4 comments on “Riot Police Raid building occupied by Greeks who resist planned mosque – Golden Dawn intervenes!

  1. And if forcefully evicting homeless Greeks so that the sham of a government can establish an official breeding ground for a people that hate us is just not enough for you, one may also look at it from a cold financial perspective. The mosque, if it is built, is estimated to cost close to the equivalent of 1 billion United States dollars (and if the Greek government is as “efficient” in the construction of this project as they are in everything else, you can expect that number to go up). So all those Greeks whose families are struggling to make ends meet can rest assured that despite the cuts to their livelihoods, the Syriza government is sparing no expense to provide a place of worship for the illegals.

  2. I called my son, he is 13 and the parents are protesting at the High School he attends now this is his second year, that they DONT WANT INVADERS. The Greek police was sent to the school and beat up the parents protesting of the sick, disease, invaders children to be sent to attend school. Now SYRIZA and all the other traitors want MOSQUE, NO WAY MY SON WHEN HE GOES TO SERVE GREECE IN THE ARMED FORCES WILL NOT BE CLEANING TOILETS SCRUBBING FLOORS TO HOUSE THESE INVADERS. MY SON IS LOUD AND PROUD LIKE ME AND HIS RELATIVES GOLDEN DAWN, ELECTIONS NOW.

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