6 comments on “Islam Aint the Problem…

  1. Very good post. I like how the article points out how these “Right wingers”, mostly conservative types in parties like Independent Greeks or Lega Nord will say “Stop Immigrazione”, but that will accomplish nothing if they don’t nip the real problem in the bud. The real problem first and foremost are the traitor Marxists who sell their souls to the Zionist Jew for their 30 pieces of silver.

    I also like how this article alludes to racial issues. Sure, Islam is a religion of freaks and pedophiles, but the problem goes deeper than this. Arabic peoples, no matter the religion, tend to be much more violent and hard tempered than your average European. So saying “Islam is the problem” is like saying “Guns kill people”. It is a blanket statement blaming perhaps the tertiary problem. Just another Jewish method to turn the attention away from them.

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  3. I completely agree. They say evil is intelligent because it’s the only way it can survive. I just think people have gotten ridiculously stupid. They actually pay for their own demise and can’t even see this. Our people are lost. Especially our women who tend to vote left more naturally than men. Throughout history they have been known to betray their tribe. They don’t even want to hear children anymore which is why we are being outbred. I know many good men that are looking to start a family but can’t find a good Greek woman. They’d rather work, yoga and sleep around even in their mid 30’s! We can start by waking them up! Many of these good men also make a good income. Shame – they can provide a good life for multiple children… I feel that waking up our women especially will bring more men on board as well. If I knew a Greek nationalist woman who was deeply concerned about our future and would contribute by say…having multiple children – I can provide her with a husband right now! Without numbers we are nothing. The Muslims will outbreed us quickly! Also these good men now look elsewhere for a more traditional woman. Old military strategy = mixed races never mount a resistance!

    • “Throughout history they (women) have been known to betray their tribe.”

      Absolutely WRONG. Women never had much power politically throughout history, because men thought that by suppressing them from politics it was for the better of society. And when women actually DID have political power, things actually worked out BETTER than we see today (even today, women don’t have real power, it’s the Jews and Race Traitor Elites who do, which are 95% MEN). Look at Ancient Sparta, for example. The women stayed behind, controlled the political realm, and did so very decently. In VERY ancient times, I’m talking about at least over 10,000 years ago, almost ALL European Tribes throughout Europe (and extended Europe, including Asia Minor) were Matriarchal (meaning they were run by women, both politically and religiously). We forget this part of history because it doesn’t fit the preconceived notions of misogynists AND the narrative of the Jews that women are weak and thus need a modern day movement (feminism) to define them. Being a strong and powerful woman doesn’t make her a feminist in the slightest, it is MORAL to allow the BEST leader to rule a land, regardless of if they are a man or woman. Spartan women have run their society for a LONG time, and women today can follow THEIR example of how to lead a homogeneous nation.

      And to respond to your statement that ‘there aren’t enough Greek women out there willing to get married early and have children early with their own men’, that’s a false assumption with no statistics to back it up. Look around more, especially in Greece and Cyprus, I’m VERY sure you’re bound to find PLENTY of them. Also, keep in mind that thanks to Third Wave Feminism, women nowadays are told they NEED to work, or else they will be seen as ‘lazy, pushovers for their men, weird/strange, living during an older time, etc’. There’s a societal stigma AGAINST women wanting to be housewives or homemakers, and that’s being done INTENTLY by more than ONE group in the world. You need to think realistically and in the perspective of women for once, if you want to know exactly WHY you say a ‘majority’ (in your mind, at least) of them choose to be slaving themselves to money-making jobs instead of wanting to take care of their homes and families. We live in the modern day, and as nostalgic as the past may be, you still need to take MANY factors into account for why the world has changed this way.

      Last point… You say women sleep around today (and do yoga)? Just as many men, and even more so, sleep around today. To say that women sleep around nowadays, without acknowledging the fact that men do it just as much WITH these women, you start to sound like a hypocrite. And no, it is NOT more ‘natural’ for men to do it, they need to be forced to accept accountability and responsibility for their actions, too. Not just women nowadays, but also men, if we are to become a better Western society again.

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