15 comments on “Unprecedented: Archbishop Ieronymos Appeared Without the Cross in Order to Not Offend the Illegal Immigrants!

  1. Greek church is in the same boat as the Greek people. They are being destroyed from the inside .

    It seems the world has gone nuts however not all Greeks are infected with the propaganda of white genicide.

    True Greeks will fight and die to preserve our heritage . Like Bush said either your with us or against us !

    Hail X.A.

    • The author of this is just mind-numbingly stupid. An Orthodox or Greek Catholic bishop does not wear a pectoral cross, but the medallion of the Virgin Mary called the Engolpion, or Panagia. A pectoral cross is the mark of a presbyter, the Engolpion of a bishop. Far from being devoid of any symbol of Orthodox, he is wearing THE symbol of Orthodoxy appropriate to his office.

      • Maybe you should read the article again, he didn’t wear a cross or any other symbol of Orthodoxy at the event referenced. Maybe if you read things carefully you would be the one to not look mind numbingly stupid.

      • yes, do a Google search of “Greek Orthodox Bishop” and you will see that most of them are not wearing a cross.

      • The issue is that he wore nothing when he went to meet with the Muslim invaders. Look at the top picture which is of that meeting. The second is a comparison shot.
        Google “Archbishop Ieronymos” and you will find this is his only appearance without any symbol of orthodoxy.
        The only other possible scenario is that one of the little shits robbed him like they did to that ‘humanitarian’ woman.

  2. This much I will say. I have seen a few pictures of the Archbishop, wearing his Panagia, with muslim refugees, now we another question as to why he not wearing it in the above picture.

  3. It’s quite sad the so called Christians will look to a religion of men rather then scripture.

    You can google 13 Bible Verses about Denying Christ, but for me 2 John 9-11 says it all. Even for those employ pakis and albanians.

    Amos 3:2

    Isaiah 43:3

  4. “It seems as if the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Ieronymos has fallen victim to anti-racist propaganda and political correctness.” OK it SEEMS to the media, but is this the reason the archbishop gave or their assumption? I am not accusing or defending, but I know how the media likes to hype things up.

  5. I am not Greek, but I am Orthodox and I do care for Greece. Please stop arguing and do what Saint Paisios said: “you get sanctified and then talk about Greece”!
    Please forgive me, but now is the time to repent and ask for forgiveness. God LOVES us and He will help us to get out of this. It is OUR(mine first) fault, NOT the others!
    Just a sinner!

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