5 comments on “What Makes Anti-Nationalists Tick?

  1. Really good article, & confirms I’ve ever experienced from leftists & those that embrace their beliefs; they are almost always middle or upper class, sheltered by money.

    Unfortunatley it is not enough for these people to just have money. A big part of the middle class has also been the trends of the time, which need to be embraced in order to properly claim that status (in addition to money). In the Victorian age, it was a disinterest in sex, and in the 50s, it was sporting a tan to show that you could afford vacations. All these where signals of class, & today it is all about compassion for victims, be they cross dressing freaks or brown people.

    There’s also what Kevin McDonald talks about in terms of pathological altruism. I genuinely believe some of these people really want to help others, but are simply ignorant of the consequences of their actions, rather than having a hatred of their own (in the case of anarchists). For these people, perhaps a system of foreign aid might be in order, where they can take there money with them to the jungles of Africa, & teach monkeys how to read & write or what ever makes them feel good.

    If there is indeed a gene in our people that makes us overly empathetic to foreigners, there might need to be a system like that in place to satisfy the desires of natrual leftists, as a healthy alternative to filling our countries with refugees. I have no ethical concerns deporting these people from our ethno state, they are more than welcome to go to Turkey & help military aged Syrian men in safety camps how to talk to German women, or whatever bizarre Marxist fetish they might have.

  2. The far-left extremists have a multicultural AGENDA for “their” NWO – and, this is not only severely detrimental to all of Europe which has slowly been invaded for years now with the 3rd world scum.. primarily muslims, who as they say, will conquer without shedding one drop of blood. They are correct for this is happening before our eyes. We support Xrisi Avgi totally and completely. Greece has been completely destroyed by the far left and of its own people…TOMARIA..PROSTIXI… unless we fight with no reservations, our mother country is completely destroyed as is all of Europe and yes, the U.S. of Idiots………..God Bless XRISI AVGI !!!! We stand by you all the way!!

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