8 comments on “Illegal Immigration Bomb: Tens of thousands Invade Daily – Mouzalas Admits They Will all Stay in Greece

  1. I fear the number you listed will triple over the next 3 years as they rape, rob and multiply. Even though I live in California, I have Greek danced for over 20 years. Sadly, I shall now be out of step to what I’ve loved for so long.

  2. The whole sick scenario in Greece and Europe makes it impossible to engage in political dialogue .
    That doesnt leave many options.
    Words, laws, humanity or the peoples will have no effect against the criminal political tresspasers.
    They need some medicine to cure them of their ills.
    Just so happens i have some .
    They must be removed from their comfort zone.Made to feel poverty and pain with no end.To be put in a cage out in the open. To become malnurished, to suffer humiliation in a human zoo for traitors till their death .

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