16 comments on “Eleni Zaroulia: Greece Will Not Be Turned into a German Protectorate

  1. Why has Golden Dawn become a Kosher National Socialist political party controlled by Zionists? Why does Golden Dawn try to forge hatred of Greeks towards Germans? Golden Dawn should be addressing the real issues, ie: Zionist banks (Goldman Sachs) who have completely destroyed Greece. It is not the German people who have destroyed Greece, it is the Zionist banks who want the natural resources of Greece. Israel already owns the water of Thessaloniki ( Mekorot is owned by the Israeli public water company and ultimately the Israeli state). It is important to know who the real enemy is. Zionism is a curse to humanity and all those who follow it like the mindless sheep they are.

    • What proof do you have that Golden Dawn of all things is a “Kosher Party Controlled by Zionists”? Why don’t you enlighten us?

      Second question, why are you claiming to be with Casa Pound when the chairman of Casa Pound quite openly supports our party?

      • You edited your question. I supplied a link to Italian political party “Casa Pound” I believe is genuine Nationalist. What inference does the Casa Pound link I supplied have to do with the support of Casa Pound to any political party? Were there any demonstrations/marched for the 2 young Greek boys ( Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis) assassinated by the (ZOG) Greek Government?

      • Oh really? so since you are so smart maybe you can explain why the leader of Casa Pound, Simone DiStefano was at our recent congress supporting us?

        Listen… You obviously are sitting down there with the dingos and wallabies not knowing fuck all about what is Nationalist or what is Kosher. Perhaps you can explain also why our cell alone has been slandered and attacked by almost every Jew organization in New York city? There is either one of two scenarios here, either you are a liar, or you are an idiot downunder who wouldn’t know a Jew if he bit you on the ass.

  2. There are many verifiable links on the Internet, which I am certain that the average person can figure it out. Aris (Greek National Socialist) for one, he makes some very valid points. Unfortunately Golden Dawn is just another mainstream political party with no teeth. Welcome to the (NWO) New Jew Order, Goyem slaves.

  3. GD – Quote > “Oh really? so since you are so smart maybe you can explain why the leader of Casa Pound, Simone DiStefano was at our recent congress supporting us?” < You ask me to answer on the actions of another person (which you know is not possible). How do I know what is in peoples minds? You are now using colorful language (in your comments) which discredits you and your organization. I know the actions of Zionists very well. Keep it up with your great language, you are looking great and very intelligent. As for me telling lies, I have nothing to gain by telling lies. Did Golden Dawn have any demonstrations/marches (in protest) for the 2 young Greek boys ( Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis) assassinated by the (ZOG) Greek Government?

    • You are claiming that you support casa pound yet had no idea that casa pound supports Golden Dawn. So does that mean casa pound is a “kosher” nationalist party too? Obviously if your not lying your just an idiot unable to grasp why you are being asked such questions. You came here throwing around some pretty serious accusations. And yes every November there is a memorial for Giorgos and Manos, and a new building in Belgium was just named in their honor. Unless YOU post real proof of your claims that will be the end for you here Enrico.

      • Wow.. “Frank” here is something really interesting. Perhaps you can help me out with this since your so truthful.

        You see when you post on this site we can see your ip address:

        Frank Marafioti

        And strangely enough the “other guy” “Italo” posted and this came up:


        So assuming you are such an honest guy, perhaps you can explain why the two of you have the EXACT SAME HOME IP ADDRESS in Ingle Farm Australia ?

        Please enlighten us? Because it can only be one of a few possibilities.

        Option A) Frank and Enrico are 2 faggots living in the same house who agree on everything.

        Option B) 2 Separate men living in the same town in kangaroo land both have hidden unreleased evidence that Golden Dawn is a Kosher Nationalist Party that they will not provide links to. Both have the same IP somehow.

        or Option C) You and Enrico Grani are the same person and Frank is just your alias to try and make it look as if many people are upset you were banned from posting here when you refused to back up your claims.

        So which is it “Frank”?

        If it’s option C, then its a wonder you survived this long in the outback and then had the idea you could trick Golden Dawn people in New York City.

  4. Stop all the rhetoric..it’s the doing that counts if you want your country back you have to stand and work for it as one people ; as things stand with the people fractated and confused they need a leader to follow as one to get the job done.
    Greece must understand you owe nothing to the invaders that are destroying your home land, they are not your friends they are exploiting you ,and your good nature, but they will never thank you!

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