Golden Dawn Frequently Asked Questions


In recent years, Golden Dawn has been the subject of much controversy, both within Greece and more recently in the international media.  Few, if any, media outlets have explained accurately the rise in popularity of the political party or even told the truth about who we are.  Reports ranging from twisting facts to flat out blatant lies can be found everywhere.  There has not been any response of actual Golden Dawn Nationalists in the English speaking world, until now.

The purpose of this FAQ section of the website, and one of the goals of Golden Dawn North America, is to correct this misinformation so that the Greek Community of the diaspora, and others can learn the truth about who we are, who we are not, and what we believe directly.

  • What is Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn began as a Greek Nationalist organization in the beginning of the 1980‘s. It was started by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a native of the Mani region of Greece, a province with a strong cultural tradition of resistance to Turkish occupation.

As a former member of the Greek Special forces, Mr. Michaloliakos saw the start of the current political situation of Greece today being planned. He sought to form a true patriotic force against these elements.  The organization of that time was comprised of a core group of Nationalists who based their beliefs on our ancestors ideology. The core ideals of Golden Dawn are based primarily on that of ancient Sparta,  and to a lesser extent taking inspiration from more modern figures of our history such as (among many others) Theodoros Kolokotronis and Ioannis Metaxas.

From the start of the 1990‘s, up until the present, Golden Dawn has been the ONLY political group in Greece that has not compromised it’s position.  While other parties of Greece were saying patriotic things, only to betray the Greek people so that they could benefit their own political careers, Golden Dawn was taking action against all forces who have motivations other than the welfare of the Greek people in mind.

Today, the effects of this betrayal have become more clear, the Greek people suffer and are losing  their homes and businesses, Greek youth face the reality of living in a country where they are not only in fear of the ever increasing theft, murders and rapes (once virtually unheard of), they also face the danger of becoming ethnically cleansed in their native homeland if current immigration trends continue.

The line between who is for the welfare of the Greek people and who has other motives is becoming very clear. The result of this is why Golden Dawn has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and is now the third largest political party in Greece today.

  • I like what Golden Dawn is doing, what can I do to help from outside Greece?

We get many letters asking this, nationalistic people all over the world have contacted us asking this question, in short please visit the donate section and send mail to the Astoria P.O. Box address:

38-11 Ditmars Blvd Box # 438
Astoria, NY 11105

Our current campaign requests prepaid visa debit gift cards. Proceeds are sent to Golden Dawn in Athens who makes sure it gets to the people who really need it.

  • Why is the support for Golden Dawn growing so quickly?

Journalists with an agenda other than the welfare of Greeks, try very hard to answer this question ignoring the “Elephant in the Room”.  They usually claim that Golden Dawn has “brainwashed” a large portion of Greeks to blame illegal immigrants for the economic crisis and that this concern over the crisis is the only reason.

What they fail to mention, is that about 1/3 of the Greek population lives condensed in the metropolitan area of Athens and roughly around 4/5ths of Greece’s 3 million illegal immigrants have also settled there in a period of about 15 years. The Greek population had very little experience with violent crime and rapes when the country was 98% Greek 2 decades ago.

The government and police were not prepared to deal with the skyrocketing  increase in violent crime, rape, and diseases the last 5 years. When the indigenous Greek population cried for help, the state ignored them, as most  wealthy state officials lived in areas where all illegal immigrants did was take care of their large gardens and houses as servants.  The leftist political groups not only ignored them, but told them they should be ashamed for being concerned and frightened.

They had children in private schools and lived in protected suburbs, while working class Greek families dealt with the “Elephant in the Room”.

What is the “Elephant in the Room”?  Watch the video below, and find out:

This is not the Greece our national heroes who fought for our independence in 1821 spilled their blood for!

 Current projections estimate that by 2020, there will be 4 million of these illegal immigrants in Greece, with 10 million indigenous Greeks.

To put that in to perspective, that would be the equivalent to Japan, a relatively small country in land size that currently has 127,000,000 people, all of a sudden was forced to take in 50,000,000 illegal foreigners from a completely different part of the world in around 15 years. That would be 3.5 million people per year flooding in to their country.

Of course this is not happening to Japan, because they strictly enforce their immigration laws.

What Greece and Japan DO have in common however, is the exact same birth rate of 1.39% per woman which means that they are both going through a population decline. (2.1 children per woman is the minimum for a population to remain the same number.)

An article in the New York Times, the very same paper that slanders the Golden Dawn in Greece, is concerned about Japan’s future and writes:

“Without Babies, Can Japan Survive?”

Interestingly, seeing as how Greece has the exact same birthrate as Japan, in addition to a massive flood of Immigrants the Greeks never asked or voted for, why are they not asking the same question for Greece? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE.

Golden Dawn does care, and the Greek people see that more and more every day, through our actions, be it giving food to our hungry, protecting our elderly from robbery and most importantly, fighting to keep Greece for Greeks.

  • Who does Golden Dawn consider to be Greek?

The party line of the Golden Dawn is this: “You are born a Greek, you do not become one.”


There was a time not so long ago, when this was the standard way of thinking in the western world, and is still the standard in many parts of the world.  In Europe today, an African or Asian Immigrant can now be considered “French” or “British” if he obtains the correct legal documentation.  There are many native western Europeans who have begun to believe in this fallacy of logic the government has promoted to them. These same people, for example, would laugh at and discredit the idea of a Norwegian born and raised in China, being a true Chinese, while at the same time could sincerely claim a person of Moroccan descent born in the Netherlands is “Dutch”.

Greek people however have lived through periods without a national state, where our ethnic identity was both biological, cultural and religious without any state government.  National identity to us is based on blood, not on the definition of any administrative government.  A Greek to us is one who overwhelmingly carries the descent of the various ancient Greek tribes around the Mediterranean sea and the cultural legacy from them, through Orthodoxy up to the present day.

It is important to remind people that there are many nations who view national identity being linked with biological descent.  This is not something unique to Greeks and it is still being practiced around the world today in nations that are not judged by “politically correct” standards of the western world.

  • Is the Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi” “Anti-Semitic” “Satanist” “Racist” “Free-Masons” etc etc?

Media figures use labels like this to get the general public to not listen to what we have to say or to try and understand who and what we are.  Any rational person,  who knows common Greek people, either in Greece or abroad knows that Greek nationalists fought the Axis Occupation in WWII and many of us have grandparents or relatives who died doing so.  The strong resistance of our nation during that period was due to Ioannis Metaxas, a leader who by today’s had an ideology that would be labeled “Fascist” or “Neo-Nazi” if it existed today.  He was responsible for our preparation of that resistance, not tolerant “Social Democrats”. Metaxas was a leader who believed Greece was for Greeks, and rejected the Axis, the Allies, and the Communists all at once.


