5 comments on “RADIO: Ilias Kasidiaris interview by Finland Nordic Resistance Movement

  1. Very good to hear Kasidiaris. His English may not be the best, but it still is better then my Greek hehe. That guy truly is unbreakable, all the chaos and his mind is still set on making the party number one.

    I was, however, a little disappointed he didn’t discuss the trial itself more. Over the months I have searched for info on it and on the rare occasion that there is news on it, it is usually a small, cherry picked tidbit reported by a laughably biased leftist source. In terms of a full overview of the trial, all I have found is a truly laughable organization that reports in equally disgraceful displays of “journalism” (I won’t name it as I would rather not direct people to it and give it anymore undue traffic). And yet even through this horrendous and agenda driven coverage, the Trial still looks laughably weak (my personal favorite being their claim on the importance of a certain witness who professed a neutral stance and had supposedly damning info only for GD’s defense to reveal that this same witness was in fact a member of KKE!)

    With all that said, would you guys consider doing something along the lines of “The Trial so far” and summarize what has transpired in an article? And especially in light of the ongoing lawyers strike, this seems to be the perfect time.

  2. I think he speaks English very good. Ilias is the best, and my people in Boston know that Xrysi Avgi is the only way to save Greece from the sickness that has spread throughout the Earth. However, guess what….my people in Greece don’t know this yet. Why…because they are all afraid, or they don’t want to believe it. They don’t realize how quickly they can be taken over. No one wants to fight to anger the Muslims. But, if they don’t do something fast, Greece will not be for the Greeks much longer. I consider the situation red hot serious, and Greeks from all around the world who are capable of helping the cause should do so. Greece is being invaded right now by a new world order type of multiculturalism that will destroy Greece if we all don’t do whatever we can to stop it.

  3. Ilias’ english is good but unfortunately it is limited and although he did a great job in the interview, for all of us that hear him in parliament, we know the thunder and lightening was missing. But he did get the point across. ΕΥΓΕ ΗΛΙΑ

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