4 comments on “Nationalism vs. Anti-Immigration

  1. “Need I remind you of the history of the United States, where from the 1800’s to 1970 there was no “illegal immigration problem”, nor was there an “Islam” problem, and yet the Black population multiplied and burned down a dozen or so American cities and caused havoc ever since. ”

    This is generally how I respond when people try to claim that illegal immigrants aren’t that bad because their crime rates are the same or less than the average of a citizen of the United States. For one, that is only arguably true (and even that I find doubtful) for first gen immigrants. 2nd gen illegals shoot right back up but since it is the US and are born on American soil, they technically become US citizens. More to the part of your I quoted though, the crime rate is indeed spiked upward by the “diverse” elements of America. For an accurate assessment, find the crime rates of whites (and actual whites mind you, not the “white hispanic” category that they made for Mexicans to make white crime rates look higher), and then compare them to all the other groups. At the end of the day, there is a reason that homogeneous caucasian nations (as well as some east asian ones) have the lowest crime rates in the world. In Greece, the police definitely have their work cut out for them in places like Athens, but go to almost any other part and they simply do not have anything to do outside of dealing with the occasional wandering gypsy.

    As for the main article, it is something that needed to be said for a long time. Hungary is one of the most prominent examples. I have heard many people talk about how awesome Viktor Orban is for closing the doors on migrants and such, ignoring that the guy dares not say anything about Israel and is still adamant about remaining in the European Union. All this while Jobbik is standing right there for them. And then there is Geert Wilders. I believe this picture speaks for itself: https://i.sli.mg/BDJpXx.jpg

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