One can easily find photographs of Metaxas doing the Roman salute, organizing marches and training youth in just the same way as you will see in Golden Dawn today. The fact that figures such as Hitler and Mussolini, based some of their of their ideologies on Greco-Roman ideals and certain Spartan principals does not make Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi”. Our deep rooted nationalistic ideology existed thousands of years before Adolf Hitler was even born. This is an indisputable historical fact.

Make no mistake, we are Greek Nationalists, and despite what the BBC or CNN has to say, as such we are going to have some basic similarities with other Nationalists around the world, be they Tibetan, German, Somali , Taiwanese or Indian nationalists.  Of course, you won’t hear a BBC reporter calling a Somali Nationalist a “Neo-Nazi”.

The only reason they call us “Neo-Nazi” is because we are a country in Europe, the Occident, and they know if they use that term, they can get other Europeans to think we are crazed lunatics rather than normal people with families and a culture we want to protect. We stand in the way of the bankers plan to enslave us with their “European Union” and to destroy our national identity.

  • Is the Symbol you use a Swastika or a “Nazi Symbol”?

No. This is a complete Anti-Hellenic lie.  This symbol is called the Meandros, and it is a classical symbol found in our ancestors art.  It was used as a stamp for anything Hellenic. It has been used for centuries up until the present in all kinds of designs, from vases in Roman art, up until the present day.  It symbolizes our culture, so anyone who has a problem with our symbol, obviously has a problem with our culture and what it represents.

Meandros BannerText

  • “Greeks invented Democracy, so why are you “Anti-Democratic” is not that against the “Greek Spirit”?

A common statement parroted by many ignorant Greeks and non-Greeks alike, is that modern western democracy is an ingrained concept of the Greek culture or the ONLY Greek political idea.

For those who may not be educated, Ancient Greece consisted of various city states or kingdoms,  the only one of which that practiced Democracy was Ancient Athens.

Despite what the ignorant may think, Athens was not representative of the whole of Greece or the Greek people.

Sparta for example, was ruled by a King, with elements of socialism and nationalism.  Macedonia was also very far from being democratic, with Alexander the Great’s empire being governed by military generals.

Plato who wrote “The Republic” spoke out against democracy as a political system, among others of the era.
The point of the above is that Democracy was one of several political theories of Ancient Greece, It is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of political life in Greece as a whole was not related to democracy at all.

So why all the obsession with “Democracy” and the word “Democratic”?

In the western world, the modern system that uses this name has its roots in the English Parliamentary system, not ancient Athens.  The reason why the western media promotes this, as being the only form of government is because it is so easily corruptible for their own purposes.  The combination of this with television, promotes an image of a candidate or politician that the media bosses want the masses to see, rather than the public seeing who that candidate really is.

In Ancient Athens (the democracy the propagandists constantly allude to) only full blooded Athenian men who had served in the military and fought for the city state were permitted to vote.  No Immigrants, no slaves, nor even non-Athenian Greeks were permitted.  If such a thing were proposed today, the television would be telling us all how “Fascist” such an idea is and perhaps even that it’s not “democratic”.

Golden Dawn today participates in this externally imposed and corrupt Anglo-parliamentary system because that is the current legal means of getting our voice out to our people.

  • Does the Golden Dawn blame Illegal Immigrants for the Greek Economic Crisis?

NO, This has often been repeated in the International Press many times, phrases like “Golden Dawn, who blames undocumented migrants for the debt crisis” can be seen in various articles.

The vicious propaganda pushed against the Greek people says that the Greeks themselves caused the crisis and brought it on themselves simply by evading taxes, and being lazy.  Now these “lazy Greek parasites” are “looking for a scapegoat” and that’s why immigrants take the blame.

Simple explanations like these are made to distort the reality of the situation today, while Golden Dawn has stated that Illegal Immigration puts a drain on public services, illegal employment and illegal sales of goods hurt native Greek business owners, it has never stated the root cause being these immigrants themselves.

  • What really caused the Greek economic crisis?

While this is a very complex issue, the main root cause of the current situation, can be traced back to 1974.  From 1967 to 1974 Greece was ruled by a military regime known internationally as the “Junta”.  The leader of the regime George Papadopoulos, began developing the infrastructure of the country at a time when it was poor at the level of other Balkan countries.  Roads to remote areas of the country, electricity, telephone systems, schools, and factories were built, and the country had its most prosperous period of NATURAL economic growth not seen since.

This is to say that the while the economy had grown, it was growing at a slower, steadier pace without huge loans and massive debt. It was still economically not at a level of western European countries, yet production was there and the country was on the right track economically.  With its own factories and industries, its own currency and its own interests without the “European Community” dictating what it should do.

However, in 1974 this all changed, by 1980 the current system called “Social Democracy” was put into place, factories were closed down little by little, the country joined the “European Commission” and Massive Loans were taken under the son of George Papandreou Sr., Andreas Papandreou of the “PASOK” party, and later its twin “Nea Dimokratia”.

Civil Servant Jobs, State Funded Jobs, State Funded Government Programs, appeared almost overnight, and within a decade a massive middle class was created. Greek people who had been poor almost all their lives suddenly had secure useless bureaucratic jobs all over the country.  “Vote for PASOK, they will give your son a Job” was a common phrase heard in villages across Greece.  This “miracle” was so widespread, that Greeks learned a bureaucratic state job was superior to any other  .  Useless positions were created to produce army of loyal voters,  government jobs that may need 2 or 3 people were employing 10.  Pensions, and the near impossibility of getting fired all sweetened the deal.

As the purchasing power increased, the once poor Greek working class was now able to live in a way never imagined before, they felt they had finally reached a level of prosperity only western Europeans once had.  They never questioned how this “miracle” happened.  An average person, who grows up in a small town in Greece, or anywhere for that matter probably is not going to understand how international loans and finance works.  All the average Greek had to do was vote for PASOK or Nea Demokratia and the cars, houses and job security would keep rolling in.

While the average Greek did not understand the cause of this “miracle”, The Papandreou and Karamanlis family certainly did, the western educated Greek politicians certainly did.  This “miracle” came at a price, and the price was Greece’s national autonomy. The price was international access to all of our homeland’s resources natural, political and economic. This was a systematic plan.

