Golden Dawn, NYC Mockumentary: Billionaire Marxists, Sold out Politicians, Hucksters and Mops Connected To The Powers That Be Transcend Fake Ideological Differences : George and Ed address the massive exposure of individuals (both conservative and communist) claiming to speak for the Greek-American community, but who are actually a tiny clique of liars who staged the entire thing. Our reaction in exposing and why the media threw a temper tantrum, even going so far to say that our republishing of completely public information was violating the law. None of this is true, and the defamers and liars have been utterly exposed. They know we’re succeeding in awakening our people and they can’t do anything about that.

Endy Zemenides and the Hellenic American Leadership Council: Trying To Hide What Greeks Really Think- A talk about the massive censorship and purge within the impotent, Zionist owned lobby regarding multiple issues ranging from Golden Dawn to Israeli war crimes.

European Union Icons In The 80’s- This segment deals with various major figures in the European Union power structure (Angela Merkel, Jose Barroso and Daniel Cohn-Bendit) and their disturbing pasts, and how it exposes the hypocrisy of attacking Golden Dawn’s leader for radical articles he wrote in the 1980’s. Are you comfortable being ruled by East German bureaucrats, Maoist agitators, and pedophiles Europe?

Lost Generation – 60’s counter culture and it’s role in the destruction of the West. The “Kill Your Parents” generation, as Jerry Rubin stated, that brought us both poisons of “if it feels good do it” culture and neo-liberal capitalist economics. Politically organized homosexuality and its ultimate goal of legalizing pedophilia and bestiality are not a future slippery slope argument, it already happened in the past and the concessions they’ve made today are only tactical and temporary. The drug culture of the phoney opposition Left and theories connecting hallucinogenics and the typical Leftist’s ignorance of reality. How sick ideas that took off with the Jewish-led 60’s radicals in America and France were imported to Greece, despite in a watered down form.

Updates On Michaloliakos, Kasidiaris, Pappas, etc illegal detention and coming trial- Updates on the laughable “evidence” they’ve been leaking, as well as the Samaras regime releasing the names of thousands of Golden Dawn supporters seized on a private computer to their murderous anarchist minions, which is a testament to their current lack of faith in the “democratic” prosecution of our movement.

Greece as a historical capital of Europe- How Hellenism and Greece bridge the Latin, Germanic, and Slavic realms, and the real reasons why global Zionism want to exterminate Hellenic culture via forced illegal immigration, after failing numerous times before.

When Arrogance Meets Evil – George and Ed discuss the current Zionist crimes against humanity in Gaza and how Israel is purposely targeting women and children with the aims of genocide and terror. The sadism of the Jewish psychology in their perception of non-Jews embodied by Israeli’s putting out lawn chairs and cheering as Palestinian children are burned alive. How Israeli tanks shelled a U.N. school in Gaza doubling as a refugee center and inflicted 16 casualties and many other maimed, the murder of 5 boys playing soccer on a beach, and countless other victims of their eternal hatred of mankind. The curious silence of “radical” leftist groups in the West, especially those like “ANTIFA” and “One People’s Project” who are more concerned about containing “anti-semitism”/ global outrage at what is going while not even mentioning once the 1,060, mostly civilians, who have been murdered in cold blood in an illegal war by actual racists who are trying to exterminate this indigenous people. Are these the people who should be in charge of our economy, politics, and culture? Why do the supporters of “Operation Defensive Edge” like Abe Foxman and Ronald Lauder cynically pretend to care about human rights to undermine the voice of Greek nationalism?

Break music is from Golden Dawn International Compilation released by PC Records.

GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA PODCAST Episode 16: European Counter-Attack


Golden Dawn’s successes against all odds in the regional and municipal elections and solidifying its position as the 3rd most popular party in Greece. Also discussion as to wide scale corruption and vote rigging in the bannana republic style “democracy” of Greece.

-Brief talk about the 3 MEP’s Golden Dawn has elected to the European Union Parliament.

-Overview of some of the other allegedly anti-EU parties that have been elected across Europe and the ideological breakthrough of nationalists continent wide.

-The fall in support of mainstream parties despite all of their political and financial advantages, and how the United States government has welcomed the “radical left” SYRIZA taking the top position in politics. How Turkish government funded Muslims in Thrace are organizing in Gray Wolves affiliated parties.

-Anti-Defamation League report on Greece being the most “anti-semitic” country outside of the Middle East. The Samaras-Venizelo junta’s invitation to the ADL’s Zionist extremist and Greek genocide denier Abraham Foxman to find ways to socially engineer the Greek people away from this.

-The urgent need to awaken the people of Europe if we wish to survive into the next century.

