Golden Dawn Frequently Asked Questions


In recent years, Golden Dawn has been the subject of much controversy, both within Greece and more recently in the international media.  Few, if any, media outlets have explained accurately the rise in popularity of the political party or even told the truth about who we are.  Reports ranging from twisting facts to flat out blatant lies can be found everywhere.  There has not been any response of actual Golden Dawn Nationalists in the English speaking world, until now.

The purpose of this FAQ section of the website, and one of the goals of Golden Dawn North America, is to correct this misinformation so that the Greek Community of the diaspora, and others can learn the truth about who we are, who we are not, and what we believe directly.

  • What is Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn began as a Greek Nationalist organization in the beginning of the 1980‘s. It was started by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a native of the Mani region of Greece, a province with a strong cultural tradition of resistance to Turkish occupation.

As a former member of the Greek Special forces, Mr. Michaloliakos saw the start of the current political situation of Greece today being planned. He sought to form a true patriotic force against these elements.  The organization of that time was comprised of a core group of Nationalists who based their beliefs on our ancestors ideology. The core ideals of Golden Dawn are based primarily on that of ancient Sparta,  and to a lesser extent taking inspiration from more modern figures of our history such as (among many others) Theodoros Kolokotronis and Ioannis Metaxas.

From the start of the 1990‘s, up until the present, Golden Dawn has been the ONLY political group in Greece that has not compromised it’s position.  While other parties of Greece were saying patriotic things, only to betray the Greek people so that they could benefit their own political careers, Golden Dawn was taking action against all forces who have motivations other than the welfare of the Greek people in mind.

Today, the effects of this betrayal have become more clear, the Greek people suffer and are losing  their homes and businesses, Greek youth face the reality of living in a country where they are not only in fear of the ever increasing theft, murders and rapes (once virtually unheard of), they also face the danger of becoming ethnically cleansed in their native homeland if current immigration trends continue.

The line between who is for the welfare of the Greek people and who has other motives is becoming very clear. The result of this is why Golden Dawn has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and is now the third largest political party in Greece today.

  • I like what Golden Dawn is doing, what can I do to help from outside Greece?

We get many letters asking this, nationalistic people all over the world have contacted us asking this question, in short please visit the donate section and send mail to the Astoria P.O. Box address:

38-11 Ditmars Blvd Box # 438
Astoria, NY 11105

Our current campaign requests prepaid visa debit gift cards. Proceeds are sent to Golden Dawn in Athens who makes sure it gets to the people who really need it.

  • Why is the support for Golden Dawn growing so quickly?

Journalists with an agenda other than the welfare of Greeks, try very hard to answer this question ignoring the “Elephant in the Room”.  They usually claim that Golden Dawn has “brainwashed” a large portion of Greeks to blame illegal immigrants for the economic crisis and that this concern over the crisis is the only reason.

What they fail to mention, is that about 1/3 of the Greek population lives condensed in the metropolitan area of Athens and roughly around 4/5ths of Greece’s 3 million illegal immigrants have also settled there in a period of about 15 years. The Greek population had very little experience with violent crime and rapes when the country was 98% Greek 2 decades ago.

The government and police were not prepared to deal with the skyrocketing  increase in violent crime, rape, and diseases the last 5 years. When the indigenous Greek population cried for help, the state ignored them, as most  wealthy state officials lived in areas where all illegal immigrants did was take care of their large gardens and houses as servants.  The leftist political groups not only ignored them, but told them they should be ashamed for being concerned and frightened.

They had children in private schools and lived in protected suburbs, while working class Greek families dealt with the “Elephant in the Room”.

What is the “Elephant in the Room”?  Watch the video below, and find out:

This is not the Greece our national heroes who fought for our independence in 1821 spilled their blood for!

 Current projections estimate that by 2020, there will be 4 million of these illegal immigrants in Greece, with 10 million indigenous Greeks.

To put that in to perspective, that would be the equivalent to Japan, a relatively small country in land size that currently has 127,000,000 people, all of a sudden was forced to take in 50,000,000 illegal foreigners from a completely different part of the world in around 15 years. That would be 3.5 million people per year flooding in to their country.

Of course this is not happening to Japan, because they strictly enforce their immigration laws.

What Greece and Japan DO have in common however, is the exact same birth rate of 1.39% per woman which means that they are both going through a population decline. (2.1 children per woman is the minimum for a population to remain the same number.)

An article in the New York Times, the very same paper that slanders the Golden Dawn in Greece, is concerned about Japan’s future and writes:

“Without Babies, Can Japan Survive?”

Interestingly, seeing as how Greece has the exact same birthrate as Japan, in addition to a massive flood of Immigrants the Greeks never asked or voted for, why are they not asking the same question for Greece? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE.

Golden Dawn does care, and the Greek people see that more and more every day, through our actions, be it giving food to our hungry, protecting our elderly from robbery and most importantly, fighting to keep Greece for Greeks.

  • Who does Golden Dawn consider to be Greek?

The party line of the Golden Dawn is this: “You are born a Greek, you do not become one.”


There was a time not so long ago, when this was the standard way of thinking in the western world, and is still the standard in many parts of the world.  In Europe today, an African or Asian Immigrant can now be considered “French” or “British” if he obtains the correct legal documentation.  There are many native western Europeans who have begun to believe in this fallacy of logic the government has promoted to them. These same people, for example, would laugh at and discredit the idea of a Norwegian born and raised in China, being a true Chinese, while at the same time could sincerely claim a person of Moroccan descent born in the Netherlands is “Dutch”.

Greek people however have lived through periods without a national state, where our ethnic identity was both biological, cultural and religious without any state government.  National identity to us is based on blood, not on the definition of any administrative government.  A Greek to us is one who overwhelmingly carries the descent of the various ancient Greek tribes around the Mediterranean sea and the cultural legacy from them, through Orthodoxy up to the present day.

It is important to remind people that there are many nations who view national identity being linked with biological descent.  This is not something unique to Greeks and it is still being practiced around the world today in nations that are not judged by “politically correct” standards of the western world.

  • Is the Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi” “Anti-Semitic” “Satanist” “Racist” “Free-Masons” etc etc?