Now we are told that the international banks who loaned Greece all this money, were “tricked” by Greek politicians into making Greece look like a lucrative economic investment and that now the Greek people must pay with harsh austerity measures to compensate for this supposed trickery.

Banks can approve or deny loans for private citizens based on things like debt to income ratio, credit history, assets etc and is virtually never “tricked” because the borrower always has some kind of collateral.  Yet we are to believe the banks naively loaned billions of dollars to an entire country for decades without suspecting there would be a default?  In this case, the collateral the banks want is our whole Nation, our people and our future.


  1. I just want to give you guys some advice……nobody know the history of modern Greeks,only ancient which is shown everyday…..Since the movie 300 ,U.S. Marines have tattoos like “Molon Labe” King leonides ,Spartan shields, and they are not even of Greek decent ..they consider themselves Spartans…..Movies have a great impact…Golden dawn has to make Documenteries and movies that show autrocities……400 years of muslim genocide of Greeks and their fight for freedom,the slaughter of Greeks in Smyrni….the first allied victory in World war 2 “oxi day”churchills quote “the Greeks fought like Greek Gods only if we can fight like a Greek,How long it took to take over Greece,The Battle of Crete….Stalins quotes about the Greeks ,Hitlers quotes about the Greeks hard they fought…How Greece compared to size suffered one of the most autrocities in world war 2……Cyprus…our vice President binden calling Cyprus the worst autrocities in modern times…Show how Turkey has commited genocide in the past 100 years to all,Greeks Jews, Kurds,Armenians ETC ETC ETC…….Why is America best buddies with turkey??????What is Turkey doing to Greece now Buy throwing its own muslims in Greece etc etc etc ….America and the West dont know nothing about these things….Americans and the west are now lliberal and live on sympathy and autrocities to humanity you have to show all not only the Greeks but every nationality..How are archbishop saved over 100,000’s of jews in athens,risking his life…Forget your ideology you have to show greeks are not animals….How your Government is run what is going on with the EU laws nobdy knows…Why you think HITLER is on cable 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!!Think about it!!!!!You have to show Greeks are not animals in documentaries and movies very powerful!!!!!!Put ideology aside and SHOW and TELL the TRUTH…JUST THE FACTS AND TRUTH….THAT GREEK BLOOD IS SPILLED ON EVERY INCH OF SOIL IN GREECE… will get supporters from many sides…..the west will sympasize with your FIGHT!!!!! I hope my point came across…ignore my misspelling…..THANK YOU!!!!!

    • SHOW and TELL the TRUTH- Very true, for liberal retards are todays general public in the UK, Canada and the U.S.A.

      But what you don’t understand is that Jews run Hollywood, the media and all major news and press across the west and across Europe, and they want nothing more than to see Greece once again become dominated by muslims

      • Ah, please, don’t put us all in the same bag. Not all liberals are retatded. I am a liberal myself and I support Golden Dawn 100%, I actually vote for an Anti-Communist coalition in my own country, formed by liberals, nationalists, extreme-right wing, etc.

        I support Golden Dawn because I do believe that, in times of crisis, politics like nationalsocialism are the best choice. I think there is a misconception about liberals being like the American Democrats. We have nothing to do with such hypocrites, and we are actually closer to the right wing conservatives.

        Luckily, my country isn’s going through a crisis right now, and liberalism would be much more efficient than Socialism, so that’s why I am a liberal, but please do some research on what we are. There are many misconceptions about us. We do not support silly socialist policies, we do not support illegal immigration, we do not support the creation of an artificial middle-class, we do not support silly subsidies, we do not support the view of white men as oppressors, we do not support selective taxation. Those who support that kind of things are retards, not us.

    • The 100% Greeks must always be respected at the highest level because of our ancestral blood line. Never change from that original plan because we know the truth.

      • Of course the Zionist jews want to destroy our Greek bloodline and culture along with all other white European cultures. Why do you think it’s to speak out or defend yourself against the scum invading our countries? Speaking of the truth, Greeks were treated a 100 times worse by the ottoman turks than any black man was treated by any slave owner.

  2. During world war 2 many jews fled to Palastine…..out of their suffering Great Britain and the United States gave them a country….I know your idealogy and believe in it….but i believe this is the way it has to be done for change…..In america their are many greek american film makers,the presdent of fox is a greek american ,many powerful greek american politicians,mot only in the U.S. but all over the world like Canada ,australia ETC ETC …..All with Greek pride……Many ULTRA rich Greeks ….All these people can help in this project….Many people like former head of the CIA george tenant a Greek American..ETC ETC their is help……I believe if You utilize all your ,people and the people you have at your grasp,and do it the way I think it should be done…….”CHANGE WILL COME”””

  3. Once the world knows the struggles of the MODERN GREEKS ,and that archbishop saved all those jews from death , because they were people ,i think he was nominated for the nobel peace prize ..Against the Nazis(remember Great Britain and The U.S. were once bitter enemies and now were buddy buddies”what ever ideolgy we are people….PROUD GREEK PEOPLE” We are humane People ….Once the world finds out about are heroism and struggles ,especially the jews also ,….because they control the media…..GREECES CAUSE WILL BE PLASTERED EVERYWHERE…..I will say it again,why do you think HITLER is on TV 24…7…Books on the holocaust,movies,documantaries for over 60 years… EVERYBODY KNOWS the HISTORY>>>>think about it…..BUT THE WORLD DOES NOT KNOW MODERN GREEKS HISTORY……IT CAN AND SHOULD BE DONE>>>>IT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!

  4. any room for half greeks? born to greek father.. if so, i want to make a half greek faction. they call golden dawn a racist party, wouldn’t it be smart to show how many half greek supporters you have.

    • I’m half Greek as well with the other half being Irish. I can honestly say I’m so proud of the Golden Dawn and the eyebrows the party has raised and will continue to raise. I have a little bet with my Yaya. She thinks the Golden Dawn will fail do to the corruption that I believe to be complete conspiracy against the party. I believe 18% will become 30%-40 in a years time. Long live the Boys and Girls in black. Greeks fight the best when there backs are against the wall.
      My families from Sparta and although I’m half Greek I’m very passionate about this situation!!
      Reclaim Greece back, don’t give in to these liberal parasites!!

      • Same here Chris. Half Greek/Half Scottish
        Spartan ancestry runs deep. I’m wanting to join with other ps, many others that I know are like us and support Golden Dawn here in America.