Samaras-Gate – George and Ed discuss Greek despot Samaras’ predicament after General Secretary of the parliament Baltakos was filmed confessing that the Greek government is currently framing Golden Dawn to erase opposition. In depth discussion on high level corruption, hypocrisy, alien interests commanding Samaras’ cabal, and who the real criminals in Greece are.

Samaras Is A ‘Putz’! How the “conspiracy theory” regarding global Zionist involvement is no longer up for debate. The veiled anger of the American Jewish Committee’s press release on the subject, effectively being forced once again to come out from behind the curtain thanks to the incompetent Samaras-Venizelos ‘Schmuck’ junta. How the recent scandal has pulled the rug from under them and will cause them to abandon their current point-man in Greece possibly for SYRIZA. George and Ed pick apart some laughable Marxist narratives that the mainstream media has taken as a backdrop in reporting about the political persecution of Golden Dawn.

Crumbling Before Our Eyes – New Democracy’s massive exodus of voters for Golden Dawn is a well-documented phenomenon. Greeks sick of lying democrats who do the opposite of their campaign promises. Left-wing SYRIZA’s Alexis Tsipras overlap with the conservatives regarding the Memorandum/austerity, and how Leftist voters are vowing to support a Nationalist alternative. How democrats historically have bought votes in Greece, and find themselves without friends once the money runs out. “Potami”(The River) a new party that has sprouted out of nowhere with a TV personality as its head, a group that has no platform or municipal candidates, and how it’s alleged popularity is a brazen media lie.

Taking Back Agios Panteleimonas – How Golden Dawn led working class residents to wrestle this town’s square back from violent immigrant gangs and drug dealers, then held it to the joy of the people until last September’s crackdown. How the Greek government criminalizes nationalist self-defense and encourages anarchist and Marxist gangsters to attack them. A recent demonstration with 2,000 Greek nationalists came back to this Golden Dawn stronghold after anarchists (with the open funding and support of the Greek government) began declaring it for themselves.

Who Are You Fighting For? – How a neighborhood that anarchists and communists declared as “liberated” after the Greek government’s persecution of Golden Dawn recently hosted the global capitalist Eurozone conference. The “radical” left as a self-destructing terrorism tool of global finance who are good at bullying patriotic pensioners, shooting unarmed young men, and incinerating pregnant women, but never seem to attack any politicians. Ridiculous Greek court grants underground violent “ANTIFA” group organizational status, while banning the registered political party Golden Dawn’s food distributions.

Meandros Over Manhattan – George and Ed discuss Golden Dawn New York’s presence at the Greek Independence Parade in New York City. 25 members of the chapter, 2/3 of them in full uniform handed out pamphlets and interacted with the crowd which was warm and friendly towards us. Media coverup of our presence and our charitable work, claiming it wasn’t “newsworthy”, yet these local papers have no problem printing an article a day about Golden Dawn.

They Don’t Represent Anyone Except Their Bank Accounts – Discussion of issues in terms of Golden Dawn -Greek-American community relations, and debunking lies from self-appointed spokesmen who represent no one. AHEPA, HALC and a certain priests (Father Alexander Karloutsos of the Hamptons) claim to speak for Hellenism, but openly serve its enemies and work as public relations experts for Samaras. Greek-American “spokesmen” who attack Golden Dawn and our New York chapter refuse to condemn the International Monetary Fund’s policies causing hunger and poverty against their kin.

Southern Europeans As Politically Correct Scapegoat Of “Conservative” Cowards – How some neo-liberal and social-democratic elements in Sweden and Germany have been spewing racist vitriol against victims of international finance Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and others in their media while real Swedish and German social-nationalists (demonized as “racist”) stand shoulder to shoulder with us in solidarity against the real enemy. How phoney ‘nationalists’ sabotage their country’s discourse by bashing Greeks but would never dare to speak a word about violent invaders within their countries or get put in prison if they were to talk about the Zionists that control their government. Sweden’s multicultural experiment and the “model state’s” descent into third world status. The European Union’s role in bankrupting smaller countries and monopolizing markets for French and German big business.

Where Can We Run Off To? – Mass exodus of Jews from Sweden to Israel as the ethnic demographic situation worsens in the liberal dystopia. Discussion on Zionist leader in Sweden Barbara Spectre’s confession and what Greeks can learn from this.

-Our side of the story regarding Marxist journalist Peter Rugh’s hate piece on Golden Dawn New York for Vice Magazine. The red and anarchist “counter-cultural” journalists for a company worth 1.4 billion dollars with News Corps. Rupert Murdoch as a share holder.

George and Ed discuss traitors Alexopoulos and Boukouras who defected from Golden Dawn. The benefit of Judas leaving before the storm, and the motives and systematic corruption that led to these men betraying the struggle.

