8 comments on “Lesbos, Greece: Illegal Immigrants Set Fire to the Residents’ Estates

  1. No sympathy from me, go cry somewhere else. When you were warned of what will happen you called us fascists. When you started to see the problem you voted for Syriza ANEL a 2nd time and KKE, PASOK and ND as an alternative who are equally responsible. Living in Africa ive seen what happens firsthand when you feed these species. They are like cats and you cant get rid of them and they keep coming back for more and even show arrogance if they dont get what they want. You all showed solidairty with those NGO’s (terrorist organisations) by providing food,clothing and help to facilitate the invaders staying instead of making them feel so unwelcome that they turn back. You all helped them from the boats onto shore instead of pushing them back into the sea so its your own doing BUT HEY at least you can all shine your Nobel Prize because that all you will have in the end to show for it. Keep calling us nazi’s fascists and anything in between. We are already or at least i am having the last laugh.

    • Actually I think they are not even getting the nobel prize. And then once they really run out of savings after a few years “The Good Boy” Tsipras will come take their houses and throw them out in the street. Then we will see if thos NGOs will help them.

  2. And yet they will still vote for the above mentioned parties. Its like the saying goes…..the height of insanity is repeating the same mistake expecting a different result. Anyway all those card carrying members of these parties on this island should be obliged to house and feed them in their own homes. And all those in favour of “helping” them should be registered and taxed accordingly to pay for any costs and those not in favour should be compensated by those in favour via local taxes collected, then lets see how many will be quick to hold up refugees welcome signs. Also all NGO’s should be charged with aiding and abetting human trafficking if they help any of these invaders and personally they should all be arrested regardless and charged with treason. But do that requires a party in power that with some balls and only one such party exists, the GD

  3. Dion, spot on, an intelligent and informative post. What’s wrong with these people who OVER AND OVER AGAIN vote these anti-Greek dirt bags in !!! Destruction of there properties is just the beginning,,, what comes next is the drug epidemic and rapes…..!!!

    • The most likely scenario is they wont vote for the leftists again, a minority will start voting for Golden Dawn and the rest just wont vote. Then the violence against them will happen and all of a sudden they will beg for the people they once called “fascists” to save them.

  4. What no one has a G3 laying around? Too bad. Some xrousouza told me a few years back that only those with nothing would vote XA.

    Cry me a river…

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