5 comments on ““That Snake Gave Her a Vicious Bite” – Idomeni, Greece

  1. And yet this woman will continue to vote Syriza, will think the “Nazis” of Golden Dawn are rednecks, and won’t budge an inch to help Greece. Some people will never learn.

    • Much like on the frontier islands where they begged GD to save them but not a few weeks later they went and voted for Syriza again. I was told by a friend of mine who was on one of these islands that after telling his family to vote GD they said they would give Syriza another go and if that didnt work out then they would vote GD. Well all i have to say to such people now is that they deserve everything they get. If you dont want to listen then its time you must feel they consequences of your vote since for 4 decades most voters have been shielded by their voting pattern effects. Not anymore.

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