3 comments on “Giannis Lagos Humiliates Toskas: “You’re Gangsters of Exarcheia”

  1. What a fiery speech! Totally exposed the traitors in the government. With men like this defending Greece, the country won’t die out in the future even if ethnic Greeks eventually become a minority. Even tougher times will follow in the future, and tough times always build tough men.

    There should be more people like him.

  2. Sinxaritiria ston kirio Lago yia tin yperoxi omilia rou pros ton proedro.
    San Ellinas estanome yperifanos pou yparxoun akoma pragmatikoi Ellines
    Kai ekfrazoun tin pragmatikotita mesa stin vouli.

  3. Dont give up. You are winning, although it will be a long and tough war. What you are sowing today, your children shall reap tomorrow. Keep it up!!!

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