5 comments on “SHOCK at Polykastro, Kilkis: An Illegal Immigrant Attempted to Rape the Mother of a Young Child!

  1. When will people realise that they are like cats, if you feed them once they never leave. I was born in Africa and the one thing i know all too well is that if you give them the tip of your finger they will rip your arm off at the socket. Maybe next time she will learn not to even give any invader the time of day since they are all a threat even those ones who are kids with those feel sorry for me eyes and look on their faces. They will not hesitate for a second to kill, rob or rape you or a combination of the 3 in no particular order. Then there is another thing that i always have to ask and that is who did she vote for? I willing to bet it was not GD so the chances are that she got what she deserved. Im sick of all these leftist parasites now crying about things while they happily called us all racists, now you get what you voted for. Im done feeling sorry for those that continue to sow the seeds of their own destruction.

    • i am totally agreed with you Dion. I m a Greek woman, raised in Greece, currently living abroad for exclusively financial reasons, because my parent’s generation and all these extreme dangerously naive and utter idiots Greeks destroyed our nation. When i was a student in Athens, i too have had a good experience of cultural enrichment by Pakis, Afghanis, Africans and so on. I took the bus with my suitcase to return from my hometown to Athens, since i was a student there, the bus dropped me somewhere in the center and had to switch with the metro to go home. At the mid of day, in the open broadlight, 2 Pakis behind me showed up and tried to touch me from behind, then proceeded calling me a ..whore i suppose (in their own language), all that viciously while laughing loudly saying something in their disgusting barbarian language, giggling like total monkeys at the same time, and when i turned around and show them i remember i was soo enraged, i lost every sense of fear and control, left the suitcase and started walking towards them, swearing at them, spitting on them and yelling at them to LEAVE our country, and the fucking faggots stepped back in surprise and then started doing obscene gestures to me, telling me that they ‘ll rape me. I remember trembling from pure rage and looking for Greek men around me, 2 were behind me inside some open jewelry store, somewhere around their 50s, the generation of the Greek Polytechneio in other words, and as it was summer, they watched and heard everything and almost shocked watching this whole scene..they did absolutely nothing to help me! They didnt react whatsoever! And that is in the end what truly bothered me and annoyed me the most, something that i throughout my whole life will never forget. I was that enraged with them too, that i remember turning around and humiliating them, confronting them and telling them why the hell they were starring and did nothing to protect their own specie and any Greek girl that would be harassed and harmed in any way from these invited from all western authorities animals that come in a pack in our once safe and homogenic nations.

      My point is, THIS IS how you give to these disgusting Neanderthal animals even more guts and rights to progressively unroll their subhuman and true human trashy horrible nature and worldview inside your own people and your own homeland, THis is how, by NOT reacting and even if you get endlessly mad at it, sitting in your house, and wasting your rage, any healthy traits of self preservation still intact from the psychotic posionous Jewish Frankfurt theories in you and your instinctively subconscious rational logic on the internet, without joining your local nationalist club, doing any act in favor of your own people or without doing ANYTHING practical in your own life to fight something that for years and decades ultra vicious and filled with hatred horrible parasites have built with an unseen sophisticated strategical plan to bring our dying nations and racial safety to what it is today. I dont understand what even at least… “racially aware” whites throughout the planet, victims to a vicious genocide and emotional manipulating masterplan of the parasites, are waiting for… WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR ? Another mythical magical savor like Hitler to save them? Why do they expect always some kind of hero to appear out of nowhere and save them, HOW do they expect their entire fate to be changed ? Especially Greeks. Who always seem to leave it upon God, Putin, the Russians, some magical mysterious turn out in history that will save them because its “God s will” and other UTTER PLAIN HILARIOUS CRAP like that!
      What does it take to realize, that the more you swallow down and let their plan roll over to its next step undisturbed or poorly disturbed, the way more hardcore unbearable and in the end drown in bloodshed every god damn situation in life is going to be, weather it is finances making it completely impossible to live (not prosper) or your own complete destruction and end of your culture and your race.

      With all that being said, i will announce FULL consciously and without any guilt, second thought and doubt whatsoever, that this lady deserved what she got, heeeell she deserved it, even while being all ultra naive and a plain kind idiot, “humanitarian” and a good orthodox christian and BULLSHIT, plain bullshit, feeding the future rapers, murderers, Allahuakbar human trash and barbarian vicious mistakes of nature.
      I only feel bad for her child, having to be forced to see all these, but at the same time, hell, we can only hope it was old enough to connect what it saw and remember,,,Remember, what happened to its mother and how the Allahuakbar ugly monkeys deal with humanitarianism and kindness to the country they illegally trespassed.

      When it comes to her, her and all the other morons need a good rich “cultural enriched” lesson, and to be honest, every time i read something like that on the news, i am sooo utterly disgusted and FULL enraged with them, my heart beats with true joy!
      Cuz nature made it sure to offer to them kindly and generously right back to their humanitarianism and horrible lack of common sense, what they are willingly doing to an entire race of people and a homeland that suffered millions of pages of unwritten history of cruel violence and real time danger of extinction by the subhuman Islamic beasts they bring in.
      Absolutely NO sorries, NO humanitarian feelings and emotional guilt for any of them, white morons and invaders! NONE

  2. Oh the poor illegal invader who can’t afford food, but carries $50 Euros in his rapist pocket. Pathetic.

    A lot of Greeks don’t even make 50 Euros in 2 days of work, and this invader is taking food from poor Greek young women who has a child. The mother could have given that croissant to her poor child

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