Here are some links to original Golden Dawn information, while they are in the Greek Language, our non-Greek speaking friends are encouraged to translate them using google translate it’s always best to educate yourself directly from the source.


Official Main Website,

constantly updated with current happenings events, and articles.

ELAM (Cyprus)


Golden Dawn’s site including historical and political subjects, world news etc.

Golden Dawn International Newsroom

English Language site made by friends of Golden Dawn. Translations of Greek Golden Dawn news.


Golden Dawn Montreal:

Golden Dawn Los Angeles:

Golden Dawn W. Attiki

Golden Dawn Australia:

Western States Of USA

8 comments on “LINKS

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    • I hope the massive greek disporia in australia will start to stop listening to zionistic media outlets in australia and ban together and help our commrades. We need to start seeing the greeks at home having more babies golden and greece will need son’s long live golden dawn in greece ameria and australia

  2. Hi Xristi avgy,
    kseretae ty simveny Himara, Borea Ipiro, gremisounae alvaniki astinomia ta spystia ke ksenodhoxeia pou anikune stys elines himariotes.

    oso amerikani polites, anikste tyn foni gia tyn himara giati mas exoune polisi ta skedia tys athinas.

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