  5. If I was computer savvy I would love to translate the memoirs of Theodoros Kolokotronis to English and make a podcast.
    I am a great fan of podcasts as history you can listen to anywhere .
    I am currently trying to document a list of turkish or muslim attrocities committed against the Greek people since 1453 ad .it is a massive undertaking and one day I hope to turn it into a podcast .

  6. I fully admit and support your ideology and your party, I have done everything I can to make a noticable support to your party…I understand most of the points of your party but still I have some questions which I think are very important but not frequent asked to you….Do you consider white foreigners in your country ”immigrants”? And what is your relation towards Armenians or few other ethnicities who are also white and very similar to Greeks, both culturally and genetically,but terriotorially seperated from Europe?

    • To answer the question to the person who said Armenians are the same as Greeks genetically and culturally; IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! Armenians have nothing in common with Greeks genetically, or anthropologically!! Not just referencing my DNA chart by Dr. Poulianos who has Armenians in a whole separate genetic category, but linguistically and geographically as well. Also Armenian names are nothing like Greek names. Very simple look at the typical Oriental looking Kim Kardashian she looks like a common Oriental Armenian. Armenians need to stop affiliating to Greeks!! Armenians have no common history with Greeks other than a common enemy from 2 different continents, Armenia being in Asia and Greece in Europe and Greeks are only conquerors of Asia we did not derive from Asia. I am 100% Greek and Educated and I have relatives in Greece that are Golden Dawn members and agree 100% with what I just said, because its historically true!! I live in Southern California and Armenians are one of the biggest criminals with gangs called Armo 13. Greece doesn’t want Armo 13 gangs in Greece either!

  7. I read on on news website today, May 10th 2014, that a 23 year old female in Greece, I think it was on the Island of Samos, took her own life because of the desperate state of the Greek economy. And I read on the same website how Golden Dawn elected representatives are being put into Greek jails by the Government for some reasons, which I don’t quite understand. As well, I just learned that one of my dearest Greek friends has been unemployed for a whole year, lost the home, lives with parents.
    On a personal level this is getting me very very upset.
    A student of the Greek language, and descendent of the Danite tribe which is part of the roots of ancient Greeks, I have many a time been mistaken for a Greek. I am not of course one because my background is so diverse. Still, when I see Greeks needlessly suffer I am very upset! This European Union isn’t helping at all, Greeks should revert to their own Drachma and kick out all the European property speculators who have created the property bubble in Greece! IOW Leave the stupid EU! But in these times the only people helping Greeks is Golden Dawn. I know I am not a fascist or Nazi, in fact I despise such people. I know that I am not an anti-Semite, because such people are misinformed fools! I meet many a normal person here in the USA who lives as I, and has a regular job who is Jewish. So I don’t buy any of the anti-Semitic crap I see in your news feed. In fact Greeks and Jews are natural allies because today the biggest threat to both ways of life is Islam NOT immigration. As for the immigrants, you don’t have to accept them! You can simply bring them to the Turkish border and do a Russian to them. Point your gun and say ‘leave or die’ Works every-time for the Russians, so it will work for the Greeks too.
    I want to help, I really really do, I cannot figure out a way that gets fishing poles to Greeks instead of sending fish. IOW I do not think sending money to buy groceries is the best way to fix this problem, but we have to do something along those lines. I read a while ago that in Volos the people begun a Scrip trade to get away from Euros, and that they also started to plant vegetables and fruit plants in unused ground in order to create food to eat. That is what I would do if I were living in Greece. Let us then begin to figure out how to send lambs, and other livestock to Greece for the people to let graze on unused land, then to butcher for food later on.

    • You don’t buy the “Crap” on our website and think we are lying? You think Jews are the “Natural Allies” of Greeks? Perhaps you will instead buy the information on the world jewish congress website which is saying that Greeks need to accept islamic immigrants, stay in the EU and keep voting for Samaras etc. Then of course there is the history of Greece where years ago our “natural allies” as you put it, were collaborating with the muslim ottoman turks who were occupuing Greece. They were getting rich making trade deals in the port city of Thessaloniki while our people were enslaved. Then when our people began to rebel against the Turks they conspired to stop the revolution and started the communist party of Greece.

      That all being said, when some American comes on here and says Jews are “Natural Allies” of Greeks, there are only 2 scenarios. Either that person is a complete idiot, or a liar.

      So which are you Mickey?

  8. Long live Xrisi Avgi. You are the true Greeks who support Greece for Greeks. The current politicians in Greece are traitors. Tsipras, Samaras and what is left of PASOK and KKE need to be charged with high treason. Excuse me my Jewish friends but Zionism = racism is the same as ridiculing Xrisi Avgi. So lets not cast stones.

  9. What would they do to the greek americans,(the children born from greek parents, but born in america) would they be considered immigrants? Also, would they be able to travel to greece if they wanted to?

    • According to Greek law, people of Greek descent are considered Greek nationals (omogenis) and the laws pertaining to them permit them to travel to Greece freely regardless if they have a Greek passport. If they stay longer than 6 months however, males are required to serve in the Greek army and would automatically obtain citizenship thereafter. These people are classified as repatriots.

      • I understand that this is the law of the current Government but what about those interested in actually joining Chrisi Avgi? As a pure blooded Hellenic who only happens to be born and raised in America, I have dreamed of moving back to my patrida and to see it purged of the non-Hellenic elements. I have visited it twice in my lifetime so far and loved being with my family there. Last time I went in 2012 though, I went to my mother’s village and the place was just filled with Gypsies, a far cry from 2004 when it was a respectable place.
        So with all that said, if I were to go to Greece in the future, I assume i would be accepted, yes or no?

      • Thank you for replying! I will make an official account for this website after this reply. I was only a little concerned because I know Golden Dawn has an (understandably) strong skepticism of America and I merely worried that this would lead to a distrust of Hellenics born outside of Greece. I cannot promise that I will be there anytime soon. I still have college to finish after all. I can however promise that I will be there. Call it corny and perhaps naive but I will use my knowledge for the good of the nation. I only heard of Golden Dawn a few years ago but I have been a Hellenic Nationalist all my life.

      • This is Great to know! It’s funny how the democratic regime in Greece headed in Brussels thought they had destroyed Greek Nationalism in 1974, and now that they’re trying to finish the Job the Greeks all go back to the Nationalist roots under which they thrived and made the longest lasting empire known to man. Speaking of which, they tought nothing of Byzantium when we talked about rome, the crusades, Islam, and ancient Greece. But never Byzantium. “Oh and they exist.”

      • Eliminate the E.U…and you will stop the spread of ISIS. Copy & Paste.