Media figures use labels like this to get the general public to not listen to what we have to say or to try and understand who and what we are.  Any rational person,  who knows common Greek people, either in Greece or abroad knows that Greek nationalists fought the Axis Occupation in WWII and many of us have grandparents or relatives who died doing so.  The strong resistance of our nation during that period was due to Ioannis Metaxas, a leader who by today’s had an ideology that would be labeled “Fascist” or “Neo-Nazi” if it existed today.  He was responsible for our preparation of that resistance, not tolerant “Social Democrats”. Metaxas was a leader who believed Greece was for Greeks, and rejected the Axis, the Allies, and the Communists all at once.


One can easily find photographs of Metaxas doing the Roman salute, organizing marches and training youth in just the same way as you will see in Golden Dawn today. The fact that figures such as Hitler and Mussolini, based some of their of their ideologies on Greco-Roman ideals and certain Spartan principals does not make Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi”. Our deep rooted nationalistic ideology existed thousands of years before Adolf Hitler was even born. This is an indisputable historical fact.

Make no mistake, we are Greek Nationalists, and despite what the BBC or CNN has to say, as such we are going to have some basic similarities with other Nationalists around the world, be they Tibetan, German, Somali , Taiwanese or Indian nationalists.  Of course, you won’t hear a BBC reporter calling a Somali Nationalist a “Neo-Nazi”.

The only reason they call us “Neo-Nazi” is because we are a country in Europe, the Occident, and they know if they use that term, they can get other Europeans to think we are crazed lunatics rather than normal people with families and a culture we want to protect. We stand in the way of the bankers plan to enslave us with their “European Union” and to destroy our national identity.

  • Is the Symbol you use a Swastika or a “Nazi Symbol”?

No. This is a complete Anti-Hellenic lie.  This symbol is called the Meandros, and it is a classical symbol found in our ancestors art.  It was used as a stamp for anything Hellenic. It has been used for centuries up until the present in all kinds of designs, from vases in Roman art, up until the present day.  It symbolizes our culture, so anyone who has a problem with our symbol, obviously has a problem with our culture and what it represents.

Meandros BannerText

  • “Greeks invented Democracy, so why are you “Anti-Democratic” is not that against the “Greek Spirit”?

A common statement parroted by many ignorant Greeks and non-Greeks alike, is that modern western democracy is an ingrained concept of the Greek culture or the ONLY Greek political idea.

For those who may not be educated, Ancient Greece consisted of various city states or kingdoms,  the only one of which that practiced Democracy was Ancient Athens.

Despite what the ignorant may think, Athens was not representative of the whole of Greece or the Greek people.

Sparta for example, was ruled by a King, with elements of socialism and nationalism.  Macedonia was also very far from being democratic, with Alexander the Great’s empire being governed by military generals.

Plato who wrote “The Republic” spoke out against democracy as a political system, among others of the era.
The point of the above is that Democracy was one of several political theories of Ancient Greece, It is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of political life in Greece as a whole was not related to democracy at all.

So why all the obsession with “Democracy” and the word “Democratic”?

In the western world, the modern system that uses this name has its roots in the English Parliamentary system, not ancient Athens.  The reason why the western media promotes this, as being the only form of government is because it is so easily corruptible for their own purposes.  The combination of this with television, promotes an image of a candidate or politician that the media bosses want the masses to see, rather than the public seeing who that candidate really is.

In Ancient Athens (the democracy the propagandists constantly allude to) only full blooded Athenian men who had served in the military and fought for the city state were permitted to vote.  No Immigrants, no slaves, nor even non-Athenian Greeks were permitted.  If such a thing were proposed today, the television would be telling us all how “Fascist” such an idea is and perhaps even that it’s not “democratic”.

Golden Dawn today participates in this externally imposed and corrupt Anglo-parliamentary system because that is the current legal means of getting our voice out to our people.

  • Does the Golden Dawn blame Illegal Immigrants for the Greek Economic Crisis?

NO, This has often been repeated in the International Press many times, phrases like “Golden Dawn, who blames undocumented migrants for the debt crisis” can be seen in various articles.

The vicious propaganda pushed against the Greek people says that the Greeks themselves caused the crisis and brought it on themselves simply by evading taxes, and being lazy.  Now these “lazy Greek parasites” are “looking for a scapegoat” and that’s why immigrants take the blame.

Simple explanations like these are made to distort the reality of the situation today, while Golden Dawn has stated that Illegal Immigration puts a drain on public services, illegal employment and illegal sales of goods hurt native Greek business owners, it has never stated the root cause being these immigrants themselves.

  • What really caused the Greek economic crisis?

While this is a very complex issue, the main root cause of the current situation, can be traced back to 1974.  From 1967 to 1974 Greece was ruled by a military regime known internationally as the “Junta”.  The leader of the regime George Papadopoulos, began developing the infrastructure of the country at a time when it was poor at the level of other Balkan countries.  Roads to remote areas of the country, electricity, telephone systems, schools, and factories were built, and the country had its most prosperous period of NATURAL economic growth not seen since.

This is to say that the while the economy had grown, it was growing at a slower, steadier pace without huge loans and massive debt. It was still economically not at a level of western European countries, yet production was there and the country was on the right track economically.  With its own factories and industries, its own currency and its own interests without the “European Community” dictating what it should do.

However, in 1974 this all changed, by 1980 the current system called “Social Democracy” was put into place, factories were closed down little by little, the country joined the “European Commission” and Massive Loans were taken under the son of George Papandreou Sr., Andreas Papandreou of the “PASOK” party, and later its twin “Nea Dimokratia”.

Civil Servant Jobs, State Funded Jobs, State Funded Government Programs, appeared almost overnight, and within a decade a massive middle class was created. Greek people who had been poor almost all their lives suddenly had secure useless bureaucratic jobs all over the country.  “Vote for PASOK, they will give your son a Job” was a common phrase heard in villages across Greece.  This “miracle” was so widespread, that Greeks learned a bureaucratic state job was superior to any other  .  Useless positions were created to produce army of loyal voters,  government jobs that may need 2 or 3 people were employing 10.  Pensions, and the near impossibility of getting fired all sweetened the deal.

