8 comments on “Christos Pappas at the Anniversary of Northern Epirus’ Autonomy

  1. Sorry to mention this, but the majority of people in what was Northern Epirus is now Albanian. This is just reality, have nothing at all against Greeks. This is what official census records say. The Northern Epirus region was Albanianized quite extensively after World War One and especially under the Albanian communist authoritarian regime. Assimilation of Northern Epirus began almost immediately after the 1920s. Albanians from the 1950s to the 1990s had a very high birthrate. Substantially higher than the local Greeks. Also, it was decided already in the 1920s by the victors of World War One, that Northern Epirus should be made part of Albania. President Woodrow Wilson, the British Prime Minister and the Italian Government sided with Albania for some reason in the Northern Epirus issue in the 1920s. Also Greek government signed the Helsinki Final Act in the 1970s and thus the border between Greece and Albania cannot be legally changed from the standpoint of Greek obligations under international treaties.

    • There was a significant Greek population living across the Border in Albania up until very very recently when Samaras gave them Greek Passports. In World War 2 Greece obtained this area but it was quickly taken away after the death of Metaxas. We live in a world where EU leaders have become so corrupt they have repeatedly broken their own regulations on immigration and treaties, in the next years these things will become meaningless and unenforceable.

  2. That area is close to my own, it is Greek and nothing but. So what if some Albainians live on it, it does not change anything. Epirus up and down is Greek land, Greek stones, Greek dirt.
    And ya I want it back on my Greek map.

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