  10. I am a second generation Greek American. It has taken me years to get Greek citizenship but I finally accomplished it. I suggest anyone who has the ability should consider doing the same. Get registerd after that and vote for X A. We can make a difference. Don’t delay as the process takes a long time.

  11. Support from an Orthodox Slav (Polish / Serbian) in the republic of Texas. I travel to NY on occasion, and I would be glad to help if I could.

  12. I was recently in Greece after not being there since 1995 and I see the changes. Wow,how things have worsened everywhere. I am 100% Greek and very proud of my heritage and the sustinence of our blood line. Bravo XA for everything you have done,are doing ,and will do. I am behind you all the way. I live in Indiana, about 30 minutes from Chicago and 99% of my friends are full blooded Greeks. We grew up together and stuck together all our lives. We all support you and I personally will be contacting you. Thank you for opening the eyes of the once blind…ZITO H ELLADA and out with the parasites and scum..go ruin your own countries ! Sad but true, America is headed quickly in a negative direction also with racial divide,theft,robberies,murders,ETC, Let me know what I can do to help. God bless you !

  13. Xrisi Avgi-
    Questions- As the future government of Hellas what is your position on these 2 things?

    1. Is Hellas going to stay in the EU? (In my opinion I think she should be out and stand on her own).

    2. What are you going to do about the Turkish occupation in Greek Cyprus?

    • 1.Our position is to ultimately withdraw from the EU and Eurozone, however not overnight, it must be a planned exit to smooth the transition back to national autonomy.

      2. Ultimately of course we wish to make Cyprus completely Greek again and have Enosis with the Patrida. For this to be possible however takes much preperation and a change in the National Defense policy. For immidiate future a complete increase in military presence on the unoccupied side is needed.

      • For Cyprus you do know she is being double teamed by Great Britain and Turkey.

        There has to be war, the Turks won’t leave their squatting in our beloved Cyprus on their own.

        Does Xrisi Avgi advocate war for Cyprus?

    • Hey, hold on. Are you serious about going to war with Turkey? They’re in the freaking NATO. I mean, I do get Cyprus is partially occupied, I really do, but war is not an option. Not at least while Turkey has the second largest army in NATO, and is also backed by the USA, UK, France, Italy, etc. Not even a fully militarized Greece could beat that, at least for a long, long time. Either Greece looks for a pacific solution, or they militarize the zone and put some pressure on the Turks in Cyprus, but war is definitely not an option.

  14. This message goes for the idiots who believe that right now we are having democracy:

    “Greeks invented Democracy”. Yeah right, we invented democracy ONLY when it suits you. So you know what you “democrats” can do for us? You can go fuck your selves and then maybe we’re democrats! Greeks invented many other things. How can you even talk about democracy right now? while our society is a melting pot? Are you idiots, idiots???? Democracy is good ONLY when society is in the good path in order to maintain! When the world is rotting, how the hell are they going to talk about democracy? Are you PUSSIES or something? Talking about democracy in a ROTTING world is like REFUSING to make a change. Some times more severe regimes must be applied in order to place society at the level that should be, then, you bloody idiots, we will bring the REAL democracy back, but NOT before. And mark my fucking words dears, have no DAMN idea what democracy means in the FIRST place! Whoever talks about democracy right now, is a corruption-loving motherfucker! And sorry for my language! But… DAMN, filthy fools need to be HANGED by their tongue!

  15. Its too bad Golden Dawn doesn’t accept tough as nails street veterans of proud pure Irish blood into their mix, or say any one of proven dexterity and proud pure western european heritage. For if they did they’d certainly have a lot more finance and funds behind their name.
    Many proud strong whites from around the world know about your fight and the enemy you face(World Jewry and their monopoly over world press and news agencies). Many with fierce street experience, battle experience, marketing experience, media image consultation experience etc…and would take up the fight in your name if you say opened the door to some of the feircly oppressed men of western european blood who are fighting the same battle Golden Dawn is except against a far greater mass of immigrants, and a much more sophisticated set of powerful enemies.

    Everyday I look for updates on the status of Greece’s Golden Dawn party and its respective international representatives with fingers crossed hoping for triumph. I recently was baptized and converted to Greek Orthodox and have for some time taken greek lessons; as well I spend all my time in greek restaurants and with as many greek woman as I can. Greece is the foundry and bedrock of all european/western civilization, so it almost brings me to tears to hear of it, along with all other european civilizations, disappearing piece by piece, street by street, neighbourhood by neighbourhood to the Jewish controlled EU’s seemingly unstoppable plan to destroy Europe and the West with hoards of arabs, muslims, african foreigners that come planning to take everything that isn’t theres.
    I want to help, to be part of just one triumph over the global conspirators smothering all white countries out of existence, so, I want to be active Golden Dawn.

    Is that not a possibility? Are my ideas right, but my blood no good?You tell me fellas?

  16. To answer the question to the person who said Armenians are the same as Greeks genetically and culturally; IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! Armenians have nothing in common with Greeks genetically, or anthropologically!! Not just referencing my DNA chart by Dr. Poulianos who has Armenians in a whole separate genetic category, but linguistically and geographically as well. Also Armenian names are nothing like Greek names. Very simple look at the typical Oriental looking Kim Kardashian she looks like a common Oriental Armenian. Armenians need to stop affiliating to Greeks!! Armenians have no common history with Greeks other than a common enemy from 2 different continents, Armenia being in Asia and Greece in Europe and Greeks are only conquerors of Asia we did not derive from Asia. I am 100% Greek and Educated and I have relatives in Greece that are Golden Dawn members and agree 100% with what I just said, because its historically true!! I live in Southern California and Armenians are one of the biggest criminals with gangs called Armo 13. Greece doesn’t want Armo 13 gangs in Greece either!!

  17. Was just wondering what you guys think of Greeks who marry non Greeks but still keep Greek tradition like being orthodox etc?

    • The main concern is what purpose is keeping the “Greek Traditions” in the diaspora if Greece becomes a shithole with nothing but third world pakistani and afghani?

      We see this often times in Greek Cultural Centers in New York. People concerned with only going to dinner dances and dressing up in traditional costumes, going to Church, supposedly to preserve the “Greek Traditions” yet at the same time not caring at all that Greeks in Greece are threatened with extinction in their native land. In fact some even actively talk against Social National revolution in Greece and would rather see us exterminated so they don’t look bad at their dinner dances and can be “democracy ambassadors”.

      In most cases, marrying a non-Greek means the Greek doesn’t care about Greek culture much, and is more only concerned with superficial aspects of Greek tradition. Ignoring the fact that RACE is the spring which culture develops from.