As the purchasing power increased, the once poor Greek working class was now able to live in a way never imagined before, they felt they had finally reached a level of prosperity only western Europeans once had.  They never questioned how this “miracle” happened.  An average person, who grows up in a small town in Greece, or anywhere for that matter probably is not going to understand how international loans and finance works.  All the average Greek had to do was vote for PASOK or Nea Demokratia and the cars, houses and job security would keep rolling in.

While the average Greek did not understand the cause of this “miracle”, The Papandreou and Karamanlis family certainly did, the western educated Greek politicians certainly did.  This “miracle” came at a price, and the price was Greece’s national autonomy. The price was international access to all of our homeland’s resources natural, political and economic. This was a systematic plan.

Now we are told that the international banks who loaned Greece all this money, were “tricked” by Greek politicians into making Greece look like a lucrative economic investment and that now the Greek people must pay with harsh austerity measures to compensate for this supposed trickery.

Banks can approve or deny loans for private citizens based on things like debt to income ratio, credit history, assets etc and is virtually never “tricked” because the borrower always has some kind of collateral.  Yet we are to believe the banks naively loaned billions of dollars to an entire country for decades without suspecting there would be a default?  In this case, the collateral the banks want is our whole Nation, our people and our future.


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    • Thank you for catching the typographical error, the emphasis was meant to be on the family as a whole. A long legacy of scum. This FAQ will continue to be revised and updated, we appreciate any new questions or input.

  2. Excellent introduction to G.D.N.Y.

    One point that will totally disarm most Americans, is to mention that the Roman Salute was used, in America, at the early years of the 20th Century, in the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag! A picture of Americans saluting, ‘nazi-style’ the American ‘Old Glory’ will certainly drive your point home, that the Roman salute, from the Eastern Arm of the Roman Empire, Christianized and existing a 1000 years longer than the Roman Empire in the West, is fully OUR posession, and not some sodomite faction of Teutons. (cf. ‘The Pink Swastka’)

    It is this sort of Judaizing of the minds of Americans over the last seventy years, (to prey on ignorance, conditioned fears, and all for THEIR Kulturkampf benefit) that makes the vast majority of Whites in the World today, mere tools for the Bolshevikis out there, of whatever ethnic stripe they may be.

    Thank you for showing an Orthodox Priest in the picture of Metaxas. Clarifying your desire to be WHITES within a WHITE CHRISTENDOM, is absolutely CRITICAL, in defusing Talmudic lies, and the miscegenating aspect of what the ROCOR called ‘the panheresy of Ecumenism.’ Multiculturalism is merely the satanic counterfeit of the incarnational aspect of what Christendom was all about, and shall be again.

    • I’m already “disarmed” on that point. I know that people have been recycling political slogans and imagery since the Greeks invented most of them in the B.C. era.

      No need to resort to bashing Teutons or Anglos. These people have been misled by Jews and Universalist dogma. Greece was also misled. Greeks are not innocent of falling for lies,they are human like the rest of us. We are all victims of the intelligentsia and the moneylenders we foolishly trusted.

      We all struggle today to reclaim our national autonomy for our own people,for governments by,for,and of our own people. I will support any man in that endeavor, whether he is Teuton,Anglo,or Mediterranean.

      You guys have to understand that the British and American PEOPLE are not your enemies. Their governments are your enemies, and also our enemies. Just as your government is your enemy and our enemy,the enemy of everything we all stand for. We have all been duped into allowing these parasites and self-appointed masters and “wise men” to infest our once-great nations and destroy them from the inside out,to rape our national resources and national identities.

      The struggle of the Greeks is the struggle of every culture who has historically brought enlightenment or comfort or peace to the people of this world.

  3. Hallo! I wondered if you would care to answer some questions. This is a part of my research to a school project. Would you say that Golden Dawn has ganed more support in connection with the economic crisis? And if yes, then why? What is Golden Dawn’s “solution to the problem”?
    Thank you

  4. The economic crisis has directly benefited liars like Syriza and democrats, more than Golden Dawn. Syriza ran on a platform, for example, against austerity, even promising that if they were elected they would rip up the debt agreement, while magically staying in the Euro. They lied to the people, knowing all along that such a scenario was not possible. Today, some months after lying to the people, they have changed their tune, now saying they only want a “hair cut” to the debt, and they stood by idly as the neo-conservatives in parliament passed brutal austerity measures. The many seats Syriza holds could’ve easily been utilized to resign from parliament and force new elections, but Syriza did not do that, they are just another controlled party of the bankers. Speculator George Soros is a contributor to Syriza’s largest group in its coalition.

    The only thing the economic problems have done to benefit Golden Dawn is, in a way, free people to make their own choice. The high unemployment means those who in previous years were afraid of losing their job if they came out in support of Golden Dawn, now no longer have anything to fear. This has allowed the natural feelings of the people to come out, nationalism is the default in most mentally balanced people. Wanting controlled borders, the flourishing of your own culture, economics that serve your people before international finance and multi-national vultures, this was always the natural default, the abhorrence is what global interests have forced on Greece and the rest of the world, forcing us to organize politically in self-defense, around these principles.

    Golden Dawn’s solution to the problem: enforce what’s already on the books. The Greek constitution forbids illegal immigration. We believe in political, economic, and spiritual patriotism, where the Greek people are treated with dignity and their creativity is stimulated, to create a new Hellenic enlightenment. Golden Dawn’s greatest idea for solving the economic crisis is exploiting the trillions of dollars of natural gas (some scientists believe there is as much fuel as Saudi Arabia in the Eastern Mediterranean, and world powers are already licking their lips at the possibilities) in the Hellenic section of the mediterranean Economic Exclusive Zone, something Greek politicians refuse to do and international lobbies have discouraged. The plan of international capital is to win contracts for the Greek and Cypriot EEZ for very cheap, which is coming sooner than you think. Golden Dawn believes Greek resources are for Greeks.

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  6. Very proud to call my self Greek!!!!! Born in Cyprus and grew up with one goal! ENOSIS AND ONLY ENOSIS with the Mother Land! Continue your amazing work and you have lots of supporters in Canada( where I now live).

