3 comments on “Golden Dawn Paid Homage to the Battle of Dolma

  1. I studied the Greek War of Independence of 1821-1830 in detail, and discovered that it was not only the Greeks who courageously fought in that conflict. The Greek rebellion against Ottoman Turk rule coincided with similar simultaneous rebellions in Romania and Serbia. Many British, French and Russian officers and intellectuals, who had prior combat experience in the Napoleonic Wars, now fought the Turks and the Egyptian Arabs together, helping and training the Greek rebels. Sometimes they fought directly side by side with Greeks. Richard Church, Thomas Cochrane, Nicolas Joseph Maison, Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent, Mikhail Lazarev were some of those fellow Europeans who struggled and persevered together with Greeks. Very interesting history.

  2. Thank you to all involved in this homage to The Battle of Dolma. Such beautiful and strong people.

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