      That said, there are small amounts of party members in Greece who are married to Non-Greeks of other European Racial Groups, but even their non Greek spouses are committed to serving the Greek fatherland and protecting it, which is a lot more than many 100% Greek Fustanella wearing assholes in New York are doing for Greece.

      So in short, we believe that Greeks should marry other Greeks, and in the exceptional cases when they don’t, they should still be committed to preserving the existence of our fatherland and not be preoccupied with simply orthodox sunday school and bouzoukia.

      • Right thanks for your reply. In my case I was raised in New Zealand with very few Greeks around so this is why I married a non Greek but my spouse loves Greek culture and has learned Greek I believe is committed to the fatherland also as a side note did Alexander the Great not marry an Asian and have non Greek soldiers fighting for the glory of Greece within his army?

      • He married a Persian princess. So in the racial sense she was not an “Asian” in the way people understand the term today. The ancient persians were an indoeuropean tribe, and not a bunch of gooks. Be that as it may, the Greek world was expanding during the time of Alexander and Greeks made up roughly 20% of the population in the known world at that time. So that is very different than what Greece faces today, where a low birthrate and mass illegal immigration exist.

      • Yes I agree but would you have a problem with these illegal immigrants if they were orthodox Christians and had very similar culture to Greeks ?

      • If they were illegal yes, what difference does it make if they are Christians if they are illegally violating our borders? And Greece is not a country that needs immigrants anyway.

      • I just think culture and religion should be more important than “pure blood” as long as the person believes in making Greece great again and after all it was the church with its secret schools during the ottoman occupation witch Was keeping the Greek language and culture alive

      • Well, what you think, is not backed up by biological reality. If a bunch of Pakistanis said they were Orthodox and started speaking Greek, and “believed in making Greece great” you would think this is alright?

      • Also how many times has Greece been invaded during its existence and its women raped by Turkish bastards and others? Does that mean the descendants of these women are not true Greeks?

      • It seems you need a more extensive understanding of Greek history, you seem to be a little ignorant of what happened during Turkish occupation in Greece, perhaps you are equating it with the current society you live in. Many areas of Greece were not even occupied by Turks and even in the cases where “Turks” had a foothold in port cities they were typically muslim converts of Greek or Albanian origin. After population exchange these muslims of Greek origin went to Turkey. Racially pure Turks are central asian mongols. Greeks and Southern Italians look almost indistinguishable, yet southern Italy was never occupied by Turks and was a Greek colony for thousands of years.

        So if there was this mixing as you claim, there isnt any modern genetic studies to back it up, just your own lazy assumptions.

      • In the hypothetical situation of them being Greek Orthodox speaking Greek and practising Greek culture and were working for the advancement of Greece yes I would

      • @ xaameriki

        I have a lot of those Fustanella wearing assholes in my family. It quite an honor to be in the elite club of patriotism. Here are some of things that can never be shaken off a Greek. A lot of things that everyone must know.

        Lets begin with the fact that, In order to be 100 % Greek – you have to be born as a Greek from two Greek . The end with that.
        You have to be Baptized in A Greek Orthodox Church ” Anointed by the Holy Spirit by a greek Orthodox Pastor ”

        Saint John the Baptist was !00 % Greek. He baptized his 1 st cousin who was ” Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

        ( Jesus Christ of Nazareth was half Greek ) by his mother’s side ( Our Holy Mother Mary ).

        I do not need to tell anyone that Greece is the most beautiful country on Earth, with the friendliest people on Earth…that has a history that all other countries wish they had. And islands that everyone is jealous of its pristine culture and heritage of honor.

        But what about America ? The U.S.A # 1 ( which to me stands for – Uniformed Stupid Assholes )

        First, if you want to know who really discovered America ?

        Because, as a Greek who grew up keeping his mouth shut listening to these American ethnocentric malakias, and repeatedly getting fucking dumbed down in a useless American schooling system…I had to unjerk-off myself from these losers and relies that what I’ve heard / read on a daily basis ( even today consistently on TV ) its all unattributed lies from texts / with false insinuations from plagiarist Italians using Greek literacy and discoveries.

        Let me tell you something about Christopher Columbus. A Queen from Spain built 3 ships that he never landed in N.America ( and if he did land here – where the fuck is it ? )

        As a man who has owned before many vehicles – have given some of them names actually all of them had female names.

        Why on Earth would a man ( Christopher Columbus ) name an entire country after another man named ” Amerigo “. because he was a fucking Gay Homosexual – that’s why. And America is name after a butt fucker.

        Bing or google : Alexander Elios ( Son of Cleopatra – Greek ) year 30 BC settled in America as far north as Illinois. And in modern day time, public forbidden to enter the settlement to witness the U.S cover up of the governments involvement of defilement and looting of the Greek artifacts destroyed.

        Now lets go to why every Greek should feel proud of Greece. ( Unshakeable )

        The only people on Earth who only speak one language are the Uniformed Stupid Asshole. A.K.A = U.S.A

        The real facts: If you graduate high school and speak only one language – you have gone through learning 3,500 – 4000 vocabulary skills through someone’s lifetime.

        A nurse who has finished his/ her schooling in 4 – 6 year university, that speaks two languages has gone through 6000 – 7000 vocabulary throughout their lifetime.

        A person with a doctrine degree, that speaks 2-3 different languages has gone through 8-9500 word vocabulary skills throughout their chosen profession in their lifetime.

        ” Greece has contributed in today’s modern day society – despite if you only speak one language; Greek ”

        And still counting from modern day discoveries being made: ” over 51,807 Greek contributions ”

        That’s another reason why all 100 % Greeks better get their acts together, and if asked to defend our culture and heritage, our religion and the safety of our nation….be ready, able and at immediate committed to go to War.

        Don’t get me wrong. I do not want War. I have empathy for all innocent people who had no other choice but to leave their country to protect their family/ children. They are not stupid – they can read the news that Athens is turning into a ghetto from these treasonous motherfuckers in Athens. They want to leave Greece anyway and go to Northern Europe.

        But be ready for the Zionists Americans who have partnered up with the deplorable Nazi, extortionist Bankers ( plutocrats ) and the turks who always had their heart set out for murdering our people and taking our Greeks blood soaked territories. Land, sea, and air.