  7. I am a Greek American. What are your feelings regarding Americans of Greek heritage visiting your country?

    • Sir, half of the members of Golden Dawn NY are Greek Americans, there is even a handfull of Greek American Golden Dawn members active in Greece. Golden Dawn believes in thinking with your blood and not your passport.

  8. I am a Greek american whose grandparents were ethnically cleansed (deported) out of their homes in Lycaonia and Kappadokia by the Turks. The mission of the Golden Dawn is identical to what I was taught by them as a boy. I have yearned my entire life for an awakening such as this, for our people to stand as true men, and take back what is rightfully theirs. I hail the Golden Dawn! Is there a division in Michigan where I live?

  9. Hellenism is ours. That’s right. We will stand against anyone who will attempt to change that.
    Keep Hellas White and Islamic-Free. Blood and Honor, Golden Dawn

  10. Hello my fellow Greek brothers and sisters from Chicago! ZHTO Golden Dawn, Nationalism, and Hellenism! Greece is for Greeks and by Greeks!

  11. xaameriki? What can proud Greeks living in America do to help stop the Islamic Invasion against our country?

    • Unfortunately, the Islamic invasion of Greece is not something Greeks living abroad can directly stop.

      However, you can help by aiding Golden Dawn NY in its efforts to provide food and supplies for Greeks, which indirectly helps the resistance against the invasion.

  12. Hi. What is your stance on legal immigration? It must be somewhere, but I have troubles navigating your resources, I don’t understand Greek. Thank you.

    • Most of the current governments “legal” immigration, was to give immigrants who entered illegally, legal work and residence permits. Now our enemies in Syriza for example are pushing for these people to get full blown citizenship.

      Naturally we disagree with the criteria the current government is using for classifying who is “legal” in the same way we disagree with every other policy they have enacted to destroy our country.

      In the future if we were running the government our legal immigration policy would be favoring ethnic greeks of the diaspora first.

      There is not much publication about the details of this since the problems facing greek workers will take years to fix before any kind of need for “legal immigrants” would arise.

      • You want to see the effects of open door policy and illegal immigration just look at America and it’s over 15 million here, says enough, countries who force their citizens to go elsewhere need to be put in their place and know that doors are shut to their ignorance internally of their own country, Mexico is a prime example, the Greeks have every right to shut their doors to people flocking in, all should have to go through a real process before allowing them in..Greece needs to deport around 2 million illegals if not more, all these illegals pay nothing into the tax system but take out many meals from Greek mouths on a daily basis, not a bad idea to help the current situation for depressed and hurting Greeks, border patrol is heavily needed, also the crime these people bring made the old policy of Greeks that you could leave your house for a week and not lock the doors and never have to worry a thing of the past, illegal immigration is not healthy for a country of only 10 million and having to feed 3 million above who have done nothing but enter illegal and not pay 1 euro to the already burdened tax system, pensions have diminished for real Greeks because of it, problem is the current leadership keeps fighting to bring in more of this because it doesn’t affect them & they can care less about the people..Pericles

  13. Why don’t you try to spread the Radio show all the internet so more ppl will know truth and support or join XA against government and mainstream and international media ?

  14. Do the Golden Dawn consider Macedonians Greeks. If so is that followed by a want for unity between Greece and Macedonia? Also, what other foreign-Europeans do you guys consider to be Greek? Just my interest.

    • This is a ridiculous question, Macedonia has been Greek from the beginning. The very word itself comes from Greek and is linked with Dorian. If you are referring to the newly formed state from yugoslavia calling itself “Macedonia”, we refuse to even call them “Macedonians” because they are slavic Bulgarians who speak a dialect of western Bulgarian. Only a very small strip of the southern part of that country even falls in the area of Ancient Macedonia. The reason they use the name today dates back to communist yugoslavias plan break up Greece. I suggest you do your own simple historical research. You will find that those people were called yugoslavians, and before that were called Bulgarians and even share the exact same national heroes. We call them “Skopiani” and their Country Skopia.

      Using the term Macedonians vs. Greeks is as ridiculous as like saying Parisians vs the French, or the Oklahomans vs the Americans.

      Greece in the ancient times was not unified and was divided into different tribes, the Macedonians were a tribe just like the Athenians or Spartans were, Alexander however unified these tribes which later became the groundwork for the modern Greek state.

      If there is any outside nation Golden Dawn considers to be Greeks today in Europe, it would have to be the Southern Italians in regions south of Naples like Puglia and Calabria and large parts of Sicily. This is because these people were latinised Greek tribes who descend from ancient Greek colonies. The country the media is calling “Macedonia” now is made up of Bulgarians who in ancient times had not yet even made contact with Greeks. They arrived in the 7th century AD long after Ancient Macedonian Greeks had become Christian with the rest of the Greek tribes.

  15. Sorry if i am posting this again but it my first time useing this bloging program .
    Anyways how could i become a member do i need proof of Greek blood ? My Greek passport or my mothers or fathers . And could i help out by volunteer work / Donations through money .
    Moveing to NY in a year for college and would like to know .
    And visit Greece frequently and i help out Xrisi Avgi Ioannina , so they can grow in my city .
    Your help will be appreciated .

  16. It is interesting to see that the comments here are all pro golden dawn.. You seem more than happy to post and reply to the pro golden dawn ones but not the ones against golden dawn. Perhaps you should post and respond to those latter comments.

    • Actually we do respond when people are anti Golden Dawn if they are serious with questions. But most of the anti golden dawn comments are people just spamming comments like “you guys are bigots blah blah blah” and we are far too busy in the real world to waste time bickering with useful idiots.

  17. Hello, I had just found this site and I was wondering how I could join the Golden Dawn and what you guys do exactly. My previous question does not appear here so I am not sure if you had seen it.

