4 comments on “Golden Dawn to Bring Venizelos, Samaras, Simits and Georgie Before Examination for Delinquent Loans

  1. Ive noticed that after every Golden Dawn speech no one ever claps, except other GDers. Its because the traitors are dead scared about what will happen to them when Michaloliakos becomes the new leader of Greece.

  2. Hello there my names Chris and I’m a Dedicated supporter of the Greek nationalist party. I’m having trouble getting it through my aunts head that Golden Dawn is the only hope and saviour of the Motherland. The liberal media of Greece is so biased and because she watches these channels she isn’t quite on the same page. Please if you can give me some great 101 evidence on why Golden dawn are not a bunch of thugs and are the only true Greeks that care about sovereignty and keeping Islam out.

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    • The evidence is out there, if your aunt is too stupid to understand at this point there probably isn’t much you can do. Secondly even if she is going to understand, what will she do? Cry in the xorio about it? The only relevant Greeks to convince are those of fighting ability, everyone else will not matter much in the future as the country will enter a violent balkan conflict sooner or later.

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