7 comments on “The Ministry of Education is Destroying Minds

  1. well you dont need to read any of this to turn to GD, all you have to do is to watch the news as of yesterday where now they have news in arabic on the state channel. If that doesnt turn you to GD then you will deserve all the enrichment you will get from invaders.

  2. How much influence does GD have in the Greek military? There comes a point where nothing short of a military coup is going to save the nation. You can’t wait and hope for the brainwashed masses to wake up when they might never do so.

  3. Sorry for bad language, but this kind of literature is stupid shit. It is very biased, unjust, unobjective and ignorant of the past history and this kind of literature fails to provide Greek children with an honest view of history and life in general. Should not the Greek children be given a novel to read about how turks treated Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Christians during the early 20th century? For example, there is a novel called 40 Days of Musa Dagh, even an ashkenazi jewish writer Franz Werfel wrote it, where it is in detail described how the Young Turk government orchestrated the deportations, concentration camps and massacres of the empire’s Armenian citizens. And the masochism and cruelty of the turkish soldiers towards greeks and armenians. Or perhaps greek children should learn notes from travelers and witnesses of the oppression of their Greek ancestors in the Ottoman Empire from 15th to 19th centuries. This would provide a much more clearer, honest and objective view. And this literature does not make young greeks more intelligent and knowledgeable. There were so many great 19th century writers and poets from Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy which would be inspiring to young children. Turks were intellectually stagnant back then, they contributed little. This stuff in textbook is just degenerate and unjust.

  4. I’m also a Greek living outside of Greece but never fully learned it. it’s hard to decide if I want to go there or if I’ll be accepted as well as the invaders, but I have a desire to connect with my lost culture, I just know no one here that speaks Greek. That story above is depressing, seeing children brainwashed. Muslims in Greece get treated better than citizens. Power to GD

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