  18. I am a 1st generation Greek in the diaspora. I have traveled to our country each year since my birth in the early 1970’s. This year was different. I traveled with my three small children and wife, and for the first time in my life I, a Greek, felt afraid walking the street of Athens at night in summer. We have sacrificed our basic liberties to protect a system that allows the social leeches of the political classes to deliver so little to the people. I did not meet one Greek who owned his or her own businesses who blamed the crisis on foreign powers, Jews, immigrants, global bankers etc. They all knew that the political elite and the civil service it spawned was living of the sweat of the honest hard working Hellene. Those with government jobs all complained about how hard things are, whilst the average guy is just getting on with trying to feed his family! The streets of Athens were full of graffiti, scrawled by Greeks, defiling our own monuments, with political slogans that only a child could come up with. Spray paint your own apartment not my street! It appears we have a youth at war with itself incapable of growing up. WTF happened to our country? That my wife cannot walk with her kids downtown without feeling fear from beggars, drug addicts, Pakistani’s selling fake bags, young Greek students protesting to save Palestine, or make us join green peace or such other crap is unacceptable – and when you tell them to leave you alone they feel aggrieved. That teachers can abandon Greek kids in classes because god forbid they actually do their jobs, is unacceptable and a crime of abuse against our kids. We Greeks must fight back and take back our country. I am not a fascist or a nationalist or any other label that our countries petty elite choose to put on anyone who tries to talk sense. I am a proud Greek, and the only people who seem to care about what we have lost is GD – this is not a testament to the policies of GD, but to the utter failure of Greece political elite as a whole. What must happen for Greece to wake up – a Turkish invasion? GD may not be saints, but anyone who thinks its OK to feel fear in their own country is an enemy of Hellas, and GD have the balls to say so!

    • Brother, Golden Dawn was speaking about these issues before they got to such dramatic proportions. In fact we were the only ones speaking against opening our borders in 1991, when other Greeks were calling immigration a “blessing”. They refused to listen to us, but they are beginning to listen now. Slowly but surely our people are waking up, but like a child who must burn his hand on a hot stove to learn never to touch it again, so too must the Greeks learn not to play with “multicultural’ nonsense again. Just as they must learn that to be a nationalist is a healthy thing, a thing that would have prevented this catastrophe had they all thought like xrysh ayghites and we’re not only thinking of their pockets and being fashionable.

    • Good one, I feel the same way, Greeks need to pull together and stop what they think is acceptable to feed their frienzy the is b s and only we can stop it…

  19. Keep doing the Great Work you are doing, I’m proud to be a Greek and I’m even prouder of Xrisi Avgi

  20. Hi there! Can you tell me about your relationship with the Greek Golden Dawn? That is, you’re an official member of the party or just a friend from America? I ask because I want know if the informations published here are reliable. I appreciate it!

    • Currently there is no plans to import this merchandise and sell it. Golden Dawn is not really in the business of selling trinkets like is the case with many groups in America. Most of what people buy in greece they wear around the offices or use during outside activity.

  21. What you describe us almost identical to what has happened to every white nation, be it America or in Europe. You are not alone. We all want to be free of these banksters and judas goats!

  22. You guys are awesome. Keep fighting for your beautiful country, and culture. Don’t let the globalist bosses win. Send the foreigners home.

    Wish us luck here in the U.S. We’re gonna need it.

  23. Is there a dues paying membership function, and does Golden Dawn allow American non-Greeks to join its ranks? I am certain that many have wondered about this. We support your efforts.

    • No, there is not a dues membership function here, but party members often spend much money out of their own pockets to put towards shipping of goods and other things. Golden Dawn is an organization only for those of Greek origin, however we have a small handful of very close friends activists who are not Greeks. These people who work closely with us are typically of Italian or Spanish origin and have actually been to Greece and know party members on a personal level.

      We do have many supporters from countries all over Europe, many Americans support us and we are very grateful to these philhellenes.

  24. Teutoner from Norway here! Best wishes to all the Pan-Hellenic Movement in the GD! You are taking the torches High! Congratulations! They are giving light to all of uss in Europe and are frightening all the Anti-Withes scumbags wanting to destroy us with feminisme, industrial abortionsfactorys and immigration from Asians and Africans, like Coudenhove Calergi wanted it in his hell-manifest : “Praktischer Idealismus” Frankfurt, Wien, Zürich 1924. 88!

  25. Hello, I am an American of Cuban
    Heritage. A supporter off Hellenic nationalism, and GD. I ask if GD accepts the support of non Helen’s. Also I would like to know where I could buy GD clothing. Thank you and victory to Hellas! Your friend in miami.

  26. How would you feel if americans didnt want greek americans to be part of their country? or didnt allow them to enter the country in the first place?


    • Are you a native american? And do you know that almost all the immigration of Greeks into America was legal and processed in Ellis Island in a nation building itself on immigration?. Do you know that Greece has receieved over 2 million illegal aliens in 15 years, in a country of 10 million during a period when unemployment was already well over 20%? Are you aware that the country went from being where people left doors unlocked to rapes and brutal murders being commonplace in areas with high concentrations of illegal immigrants? Can you name one Greek immigrant area anywhere in the western world where rapes and brutal murders became common place after their arrival?

      • From the wikipedia

        The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association is the largest community organization of Greek Americans. It was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1922 to counter the anti-Greek attacks by the Ku Klux Klan during that time period. Its current membership exceeds 18,000.

        from the internet “no greeks or dogs allowed”

        please first open and read books then please open your mind.You are an immigrant for other and you are not welcome (kkk , white people).i am waiting for your reply.

        btw, the photos you have with people hiding their faces says a lot !

      • Why do you refuse to answer the questions you have been given?

        And if we were so afraid to show our faces, why would be be out in Astoria in broad daylight in front of thousands of people? When we need to we don’t have issue with meeting people face to face.

        Here is a list of Greeks murdered during the first 4 months of 2013 alone, how many recent KKK murders of Greeks can you name? Can you find a larger number of murders of Greeks by KKK in their entire history than this 4 month list? If AHEPA is so concerned with Greeks why aren’t they talking about this?

        On January 10th in Xanthi, Thrace two elderly women are brutally murdered. The killers entered through the window of a two story detached house where the two women lived. One of the elderly found tied to her bed while the other on the floor in a pool of blood. Three nationals from Georgia were arrested.

