5 comments on “Great Turnout at the Demonstration of the Piraeus Residents Against the Creation of the Illegal Immigrant Center in Schisto

  1. I am not from an European country. I met a Greek lady today and we where chatting, she visits Greece every year. One question she asked me is that when she was there on a weekday night the restaurants are full with Greek people. She was confused.

    Can anyone explain to me how is that possible? I told her maybe they are living on credit.

    I am a GD supporter, but I am not Greek.

    But she was well aware of the fact that kikes cause all the problems.

    She was old around 70+

  2. No I didnt ask where she visited. But she not a resident of Greece. I asked her about Golden Dawn, and she knew of it. Her words to me was ‘they’ would not allow GD to rule as they only want puppets. Later in the discussion she mentioned the they are jews.

    They run everything she said. And I do hope that GD realises that the worlds biggest problems stem from jews.

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