Most accurate polling company shows Golden Dawn is the number 1 most popular party in Greece!

Music by:

L’effet C’est Moi


Episode 12 Eternal Recurrence

Anarchist Murderers Speak- On the eve of November 17th-a holiday for the Greek Left- a manifesto was released by an Anarchist para-state group bragging about the political assassination of Giorgos and Manolis, as well as promising more violence. In the 18 pages of the “radical” manifesto of the “Militant People’s Fighting Force” not a single statement is made about the United States, international moneylenders, or globalists who today are oppressing the Greek people. By acting in tandem with the Greek government’s political oppression of Golden Dawn, the Left-wing terrorist deep-state subscribes to the “Popular Front” approach against nationalism that Joseph Stalin established in the Spanish Civil war. The historical precedent of Anarchists, Communists, and the plutocratic establishment joining together against Patriotic forces. George and Ed also talk about how the Greek government allows Anarchists to get away with murder and how both entities are openly cooperating.

Polytechneio Students And May 68: Wall Street’s Janissary Corps – Ed and George debunk the myths perpetrated by the system regarding 60’s and 70’s Leftist student movements, their Jewish roots and ringleaders, as well as foreign interests they served. In times of galloping economic growth, low unemployment, free university, safe streets, and the nullification of military rule, what were University occupiers rebelling against, and why did this happen only a month after Col. Georgios Papadopoulos rejected American demands to use Greek bases and airspace to help Israel in the Arab-Israeli war? How the long haired, bearded student radicals grew up to become todays establishment thieves and oppressors.

Anti-Racist Thought Crime Law Grows New Legs – “Anti-Racist” Law the IMF appointed Venizelos-Samaras junta plans to push through protects Holocaust from historical criticism, but makes no mention of genocide(s) against Greeks. Money paid by Germany to Jews in the Holocaust racket: 13.6 billion. Money paid to Greeks by Turkey for hundreds of slavery and well-documented genocide: 0. George and Ed also talk about how this law violates the Greek constitution and is an attempt to stifle criticism of illegal immigrant violence.

Greeks Forced To Spit On Their Own History: Athens Mosque- The “broke” Greek government has put aside 1.3 million dollars to build a Mosque, something the vast majority of Greeks oppose. How the beautiful Hagia Sophia was converted into a Mosque, and then into a money-making scheme by the Turkish government. Turkish violation of Population Exchange agreement through a history of thuggery.

Athens As A Spy Paradise- As the Greek government searches monasteries for Golden Dawn’s supposed weapon caches, Athens is home to unhindered spying by the United States, Israel, Turkey and British government. Leaked documents reveal CIA/Mossad wiretapping scandal via PASOK assets, as well as their plans to assassinate ex-Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis over an oil deal signed with Russia. British embassy in Greece caught spying red handed with no consequences. Why real national security issues are of no interest to the Greek system.

New Poll Shows Golden Dawn as no. 1 Party- poll puts Golden Dawn on top with double the results of establishment polling companies. Why Zougla’s research methods are superior at recording XA’s real rates, and why the media which in the past saw as highly respected Zougla and accurate, prefer to use faulty polls that gave Golden Dawn only half of its real numbers prior to the May 2012 election.

The European Union Myth- Why leaving the European Union will not be the apocalypse propagandists want people to believe. How Greece grew economically despite being banished by Western Europe under the Junta, and how state jobs were taken seriously under Papadopoulos while today they are little more than bribes by PASOK and New Democracy in exchange for votes. The destruction of the organic middle class through outsourcing of manufacturing and capital globalization, and why enslavement by international usury is an inevitable (and planned by the system) result of neo-liberalism and European Union membership . The dangers of national brain drain is also explained, and how Greeks go on to become leaders in science, engineering, and other brilliant fields in other lands due to lack of opportunities in their home.

Clash Of The Archetypes: Hellenism or Modernity?- George briefly re-tells a portion of Odysseus’ experience in Homer’s poem and the lessons we can learn from it. George and Ed explain how Greek myths and epics are meant to be read, rather than how soulless academics interpret them today. The importance of myths in knowing a people, and how this ancient knowledge can help protect our people today. War of the worlds: the integrity of Hellenism and European civilization it helped spawn against Jewish myths that celebrate deceit, sabotage, and genocide. How Western people outside of Greece are reconnecting with Hellenic philosophy as a tool for 21st century liberation, and how Greece itself is once again standing as a well-respected focal point in the stage of history because of Golden Dawn.