        On January 18th, a 56 year old man was found murdered in his apartment on the second floor of a building in Athens. The door of the house was broken and the man tied. The forced entry is what has police believing the motive was robbery.

        On January 30th an old woman was found murdered tied up and strangled to death with marks around the neck. Motive of murder: robbery.

        On February 13th an elderly woman was murdered at her home in Istiea. The unfortunate old woman found already dead and in a pool of blood. Two days later the police arrested a 23 year-old Albanian responsible for the murder.

        On February 24th, a 75 year old woman in Tragana, Lamia was robbed and left by the assailants to die of hunger and thirst, tied at both the hands and feet. Her family found her dead, the hands and feet were tied with cables lying on the floor, and covered with a blanket. The house was turned upside down which makes the most probable motive robbery, the Police investigation continues.

        On February 26th, an elderly woman in Phaneromene, Thessaloniki was murdered by “unknown” assailants. Her son found her gagged with a towel over the face.

        On March 1st, a 78 year old woman was found murdered in her home in Molo Fthiotida. The woman was found hands tied behind her back, gagged and covered on a bed inside her house.

        On March 30th Albanians shot to death a 25 year old woman Katerina, at Isthmia. The killers were the Albanians who escaped a prison in Trikala, they had pillaged for months on Greek territory tolerated by the Ministry PRO.PO., which resulted in yet another murder, this time of Greek law enforcement officer G. Andritsopoulos in Distomo Viotias on the 17th of June.

        On April 6th an 85 year old Greek man was found dead in his apartment where he lived in Kallithea at the address of 77 Aristeidou street. The man had injuries to the head and police believe robbery was the motive.

        On April 13th, a 30 year old man was murdered in his apartment on Phedonos street in Daphne. The 30 year old was bound and gagged, police found a safe that had been broken in the apartment.

        On April 15th an 82 year old woman was found dead at her home home in Vilia, Attica. According to police the old woman had injuries to the head, probably from a knife. The police attribute the crime to robbery.

        I am waiting for YOUR reply.

    • the kkk back in the day were after not only blacks but all catholics carpet baggers Irish,Italians, also Greeks and foreigners that came here legally……Now thats all gone ,you can be an italian klansman Greek etc you have to be a white christian…The first Greeks to land in America was in the 15 hundreds …Greeks fought in all American Wars….3 million people claim Greek ethnicity in America not including Greek ..Cypriots…..but how many Americans dont know they have Greek blood in them?Since Greeks have been in America for over 500 hundred years..Greece also in the past hundred years fought on America’s side in every major war!!!!!!!Think about it…..America put a quota on Greeks I believe in the 1920″s and 1930’s….The WASPS were getting pissed off especially in Chicago because the Greeks were hard workers no help from the government and bought over 5000 properties in Chicago alone ..they were also buying up NY and other major cities..I can go on forever but forget about it………When is a chapter going to open in Chicago??????

    • All Greeks who live in American were sponsored and invited to come to America and did so. They do not enter other countries unwanted. And they make up a great successful part of the U.S. landscape. And U.S. is a melting pot!! Greece isn’t!! 2 different animals!! And Greeks have too much pride to go where they are not welcomed!!

  27. My maternal grandparents were from Crete and Cyprus, yet my mother married an Irish catholic. Being 50 percent of Greek origin would Golden Dawn consider me Greek? Does your party have delineated ethnic requirements for membership?

    • Im assuming you are an American citizen, if you were living in Greece, since you are of 100% European ancestry and have Greek descent you would be eligible for membership there. Here in America you are welcome to help us, but the extent you can help depends on where you live. Email us for more details.

      • I am Greek orthodox . I live in NYC I know the ADL has targeted this group. Perhaps it’s time for the light to shine on them. Please advise . My heartfelt condolences to the party for the assassination , has an arrest been made?

  28. Golden Dawn in my opinion does have a great message, I am a proud American Greek and I read these articles posted by Golden Dawn members, they are not bad articles and are all about trying to save face for the Greeks, the rhetoric must cool down about outsiders and foreigners and the Anti Semitic and Zionist and other radical statements must change, you can still fight for the rights of Greeks and their right to exist as a people without slamming other races, hate and words of hate towards others should not even be brought up in any of your conversations and the Nazi Salute doesn’t help either, yes your symbol is the Greek Key as we know it and not a swastika of Nazi Germany, I understand this and many others can as well if you address it as such and not with a Nazi Salute then you may attract more people to listen to your message, your focus should be on showing the people that you are a professional and good party with a will to do for the people and not use harsh hateful words in your rallies and speeches, to get down to business I feel you can really start a great movement by demanding the investigations of those who are in office that caused these problems by accepting pay offs and allowing outside influence to drive up the debt, also without using racial remarks let the people know how Mr. Samaras signed the energy deal without the peoples vote on the country’s hydrocarbons and energy rich resources, this should not have occurred without the voice of the rightful owners of the rich energies that are underneath the feet of the Greek people, this should be recalled by the people, Greeks can find more secure ways to ensure that they are compensated for what rightfully belongs to the Greek people and not decided by a few without any citizen understanding what was signed and handed over, irregardless that this was signed as a joint venture with Israel doesn’t matter it should of never been signed by anyone wether it be Israel, Russia or America, Greeks need to do and decide for themselves and not be dictated by outside influence, just like in America, if the Americans find energy underground then the Americans decide what’s best and not outsiders & the same should apply for Greeks, it’s only fair and they can manage their own & pay the debt and have enough to go around, I also recommend that you make people feel safe to come visit Greece as tourist and not feel threatened by attacks, these are people who love our history and gorgeous country and are helping by spending money to come to Greece and not somewhere else, this is a major problem even for American Greeks such as myself, you should preach to your citizens to treat tourist with respect and to protect their safety, tourism is a great industry and can be a very profitable one especially for Greece but throughout the years has been damaged by threats of being attacked while visiting and has caused the revenue to be taken away and sent elsewhere, be entrepreneurs like we know how to be and be smart on keeping the business in Greece, marching with flame balls and shouting death will not attract tourist, if you want to listen to me then listen if not only you will suffer, preach good things and show good faith efforts and your results will come, good luck & God bless Greece to a road of success!!! Pericles

