4 comments on “Giorgos and Manos… Present!

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    Thoughts are with Giorgios and Manos, that they are in a better place and Golden Dawn are going to pick up on the way obvious Zio-Marxist issue that they’re yet to identify at any great length.

  2. Can someone from Golden Dawn explain to me why the Greek people continue not voting for Golden Dawn? I’m looking at the latest opinion polls for the next Greek elections (Assuming they’re valid) and it shows only a small boost for Golden Dawn while the vast majority of voters are switching back from Syria to New Democracy. This baffles my mind. After all that has happened to Greece what makes them think going back to the same sellout parties that put them in their current situation is going to solve anything? What does Golden Dawn plan to do to break this plateau?

    • In reality the turnout is going to be much much lower, people are just giving up on voting altogether, at this point. While Nea Demokratia may win, it is not really because of any kind of surge in popularity. The average Greek will only go to Golden Dawn in mass when there is no more stability at all, unfortunately they are still “hoping” for some end to the crisis and the other parties promise them a small amount of crumbs (pension, civil service jobs) although reduced. They view a Golden Dawn ruled Greece as an unecessary hardship that will put what little income the have left at risk. Aside from the more traditional “anti fascist” reasons you hear in other western countries.

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