2 comments on “Golden Dawn: Kasidiaris Took the Microphone from the Minister” 

  1. It goes without saying that Kasidiaris doesn’t mince words in his speeches. Christ though, that member of Syriza managed to fit an incredible amount of stupidity into the span of roughly half a minute. Really her opening statement that Golden Dawn and Syriza are opposed to each other was just about the only accurate thing she said.

    @1:23 Dark eras? Is she referring to the Metaxas era? Or that of the Junta? Greece had a functioning economy and a healthy growing populace! The horror!

    @1:26 Ah and they would be remiss if they didn’t bring up the kangaroo court of the century. That reminds me, where is the much hyped evidence that they have been teasing everyone with for well over 3 years now? So far the biggest the development in that “court” occurred when Fyssas’s mother and her water bottle throwing antics provided some much needed entertainment.

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