Argentum- La Tierra Blanca
No Surrender- Hellenic Glory (2013)

Episode 11- Gypsies In Suits And Ties

Samaras/Venizelos: The Gypsies In Suits And Ties

Pointing 1 Finger At Patriots, And 4 At Themselves – The absurd mockery of kleptocrats and Communists coming together to accuse Golden Dawn of being a “criminal organization”. Golden Dawn, the only party that redistributes parliamentary funds back to the people via social services, has its constitutionally guaranteed rights suspended. Golden Dawn tabled a law to cut funding for all parties, but the democrats choose to keep their own privileges.

The Sickness Of SYRIZA – SYRIZA-affiliated “anti-racist” protesters come out to support confessed Pakistani rapist that beat a 14 year old girl into a coma. How Dendias and Karagounis tried to cover up facts from this case that Golden Dawn insisted on, with evidence released now exposing them as liars. World Health Organization and United Nations studies shows sexual violence is normal and epidemic in cultures of South Asia and Africa. Let them move into the homes of these rich Leftists!

Magic Math – 10 thousand Golden Dawners are shown marching in solidarity with men imprisoned for their ideals on mainstream Greek media as pundits simultaneously insist it is only a few hundred, and grossly inflate the number of Leftist rallies. How the system down plays nationalist successes to suit their own agenda and paint a false picture.

Agios Panteleimonas: Anarchists Gangs Empowered By Samaras Against The Poor – “Anti-Racists” invade the humble working class neighborhood that Golden Dawn resurrected. Anarchists and Pakistanis beat and harass old people and ordinary residents. Why supposed “radicals” only attack average working class Greeks on behalf of the Greek government that can’t afford to move away from the immigrant crime and never any bankers or politicians.

Violence And Jail Instead Of Debate In The “Democracy” – Issues that only Golden Dawn raises resonate with the Greek people, but neither the systematic left nor right has any intelligent answer to them.

Pedophiles For Human Rights – Proud sexual abusers of kindergarten children, such as Daniel Cohn Bendit, are deputies and ideological leaders in the European Union parliament leading the international propaganda attacks on Golden Dawn in the name of “human rights”. The demented society-retarding values of the European Union they are trying to force on the Greek people at gun point.

Netanyahu: “Anti-Racist” Law For Greece, Anti-immigrant Law For Us – The Butcher Of Gaza publicly supports new thought-crime prosecuting “anti-racist law” and imprisonment of Golden Dawn, while his country is slated to indiscriminately deport all black immigrants to Uganda. Israel is not a nationalist state, it is a racial supremacist state with its supporters actively “deconstructing” Western civilization, real nationalists support nationalism and self-determination for everyone! Why Leftists only make milquetoast criticisms of a state that has racially segregated schools, anti-miscegenation laws, strict race-based immigration policies, and commits horrific war crimes against neighbors.

Oxi Day: The Real History – The real history of a Greek holiday that commemorates Ioannis Metaxas’ “No” to the Italian ultimatum. Why do they go to such lengths to suppress pictures and information regarding the August 4th regime that was responsible for this? How Greek Communists refused to fight the Italian invaders due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between the USSR and the Axis, yet today have the audacity to take credit for it. What are they so afraid of? George and Ed shed light.

Real European Unity – Nationalists throughout the Western world come out against the unlawful imprisonment of Golden Dawn members and how nationalist freedom fighters are the real ethical ones.

Support our humanitarian work, despite the persecutions we will still get our goods to the people who need us now more than ever!

Music: Filopatria- Lord Of War




Episode 10- Prisons Can’t Hold Ideals

Silencing of ideals that cannot be contained – In the name of “democracy”, the Memorandum has arrested Golden Dawn parliament members under phoney charges. In depth analysis from George and Ed shed light on this blatant violation of the Greek constitution and slap in the face against the Greek people by real criminals.

Smoke and Mirrors While Constitutional Arc Passes 3rd Memorandum– Troika economic reforms that will repeal Greece’s last few labor laws are being voted on while the Greek government uses recent events as a distraction.

Greece’s Leading Expert On Criminal Law Condemns New Actions -A Left-leaning legal expert speaks out against Greek government’s actions against Golden Dawn, and the dangerous legal precedents it sets. Virtually all political parties could be prosecuted based on the flimsy case they are building.

The Violent Hypocrisy Of The Zionist Hydra Trumps The Voice Of A Million Greeks – Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 4 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, B’nai B’rith, and ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups, yet not even meeting with Obama, who really rules Greece?

Golden Dawn Still On The Rise – Greek newspaper publishes poll taken after the propaganda campaign, showing Golden Dawn resiliently polling at 15%, prompting Communist-Capitalist junta to take more extreme measures, after their media outlets has failed to drastically change public opinion.

What Do Average Greeks Really Think About This -George and Ed give an idea on how average Greeks are reacting to the audacity of the kleptocrats abusing their power for international finances interest.