  29. Because the radical rhetoric is what’s taking you down, I explained all that in my original message, words of hate and racist are not words to help you excel in your real message, get your point across without blaming other groups or races, gain your power of votes by your supporters feeling comfortable about who they support and not having to fear being arrested because of far right remarks. I support the fact you are for trying to save the Greek race but don’t blame and poke at others, just do your job on your real message and after you develop a large enough support and gain more seats then look at going after those who were in power and took bribes and sunk the nation to its current state today, the outsiders are not your enemies it is your own in power who are the ROUFIANI that allowed this to happen to their own people, that is the real crime here..Pericles

  30. The last time I visited Greece was back in 2002 & I seen it coming from the streets of Athens with all the foreigners who were taking jobs for nothing and noticed from then Greeks were starting to have a tough time, I said it then that joining the European Union was not a good choice and I also said what a opportunity for Germany to rise again and that is very dangerous to allow to happen, they look down on us and don’t like us is how I feel but I prefer to keep my mouth shut and do what’s necessary to make happen on what needs to happen, I am saying to you, humble speak nicely build your votes and then vote to implement the necessary policies to avoid this catastrophic economic situation from ever happening again, on another note I would push to recall the energy pact signed by Samaras to be not recognized by the people, this should be brought to ballot and allow the people decide, this is how you win..Pericles

    • Pericles, In the interest of not wasting too much time, I will make things as clear and as simple as I can. You obviously have no idea what Greece is like now, and you obviously do not pay much attention to the articles on this website or facts contained in it. I will try to respond to each of the major flaws in your opinions which are based on ignorance of Greece.

      Since 2002, the problem of Immigrants simply causing economic discomfort has morphed to flat out murder, rape and robbery. In the first 4 months of 2012 alone, there was 8 murders of Greeks reported in the media, you can find the translation of those cases on this website. Every political party ignored this issue, and because Golden Dawn stands against it, they gained massive support.

      You wrote “the radical rhetoric is what’s taking you down”

      If that is the case, then why is Golden Dawn the fastest growing political party in Greece? In fact, every other party in Greece is experiencing varying degrees of decline, except Golden Dawn, the “radical rhetoric” is simply the truth, which is why people find it so refreshing.

      You then write

      “get your point across without blaming other groups or races”

      Since the invasion of foreigners, the crime rate has went to levels never before seen in Greece, now Greece ranks in the top 5 on earth for the percentage of foreign criminals in prison, so it would be blatant lying to pretend that other groups and races having nothing to do with it. That is wishful thinking and lies to simply blame the economy.

      As for the Anti-Zionist stance of Golden Dawn, the corrupt politicians ruling Greece are working directly for them, this has become even more apparent when their last visit to the US they met with not one, but four different Jewish American organizations, they have not only made deals to sell the rights to our hydrocarbon reserves to Israel, they have also made deals exclusively with Israeli pharmaceutical companies like TEVA to import dangerous generic drugs to Greece that have been documented to be poisoning people. To ignore the Zionist bosses of our politicians again would be lying to our people, and we refuse to do that.

      By the way, American tourism in Greece is at an all time high this year from previous years, but tourism and economic issues alone will not be able to solve the massive demographic and geopolitical threats Greece faces.

      And as for what you are saying that Golden Dawn could get more support by becoming politically correct, has already been tried 2 times in Greece, first by a party named LAOS, and now by a party calling itself “Independent Greeks” The former declined so much in votes that it does not even have a seat in parliament, and the second is already in rapid decline. Both these parties follow your “Valuable Advice” almost to the letter, and yet Golden Dawn with all of its “Radical Rhetoric” (IE the truth) continues to grow.

      The reason Golden Dawn is being attacked has nothing to do with simple rhetoric, it has to do with that the party is the only one who poses a threat to the den of thieves and prostitutes that is the Greek Parliament, since they have failed convincing the Greek People about such lies regarding Golden Dawn, They have resorted to Jailing our members, and now using paramilitary to murder us too.

      So read that over and over again like a parrot chewing on a cracker for a while, before you decide to start making parrot sounds again.

  31. No your wrong, I am about the diplomatic solution and refrain from people who want to isolate themselves and others to join on a movement that is showing to be radicle & dangerous, if you want to act like a crazy nationalist then isolation and hate will force outside countries to grant your wish on being isolated from the world & sanctioned against, you will lose that battle & your party will drop big in the poles..a true nationalist does not talk and act like you do..Pericles

    • “Pericles” try to fool the Greeks in Greece and abroad and the White Nationalists Movement in Europe and elsewhere in the world overall where the White Peoples are under the press of the the ZOG and all kinds of Jewish Anti-White Policy.

  32. “Περικλής” προσπαθούν να ξεγελάσουν τους Έλληνες στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό και το Κίνημα Λευκό Εθνικιστές στην Ευρώπη και αλλού στον κόσμο, συνολικά, όπου τα Λευκά λαοί είναι κάτω από την πίεση του της ZOG και όλα τα είδη των εβραϊκών Anti White πολιτικής.

  33. You have answered my response with racism not diplomacy, a nationalist is a true diplomat on obtaining the good for the will of his people as an entire race, he doesn’t poke at other races, e.g. If I wanted to show my nationalism because of something I felt was done wrong to my people that caused a crises and I knew that the current leadership did wrong and have not suffered consequences and have made the entire nation suffer then I would raise my view and gain support to bring forth justice to those who caused this mess, that is a movement for a appear to be about hate and anger, your trying to get people to fight negative with negative, that is not a nationale, that’s a dangerous individual..Pericles

  34. As a Ukrainian Nationalist and member of Svoboda my loyalty is to Ukraine and the Ukrainian People.. really I could care less about USA.. there really is no white movemnets here that are as strong as Ukraine, Europe and Greece as a whole. Right now our land is under attack by Yanukovych and his Zionist allies. On an interesting note, I have met Jewish young men, and teens who are anti-zionist and hate Israel and wish to stop the crap their nation is doing to Palestinians.. If Jews would stop wth their Communist theories and just be like everyone else, maybe there would be more respect for them.. Although I hate the Zionists and Zionazis.. I can see Jewish and zionist are different in one aspect.. Just thought I’d bring that up!

