10 comments on “Golden Dawn – Kasidiaris – Defense Committee

  1. Golden dawn needs to get the ball rolling.. hearing more talk lately.. wheres the action? all i ever see its talk.. lets do somthen and show it.

    • Be patient hank..What would you have them do ?
      Its not as if they can suddenly overthrow the Government with all their European masters to back them up.
      I get it, your frustrated but we all are.
      Cool heads must prevail.
      Tactics must be measured and honest.
      They are making inroads and hopefully the farmers back them next time aswell.
      G.D does not need to give any excuses to be crucified in the public arena.
      It must deliver a positive message not fear and turmoil.
      To regain respect and not to accept belittlement by anyone and as for the Father Land ,like Trump says .”To become great again.
      It is possible.

      GD are doing their absolute best .

    • For that to happen Greece needs to be able to offer a safe environment, jobs and opportunities.
      The other positive thing it would do is raise realestate values considerably as demand grows.
      This is good for current home owners but also makes it harder for people trying to get into the housing market.
      I think realistically it would be hard to coax people away from their Jobs, friends and extended families.
      Like me for example.Im married, to a Greek girl ofcourse, 2 children a job wirh what ive mentioned above makes it hard to uproot everything for the unknown.
      I would be willing to be honest but the better half may not .
      There would be a major economic boom if they can attract alot of people back thats for sure.
      Maybe in the future incentives could be offered .

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