Murders Dendias Won’t Investigate – George and Ed go over a number of unsolved murders the Greek government doesn’t care about. The wife of an expecting father murdered by an illegal immigrant for his video camera comes out on Greek TV to condemn the system that totally ignored her families suffering and the social issues that caused his death.

Turkish Media and ultra-Nationalists Cheering On Constitutional Arc and the Greek Left – The major newspapers are celebrating the ban on Golden Dawn, while criticizing Ataturk will get you a prison sentence for offending “Turkish identity”.

And much more information you can only get here! For consistent updates in English, visit


No Surrender- Jewropean Union
Gesta Bellica – La Rivoluzione e come il vento

Special Edition: The Marxist And Capitalist Junta’s Dirty War Against The Real Alternative!

Media Created Controversy– A simultaneous media blitz signaled by the government is throwing every smear possible, no matter how ridiculous, out against Golden Dawn. Doctored polls, absurd rumors, and an untrue picture of how the Greek people are reacting to this murder is being published in all wells of disinformation as fact.

Communists and Anarchists Get Green Light From Samaras And Bobolas – Paramilitaries are firebombing Golden Dawn offices and mob beating people at random on the streets of Greece while the police watch and do nothing. Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Dimitri Koutsombas calls for violence against “Fascists” in Keratsini before Leftist crowd which soon after began destroying random property in the neighborhood. No criminal penalties for this incitement were given, all while Golden Dawn offices are stormed by police who come out empty handed, and members are detained at random without any citation of crime committed.

The Red-Blue-Gold Alliance – Communist and Capitalist parties within the Greek parliament are no longer hiding the fact that they are all on the same side. While the Democrats pass unconstitutional legislation against Golden Dawn from above, they unleash Anarchist and Communist thugs on the street with legal immunity.

George goes over relatively high profile murders tied to “constitutional arc” parties in recent Greek history that were never controversial – New Democracy, SYRIZA, and the organized crime syndicate PASOK all have been close to and protected high profile, politically motivated murders. So why such controversy over an ex-communist, casual alleged Golden Dawn supporter that was not a real member?

Are rioters regular Greeks, or the same old Commie arsonists?- Unemployed teacher that hates Golden Dawn joins “Anti-Fascist” protest in Thessaloniki, and is brutally beaten after questioning the Anarchist decision to burn the Greek flag. George and Ed demonstrate why the protests being shown on the television in Greece are not composed of regular Greeks, but rather Anarchist and Communist paramilitary groups.

Those who fight corruption not welcome in parliament Golden Dawn has called repeatedly to strip legal immunity for all parliamentary parties, but the democrats only want such rules for Golden Dawn, as well as stripping away police protection.

-Poll taken on Monday September 23rd shows Ilias Kasidiaris as favorite to win Athens mayor race, despite the dirty propaganda war!

-Golden Dawn America vows to double or triple humanitarian aid for Greeks only if the system takes away Golden Dawn’s constitution-guaranteed parliament money (the only party that redistributes it to the people)

This podcast was recorded on the evening of September 23rd, a real clear picture of what happened in this incident is still not available. An update will be posted when more information is attained.

Golden Dawn America Radio Episode 9: Race Against Time



Greeks Lobbying Against Greece- How Greek-American lobbies and networks like AHEPA and HALC do not represent the average Greek-American but instead the interests of moneyed powers. While AHEPA and virtually all other Greek lobbies take orders from Zionist lobbies that deny the Greek genocide and push for Turkish interests, they simultaneously attack the dynamic work of Golden Dawn for the little people. George and Ed also discuss the gap between the bought higher ups in the Orthodox clergy and the simple priests and nuns who see Golden Dawners as spiritual warriors. Golden Dawn America is the only unapologetic pro-Hellenic, pro-Western organization in America, and every day more Greek-Americans are seeing the truth! George and Ed also discuss the deracination of some Greek Americans creating a void filled by crass materialism, and how Golden Dawn can help them connect with their roots.

Renewed Media Assault On Golden Dawn- George and Ed deconstruct two new widely circulated propaganda pieces by Nightline ABC (Zionist owned) and a not-so-ironic barrage of articles from cultural Marxist “hipster” VICE magazine ( the “alternative” outlet which recently received 70 million dollars from News Corps Zionist Rupert Murdoch). We point out the extensive sharing of propaganda by plutocratic mainstream media and the Left-wing self

-proclaimed dissidents that crawl into their laps, a collaboration that exposes them both. How the media tries to dehumanize Golden Dawn supporters and activists for their political agenda, and specific rebuttals of blatantly false statements and willful misconstruction.

Mao, Trotsky, And …. Samaras?- Prominent members of both New Democracy and SYRIZA are beginning to talk about creating a coalition for the specific purpose of undermining Golden Dawn in the next election, which is provoking cynicism and migration to Golden Dawn from both parties. Why the last ditch effort to save the “European Project” and international usurers has no rational benefit for the Greek people.

