2 generations.
    But what I see is that the faster the Jews and global political/academic scum they bring it on, the faster and much muuch better what is natural to come, will come.

    They have forgotten and sold out to their masters anything valuable that allowed them to survive as a race and nation, the Greeks. Same goes for the Europeans as well, although to them it ll be harder to freaking wake up, as a whole.
    Now they will all pay for it. Symptoms are taking over, rapidly.
    Time for truth to shine, all the lies for so long are condemned to crumble down with a very loud painful noise, the faster, the better.
    We’ve been living in a totally totally sick and deadly artificial world after WW2, I hate the baby boomers generation more than anything!
    It is only good when it gets more extreme! It’s the slow procedure that is much more dangerous, but I think the Judaic globalism has grown so arrogant and ambitious, and that will be the start of their failure.
    What was happening before was sick and highly unnatural, what is happening today I’ll go that far to say that it seems like a blessing!

    It will take a longer time to those Greeks, but oh my, GD is NOT going anywhere, and the Greek nationalism is without a single doubt , the only thing left healthy, the only thing that is founded in pure strength, truth and light, it is the future itself, the world will change completely, it is all just a matter of time.

    Do not expect them to react that fast, they have proven to still be total idiots, instead take pure deep satisfaction out of these rapid changes that bring so much pain and national destruction, but this pain and drama is actually a pure relief and a blessing from this artificial Marxist hell! Strong pain and very tough years will change them for life, the next Greek generations will be totally different, let s see how the Jews and white global scum will deal with that.

    At some point it ll go that bad politically in Greece, I don’t think elections will even play any role anymore, personally. Cuz the system will only play the type of fraud games it always used to, thinking the sheep can be enslaved and controlled no matter what. But it’s the truth itself and the dominant belief without a doubt that either they fight in the streets and real life with GD, or they will just give up to the thought they are worthless and go kill themselves.

  6. Mk, they better fight back, they have no choice. And Greece is not alone. We have the same problems in Australia.

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