  18. I do want to tell you that 99 % of all of you will not read this complete manifesto that I have written. Sorry for too much info. But for those of you who will finish reading it…you will know exactly where I stand.

    lets begin:

    The news glorifies another useless kraut who want to act diabolical without redemption, ( who has never learned – it was the Greeks who invented War. ) The germans comes from the biggest failure in this worlds history : german Christianity…
    They have been sabotaging Greece with chaos and poverty;…. vindictive, callous, profligates who think they will one day conquer and take Greece and our islands without “The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the ECHR’s legal positions based on it cannot accept the End of democracy to benefit extortionist / backmail. !!!

    I truly hope they believe they can conquer our soil that we inherited from the guts and spilled blood of our ancestry !!!

    I actually prayed to God one day, that Tsipras will grow a set,… instead he is trying to sell us out along with the rest of the treasonous bastards.
    I will fight in a War defending Greece in a phochen eye blink. I was born to do that and will do it with gladness.

    Here are some countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland the Scandinavia countries etc:

    Who presently never worry about their secure jobs/ future/ families welfare in the future ?

    *** their minimum pension starts at 50 years old.

    *** $ 2,300 Euros per person – annual increases w/ holiday bonuses each quarter.

    *** welfare food assistance minimum $ 500 Euros each month w/ electric assistance.

    ***, twice a year paid vacationing anyplace in the World, 2 weeks each per person.

    *** A ” New Free Car ” ( for anyone ) who doesn’t have easy access to public transportation.

    *** Free university for anyone will to pursue a New career/ occupation .

    *** Pension welfare extension assistance for any one served in the military w / grants etc.

    My parents in Greece who both are 79 years old, still work full-time and have not collected / lived off their pension yet – it would not be enough to pay their bills even if they moved out of the same home they inherited. Have never received anything that they did not work hard for themselves.

    We never had voted for anyone in our lives – what about them ?? Who the fuck is anyone wearing a suit and tie calling Greeks names without knowing them first?

    People have gott’in themselves killed today from drawing a stupid cartoon or playing in a soccer game, nevertheless continuously banter & humiliate the citizens of Greece 24/ 7 each week.

    ” Taxation without Proper Representation ” sound familiar ?.

    Greece will NOT ACCEPT 30 % interest hike . Do any other country pay that high ??

    ***Do any of them impose such a Tax increase on ( themselves especially ) on Italy, Spain, Portugal , Ireland etc which currently pays only 3 % ??

    Why doesn’t anyone speak up ?

    Most importantly, I want to ask the citizens of germany to realize that Greece has already been thrown out of the Eurozone in order for germany to not pay the $ 389 billion euros they owe Greece…which does not include the gold and artifacts looted out of Athens by hitler’s army.

    This is not about a vote, or any bailout negotiations … the money owed. Its not even about Democracy being worth more than markets… that benefit only a few, while the rest of Europe under the oligarchs suffer within their own heritage and culture ‘ (s) …

    Its really all about one single thing…. it’s all about bribing the government officials of Greece to overthrow the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras…. in any means possible.

    GREECE HAS NOT ACCEPTED TO HAVE OUR MINERALS TAKEN BY THESE EXTORTIONISTS AND …germany is using its size and wealth to compel its euro-zone partners to take a hard line toward Greece, but in the end, germany has much to lose by forcing the our nation to choose between more austerity and dumping the euro.

    Angela Merkel’s government has cultivated the notions that the Greek government is run by moochers unwilling to reform Athens’ finances, austerity is the golden path to prosperity, and establishing a new Greek currency is either impossible or guarantees disaster.

    None of those are true.

    There is only one solution, to the unchristian like bobble head gimp in the wheelchair – the coward that will never have any honor in their history or country, and will always be know as the world’s biggest second hand fiddler to the two senior citizen hootsies and their tricks

    ” Tell them all to go fuck off ”

    The Central Bankers are a big scam. You have been clearly shown that. Greece has never taken a single Euro from anyone. We have paid back all our loans – all their embezzlements.

    Google or Bing how economics works – then extortion schemes.

    They Print Phony Money not backed by a single thing except “trust” and dump it on countries charging HIGH LAWLESS INTEREST. Do Not Pay. Do Not Accept It…

    The Country usually accepts this through a bribed politician. ( Mr.Samaras had a 3 year affair with Merkel…her second home was Samaras home in Athens which she stayed in 8-9 months of the year )

    The amount of money given can be repaid… but the Interest amount owed DOES NOT EXIST therefore countries have 2 options. Either borrow more from extortion OR default.

    Default means ( With Greece ) seizure/ take over of a country.

    The U.S as been looted already, now its just a game to see how long the Central Banks can keep them afloat (knowing they own everything already upon default) so that they can ruin the rest of the countries with this fake dital paper they spread around.

    The Federal Reserve prints & China immediately takes the green paper we pay them for loans and buy either Gold or Real Estate or Businesses in the US because they know when the music stops the green paper is just paper and cant be used for anything, so they buy real assets immediately before the music stops. Its a scam.

    But also notice how the ECB put together a Trillion Dollar Bail Out before the Greek vote in January. They knew which way Greece would vote and now the ECB will make the EU deeper in debt to cover the payments Greece isnt going to make. So now the EU goes further into insulting its citizens of Greece, and placing blame upon its people and bribing the crooked ex- politicians.

    To the EU,IMF, ECB. Their practices are against the European Human Rights Laws, and germany owes Greece $ 398 Billion Euros to Greece.

    ****germany who owes Greece loans from 1950,1952,1999, and without counting yet interest accrued on “”” 278.7 billion euros ($314 billion)….equaling : $398 billion with accrued interests in War reparations. “””” YOU DEFAULTED germany.

    HERE ARE THE FACTS : without any illusions – I promise you that.

    The Federal Reserve and its Parent the Bank of England has been successful in stealing millions of properties through the housing crises which occurred in England prior to it happening in the US. Here’s how it works in a nutshell. The banks which are provided funds by the Federal Reserve (digital funds) loan money to every breathing soul in America without feeling the need to have documents to prove anything stated on the loan doc EXCEPT the false info that was written. Then as the money is flooded into the demand side of home buying and the prices move upward rapidly, people are borrowing greater amounts of fake digital money that never existed, then the Fed manipulates the interest rate up, starts a rash of defaults which as we all know a default means the BANK owns the property now. So the bank which never put up any real money for the loan (just digital money that they did not have)

    That’s called: Extortion.

    The bank gets the property when you default. ( embezzlement ) Multiply this scam x millions and you have transferred the deed and title of millions of homes to the banks.
    Then to top it all off, the bankers convince our (in on the scam US congress and the president) to make the citizens bail out the banks so not only did the banks become the owners of all these properties but they also got nice gifts for their epic scam in the form of cash from the citizens who have to pay back the bail out.