“Progress”, A Hoax Against History- A talk about those who abuse the word “progress” just because time passes by. But whose interests are really “progressing”?

Systematic Left As 21st Century Inquisitors – Modern day witch hunters who spout beautiful words about “humanity” and “freedom”, yet anyone who sways even slightly away from their dogma is targeted for violence and character assassination. But with the people awakening and truth no longer able to be hidden, the witch hunters are now the ones finding themselves ostracized and are kept afloat only via the unlimited well of money thrown behind them by elites, as well as monopoly of their ideology in the media. Their social engineering project is so depraved and unnatural, it cannot stand even elementary criticism.

Other topics discussed -Plato’s Republic Against the modern world’s Machiavellian “democracy” -Goldman Sachs’ close (tribal?) cooperation with Pappandreou and Simitis and their leading Role In The Greek Crisis -Heretical thought-crimes vs silly conspiracy theories -War stories on battling Anarchist paramilitaries in Greece when Golden Dawn was small, and how the “anti-authoritarians” seek help from police when their targets fight back! -Updates on the very successful Golden Dawn children’s drive and a statement of gratitude to all the brothers and sisters who have shown us and the people of Greece their compassion and solidarity. -Greece as a testing ground for what’s in store for the rest of Europe -And much more

Music: L’effet C’est Moi- Distance Final War- That D

 Episode 8: Two sides of the same coin


-The Left-Wing Titanic: Systematic analysts in panic at the rapid deterioration of “mainstream” plutocratic parties in Europe. The crisis in Spain, Italy, France, and especially Greece has led to the collapse of mainstream parties, but unlike the Great Depression, but to further worry the system, the controlled opposition Left is losing all of its supporters as well. So where are people politically migrating to? George and Ed analyze the situation: The Left has always betrayed the nation AND the working class!

-“Conservative” Greek politician: European Union is the only way to beat “backwards” ideas of nationhood. Why Conservatives are part of the establishment and why they have disdain for nationalism. The European project is in shambles, and the social engineering Eurocrats grow more enraged at the failing of their experiment.

5 STAR ANARCHIST HOTEL : Greek establishment is turning a blind eye to citizen pettitions against Anarchist squats. Anarchist paramilitaries who do not attack any systematic figures, only Golden Dawn, are recruiting illegal immigrants to sell drugs and contraband cigarettes that they store in their squats. One of the squats was renovated by the local municipality on the tax-payers dime, only for the Anarchist thugs to move back in to continue their violent and greedy behavior.

-Lazy Greeks, Corrupt Italians, Inept Spaniards, and Nazi Germans: Why the democrats of the EU are the real spreaders of racism and how the nationalists of the West are the only ones who can put an end to this global crisis.

-Golden Dawn America’s children drive: Greek diaspora and other Western nationalists stand up in solidarity to protest the Troikas new genocidal tax policies that specifically punish Greeks for having children. We will now be collecting diapers, baby food, formula and other relevant items to help children in Greece and spit in the face of the plans of a monstrous system.

-Marxist strategy for combating “Fascism”, Slowly exterminate the Greeks- Communist groups in Greece most visible on the street, such as Antarsya, have openly stated that the only way to defeat “fascism” in Greece is to racially replace/exterminate ethnic Greeks. Why are they agitating illegal immigrants to violence against native Greeks, how do they solve antagonisms within this “rainbow coalition”, and are they telling the Muslims and other foreigners they recruit the whole story? Ed and George talk in depth about this malicious plot.

– “Arab Spring revolution”: Made on Wall Street And in Tel Aviv: Fake CIA led rebellions and civil wars in nations of strategic importance have spread like wild fire, counting thousands of dead to depose popular leaders like Libya’s Qaddaffi and Syria’s Assad. Egyptian military coup being supported by “democracy spreaders” in the EU and USA. And more on these fake revolutions/post-modern American/EU/Israeli backed coups and what this means for Greece.

Triarii- Muse In Arms
No Surrender- Erase



Democrats Who Fear Democracy- Objective polls by foreign embassies find Golden Dawn is now the second largest party in Greece. Recent demands for new elections have shaken up both New Democracy’s Samaras and SYRIZA’s Alexis Tsipras, both who have been instructed not to do so in fear of Golden Dawn.

Good bye ERT- Cultural Marxists of the world gasp in agony as Greek government shuts down ERT. Despite being funded by the Greek tax payer, of whom millions are supporters of Golden Dawn, ERT essentially blocked XA parliament members from accessing its shows or defending itself from the most absurd accusations. George and Ed clarify the position on ERT: we do not support its shut down and leaving unemployed thousands of honest working men, no need to punish the innocent for the corruption of the highly paid PASOK and SYRIZA managers and script writer.