    Love the anthem of Golden Dawn..!!

    • Zionism is not the only problem anyway. Was the Jewish collaboration with Muslim Moorish occupiers in Spain before the Spanish inquisition a product of Zionism? No. Was the later occupation of Jews taking over the Greek city of Thessaloniki with the help of the Turkish a product of Zionism? No.

  35. Hey Golden Dawn, I love you guys BUT I got a little disturbed when I saw something
    In the video below at 0:19 there is an egyptian flag……… why??!?

  36. We don’t need to be reminded of KKK, Hitler, Neo Nazi, or any hate related comments against various races and different people of the world, Greece needs to concentrate on Greece and it’s economic woes and forget the hate marches that do nothing but get people more viscous and negative and take away from the real focus of what’s really needed, I haven’t responded lately and it’s because I’m truly turned off by golden dawn way of thinking, they are not the solution to the Greek problem but only to add more fuel to the fire, we need a stable mind of diplomacy and peaceful thinking with results on putting Greece back on track..

    • You obviously don’t care about your Greek roots.. I am a Ukrainian nationalist and I support Golden Dawn. My Greek isn’t too good, though I am trying to learn it since its alphabet is similar to Ukrainian. Support Golden Dawn, your people need you !

  37. I didn’t run and I didn’t think it was necessary to answer you with your direct heavy hitting, I seen where you placed your problem on the murders that occurred against helpless civilians, you state there were 8 murders and I agree there shouldn’t be one at all, for a population of almost 10 million and have 8 murders is enough and here in America I grew up around a city of 95,000 and we had over 85 murders in a year, no excuse for either side but you want to fight the fire with fire and take control and take control of people’s way of thinking or beliefs and to only side with your beliefs or else, this fascists way of trying to muscle your way into power is not going to succeed and I came to realize it should just kindly cease and let the country do it’s business without scaring the day lights out of the average citizen with your radical acts, and who knows how far you have already gone as far as violence and acts against the innocent to get your point across, your type doesn’t resolve it only helps escalate more issues we don’t need..

    • I have a newsflash for you: Greece is a country in the Balkans. Violence would happen anyway and will only get worse if Golden Dawn didn’t help protect the population. You seem to be brainwashed into thinking like an American, you assume if everyone plays nice and is peaceful and magically tries to improve economic sectors like tourism the violence against greeks will magically disappear.

      You say Golden Dawn is not the answer, you said things and advice based on someone with no idea what is happening in the country he is giving advice about. In order to talk of what is the “answer” you would first at the very least have an idea of what is happening in the country beyond what you saw on CNN. Your previous posts proved that. So why are you wasting our time with your ignorant statements and moral philosophy lessons?

  38. I think you want everything to sound your way, and yes I do think like an American and a proud one, this is your problem you want to blame your problems on Americans and Jews and anyone else you can point your finger at to gain support to brainwash all you can for your own benefit, you call me brainwashed and watch CNN, I don’t even watch TV, I search my info and gather facts before I speak, you need to reevaluate your control freak tactics and forceful brainwashing towards the already full of propaganda small country already in desperate need, it would just be better if you go away, we don’t need another Hitler of hate or anything similar, this is what turned me off about you, also if you don’t like Americans or America then kiss my entire American Greek Ass..

    • If that is the case, then why did you have no idea of the LAOS or Independent Greeks parties in Greece? You say we are blaming, as if putting blame when there is evidence to blame easily verifiable is “propaganda”. The problem has multiple causes, and like I said, if Jews are actually and visibly doing things against the interests of our people, you feel we should just keep our mouths shut and ignore it. If you want to ignore it and remain a liar and ignorant, then I suggest going to the website of independent greeks who is losing voters yet following a strategy you agree with. This site is not a place for people without the conviction to be honest about realities. We arent just going to go away, so you can stay in America with your delusions and advice and pray all you want that things like this will go away. But they will not.

    • See what the JEWS did to my country, you parasite ! LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON IN UKRAINE?!? People being killed by the ZIONIST RUN REGIME of Yanukovych. This why I am here because my parents didn’t want me to grow up in SOVET OCCUPIED UKRAINE. I plan on going back to help, but financially unable now. You call yourself a Greek American, but you hate your own people? GOLDEN DAWN is the answer to the problems.. just as SVOBODA is the answer to Ukraine’s.

      Slava Ukrayini ! Slava Zolotomu Svitanku ! Glory to Ukraine ! Glory to Golden Dawn !

  39. A good area to start a Chapter of Golden Dawn in Chicago,is around Lawrence and Rockwell,Lawrence and Western, Lawrence and California areas…..Big Greek community within Chicago…..

  40. Is anything going to open in Chicago?I’m a relative of General Bakopoulos on OXI day!!!! “AP’ TA KOKALA”

    • Not at this time, while we do have many supporters in Chicago, we are only having chapters started by people already known by the party in Greece. Ideology is a very important aspect for us, and most Greeks while “patriotic” are not well versed in social nationalist ideals or modern Greek politics here.

  41. The saying in Chicago is “Vote early and vote often” They had dead people voting in Chicago,that wasnt 50 years ago it was recent…..New York has 5 mafia families,Chicago hardly has one….Yet Cook county is the most corrupt county in America…….It’s called the WINDY CITY not because of the Wind ,but the politicians who talk alot of hot bullshit air!!!!!I If anyone knows about corrupt politicians is the people of Chicago and Cook County….ITS all about $$$$$$$……read the chicago suntimes or the chicago tribune and you will be shocked!!and they dont say the truth either………..I thought the America chapters of Golden Dawn was to send food,clothes,supplies to poor Greeks and spread the truth to all western society what is really going on in Greece,things you will never read in papers or see on TV??????????????????/

  42. Hi guys, got a question.
    I want to come to New York for work and of course I will also be active at G.D NY.
    Here in Greece is hell, no job, no future, nothing …
    Only one hope there is for Greece: Χρυσή Αυγή!

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