    It’s an EXTORTION RACKET designed to further enrich the Bankers, not repay the debt.

    If the goal was repayment then generous terms that would grow the Greek Economy, that would grow tax revenue to repay the debt would be the goal.

    The real goal is buying everything of value in Greece in a fire sale while the people starve. That will never happen.

    germany created a system of plutocracy, not Convergence with any country, an illegal austerity creating Chaos and poverty – that does not promote growth to allow governments to temporary assist struggling countries; to impose non growth of improving the efficiency of the public sectors – where growth begins to be restored, and the deficit improved. It’s EXTORTION.

    **** germany wanted an airport in Athens to fly their military aircraft over Greece. . .germany wanted 12 1/2 of our Greek Islands. .. germany wanted the country to close hundreds of foreclosed properties from their illegal austerity measures that the little rat Samaras approved ( illegally ), along with cutting more than half of the elderly retirement source of living, and closing hospitals for medical care, their electrical power lines for heating this winter, and cause families to near homelessness. Germany has repeated asked for the Aegean Sea. You lost germany – we don’t treat our people the way you do. And you are an unconscionable joke. A death sentence if we allowed anyone to take our life and home.

    **** germany wanted the mineral rights to Greece – from renewable wind power, solar power plants, gas and oil pipeline, to drilling off of Crete and 12 other islands… to furthermore split the profits with the US – insulting to Greece. We are islanders as our forefather were who died for our country. A death sentence for anyone who wants to try. This is our land.

    To the EU,IMF, ECB.

    You have consistently practiced extortion against my country Greece and have committed crimes against the European Human Rights Laws.

    You have flooded my country with illegal immigrants…. to cause chaos and poverty; not wield “sound economic governance” nor does it protect the vulnerable.

    You impoverishes entire populations, while providing “prosperity” to a small corrupt and subservient political and economic elite of Disgraceful Profligates with capital controls.

    You have put lives of the weak and elderly in jeopardy,“economic medicine” contributing economic instability and mass poverty, while providing a “social safety net” to the external creditors.

    You have tried to sell a diabolical reform package, the IMF relies on media propaganda as well as persistent statements by “economic extortionists” and financial analysts which provide authority to the IMF’s macroeconomic reforms only to destabilize and impoverish Greece to signing bad agreements to.

    *** The unspoken objective behind IMF interventionism is to destabilize sovereign governments and literally break up entire national economies. This is achieved through the manipulation of key macroeconomic policy as the outright rigging of financial markets, including the foreign exchange market businesses and banks.

    PHOCKOFF to your proposals :

    Cancel all pensions for those under the age of 65.
    * Impose a one-off bank deposit tax of 50%.
    * Privatize all gov’t owned utilities and assets.
    * Impose a 20% withholding tax on all pay*
    * Greece to pay 23 % – 30% interest rate while Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and many other countries pay only 3 %.

    PLAN ” B “…. jail to the scamming Banks and their minions the govt. officials in Greece who propagated such a system of fascism,debt slavery ,and occupancy – immediately.

    GREECE HAS BEEN FORCED BY THE EU,IMF, ECB. to take the proper actions.


    ( the debt is null & void due to fraud, extortion and forced bankruptcy )

    WE will prosper …with the immense parasites off our back. There are millions of us who would gladly want to see Greece leave EU, and if needed to defend our country with our military and allies.

    1. Russia and China represent the 9th and 2nd largest economies in the world. They are not deadbeats as germany are.,When Greece adopts an electronic currency, it will be the financial centre for the SE EU, global scale shipping industry, premium global agricultural producer, and the best holiday destination in Europe. If it dips, it’s a better bargain to see places your country wishes it had.

    2. Greeces ports on the Med provide a very strategic location to both import and export gas and oil to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. You seem to want to talk about rhetoric instead of real issues and insult

    3. Greece WILL NEVER accept anything from the U.S or the brussels group,…WE WILL accept Russia who invited Greece to become the sixth member of the New regional bank for the BRICS countries that include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. ” THE DEAL IS DONE !!! ”

    ****You slander Greeks for having a GDF ratio of 160 % ,but there are many other countries in Europe that have more debt than Greece has

    **** Italy and Spain / Portugal debt to GDF ratio is 325%,

    **** the U.K is more then 500%, and

    **** Ireland is 667 %.

    But I don’t here you or anyone calling them insulting names and criticizing there nation. This is no way to treat a nation that you admire so much.

    ( Go shove that comment that Greece takes money from European countries )

    Even animals don’t control the way the other animals live. I would gladly go to War to defend my country Greece against anyone here in the U.S or my birthplace of Greece.

    • George, this long post is not necessary, and while we are certainly against the actions of Merkel and German media portrayal of Greeks. You must keep in mind that Germany is not Controlled by Germans, it’s an occupied state, controlled by Americans, which means in essence it’s controlled by Zionist Jews. And there is the real source of the humiliation of Greece in international media.

      Don’t be a fool and fall into the “it’s Merkel and the Germans” falacy.

  19. I do not want some baboon looking Paki in Greece talking Greek, and defecating in our streets like its the norm in there country.

    Get rid of them. I will gladly join to do my part in getting rid of the foreigners who have invaded Greece.

    Its a complete invasion…do you understand that ?

    A semoli or paki living in Athens where our elderly or kids are too afraid to walk in our streets.

    Get rid of them. They will never get away with the lawless behaviors in their own country – why allow it to happen in Greece.

    Greece is the birth place where people learned to act human. Go be a filthy monkey back home in your dirt hut.

    Fuck You Athens I will tolerate that and make us all look like them.

    Fuck you !!@

  20. im moving to skoutari, near gythio. all of my grandparents are from there. am looking forward to joining the party when i arrive.

  21. laconians here in maine support the cause. building house in gythio. cant wait to leave this media controlled cesspool.

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  23. Are pensioners from EU living in Greece welcome or not? I would like to spend the last years of my live in Greece. I will not be burden money wise, spending money, ‘creating jobs’. I totally understand Greeks have enough of these migrants who bring nothing but bad manners, to put it lightly. Here in The Netherlands there are so much more of them compared to Greece, it doesn’t feel like our own country anymore. Makes me sick. Anyway to get back to the question, are we welcome?

    • Just out of curiosity.. Now you feel sick? You did not feel sick when your country was supporting homosexuals, atheism, marxism, mixing with indonesians, child pornography and prostitution?

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