A Social-National Critique of Capitalism and Bolshevism – Economics of the left and right criticized, both come from the same roots.

Syria in revolt- While 90% of “radical Leftists” in the West have put their “solidarity” behind Israel, Turkey, and US State Department armed and trained Jihadist merceneries, we give a social nationalist perspective on the crisis and why Assad’s victory is a serious black eye for the globalist death machine.

Leftists, tools of world power- George and Ed discuss why the cultural Marxist left (including Tsipras) continues to think it is edgy and rebellious, when you can buy a Che Guevara shirt in virtually every shopping mall in America and Europe. False opposition made from scratch to fight the nationalist 3rd force. What would Che Guevara think of Alexis Tsipras and the 21st century degenerates that have co-opted his iconic face? George and Ed also deal with amusing leftist theories that Golden Dawn is the “tool of capitalism”… so why does every elite figure fiercely come out against us and for you?!

Boiling Blood- Soil Painted Red By Noble Blood
Filopatria- Che Gue Βλάκα (Ska Parody)

Episode 6- Bad Boys/Good Men



-The insolent Mayor George “Absent” Kaminis abuses his municipal authority and unleashes barbaric teargas and chemical spray attacks against a crowd of needy families. The crime against humanity? Golden Dawn’s agenda to make sure our brothers and sisters don’t go hungry on Easter. International media’s attempt for damage control of the Mayor’s reputation accused XA MP Germenis of punching a 12 year old girl and trying to shoot the Mayor. Unfortunately for the propagandists,video footage and confessions of Kamini’s bodyguards proved this to be just another LIE.

-Samaras: “Hate speech” (dissent) is more important than HATE ACTS of Greeks being killed, robbed and raped by invaders!- Discussion on “Hate Speech” law directed at Golden Dawn that has universal support from the triplets: the Troika, World Jewry, and the “radical left”. Asking questions about the Holocaust narrative will become a crime, but those groups and politicians that deny the Pontian genocide will not be affected. This law is the brainchild of Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Committee, why is a man Greeks did not elect holding so much sway in the government?

-Nils Mouznieks and the European Union’s definition of human- The European Council On Human Rights has a lot to say about the “racist” party that is the only one that consistently opposes austerity. According to Mouznieks, the Greek government must forget the needs of its own indigenous people and put illegal invaders first. It’s worth it to mention that Mouznieks isn’t very interested in the human rights of Greeks, his institution’s imposition of austerity has left Greece’s most vulnerable hungry and helpless and he wants to keep it that way.

-Syriza’s solidarity- The Soros supported reactionaries promised to copy Golden Dawn’s social solidarity drives. 9 months later, Syriza has not given even a single Euro back to the people. They did however find it in their hearts to help sponsor a drug abuse festival in the cultural center of Athens!

Filopatria- Molon Lave
Maria Athanasopoulou- Golden Dawn (video and subtitles)

Episode 5: Zero Hour


-George and Ed discuss the plans for a mosque in Athens, using austerity attained tax-payer money. Why did atheist Communists and money hungry EU-democrats insist to the illegal immigrants that they would build it? Better yet, who has the most to gain from spitting on Greek history? President of Pakistani Community in Greece Javet Aslam arrested by Interpol for heading a human trafficking ring!

-The Polytechneio generation, from Trotskyists to thieves. 60′s radicals took over Greece and sunk it into horri ific poverty and decay with their crackpot marxist theories and individualist greed.

-63% of Greece’s prisoners aren’t Greek, according to the minister of justice. But the establishment parties just dismiss the facts.

-The Left and the Right parties in the Hellenic parliament robbing the people.Illegal party funds concerning Syriza, New Democracy, PASOK, and KKE are being taken from Greece’s public banks, totaling in the hundreds of millions of Euros. The Greek people are left with the bill, Golden Dawn the only party that is fighting back.

-Social nationalist ecology- Golden Dawners fight wild fires, save horses abandoned by Albanian smugglers, and are trying to combat genetically modified foods (Monsanto).

-Banker prescribed anger management: bang your pots and pans and vote for Syriza! But what’s the philosophy they persecute? (Leftists and conservatives attack Skai TV)

Intro: L’Effet C’est Moi- Templum Victorae
Intermission: Iron Youth- Respect, Defend, Create

Episode 4 : The will to power

will to power


George and Ed discuss the World Jewish Committee’s attack on Greece (Boycott Estee Lauder!), what renewed Turkish and Israeli relations mean for Greece/Cyprus, the looming threat of neo-Ottomanism, how the IMF and EU bailouts only benefit the bankers, “Doctors Without Borders” who do NOT serve native Greeks and Golden Dawn’s response “Doctors With Borders”, the future of the Greek economy and why the Greek government doesn’t care, and breakdown the different political parties within the rotten Hellenic parliament.

