6 comments on “Greeks Burn Down Invader Camp. German Media Covers up story, yet Greek and US Media Reports!

  1. About time!! but kala na pathone for voting for Syriza .. XA have been telling the masses this was going to happen but they still voted them in…Merkel & Co are the satan of Europe diverting their failed policies onto Greece..they should hang their heads in shame

  2. Blaming GD might backfire on them as you can see many locals arnt happy about their new neighbours and these people may give GD the big tick in the ballot box.
    I have been reading stories about how the traitors in Greek parliament are jostling for new alliances now that SYRIZA are losing popularity and the writting is on the wall for them.
    This is how they are going to counter GD’s popularity at the next elections.
    I just hope that antisentiment has grown big enough to counter that in the ballot box.

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