Some sources of interest:

(Although this article is from a Leftist-Globalist paper full of unproven lies and written with hate, the author subtly admits that Doctors Without Borders neglects to help needy Greeks, only illegal immigrants)

(Ronald S. Lauder, president of Estee Lauder and the WJC, applaud re-establishment of official collaboration with Turkey)

Syrian leader Assad speaks of Turkish Neo-Ottoman goals:




Opening- Tolerance and Liberalism For Greeks, Guns and base tribalism for Albanians & FYROM: Background on the naming of Macedonia and how NATO and EU want Greeks to let their guard down on the issue. FYROM as an important staging point for alien powers in the Balkans. How the globalists have funded and provided military aid to the enemies of Greece and Serbia, encouraging Albanians and Skopjians to steal their land and history, while teaching in Greek schools that caring about their historical legacy is outdated. MACEDONIA IS GREEK, KOSOVO IS SERBIA!

48′ mins- Greek Orthodox Church in Syria under siege! Turkish and Zionist-Israel are supporting Jihadists in beheading Christians in Syria and desecrating holy sites, yet the church is staying uncomfortably silent on this matter. Greek Orthodox Christians will face genocide if Bashar Assad capitulates to the Zionist backed rebels.

58′ mins- Innocent Anarchist Angels: Children of the rich!(literally and metaphorically) How the international press,globalist NGO’s, and Syriza advocate for bank robbing, bombing, murderous members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei bank robbers that got a few black eyes when resisting arrest. Members of the group murdered a taxi driver in Crete last August, where are his human rights?

1:17 – Reductio ad Hitlerum- A small grassroots effort by Greeks in Nuremberg to aid their homeland and inform fellow expatriates with facts, becomes a vast conspiracy in the English-language press. German patriots who are merely curious about Golden Dawn strike fear-by-association into the heart of their military occupied totalitarian government, and ironic outrage from racist Zionist-advocacy groups.

…And More!




-Imia 2/2/2013- George, who has attended numerous Imia marches, and Ed, discuss what exactly the rally commemorates, as well as what this demonstration means for Greece, and the whole Western world. We also talk about the blood, sweat and tears that go into organizing this march, as well as the parliament treason and Turkish violence that murdered 3 young Greek soldiers without any justice!

-January 19th: Liberals, illegal immigrants, and Anarchists come out against Golden Dawn after months of planning. Some funny stories from the highly publicized, state backed, pathetic 2,000 person march, including Anarchists getting chased away by their illegal immigrant comrades screaming “ALLAH AKBAR”! Enlightened citizens of the Congo give Greeks advice on human rights.

-Case study: Contrasting nationalist movements in Holland with Golden Dawn in Greece. Ed and George give tough love advice to comrades in the rest of Europe and the Occident, regarding ideology and organizing, principle against mindless reaction. (Golden Dawn doesn’t blame immigrants for the economic crisis)

-Deconstructing Jewish and Greek Historical relations- Ed sheds some insight on Judah Maccabee and the Jewish revolt against multiculturalism/assimilation (a vicious race war against Greeks commemorated on Hannukah) and how the international Zionist power structure today support extreme racism (including the sterilization of Ethiopian Jews) for Israel, but demand Greek borders stay open. We also speak about the Zionist Henry Kissinger and his confession about the plan to exterminate Greeks and their culture in 1974.

-The plan for Greek Genocide!International finance’s austerity regulations are hiking taxes for Greeks who have children! A bill is also in the works that would allow the Greek government to harvest human organs to pay the illegitimate debt. Is the IMF selling organs on the black market? George and Ed speculate.

-Addressing the wealthy Greek journalists abroad writing smears against Golden Dawn and Greece.

…And much, much more!”



Golden Dawn veteran George and ambassador Ed introduce the group, talk about issues that led to the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece, multi-kulti, racist double standards, debunking the cultural Marxist narrative of history, and issue a challenge to the hateful Leftists and homosexuals who have made attacking Golden Dawn the reason they wake up in the morning.

Excuse the quality, this is our first podcast, they’ll get better as we continue.

(correction in radio show: mention of plebiscite was in Danzig, not Dresden)

4 comments on “GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA RADIO (Aγγλικα)

  1. Keep up the great work.
    You have the blessings of the people and will of the Gods.
    Hail Golden Dawn. (You may have invented democracy twice!)

  2. Why isn’t Obama, the IMF and EU asking about the 2 criminal gangs from PASOK & New Democracy Parties running this Government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems today?

    It was PASOK & ND Parties who created Golden Dawn and the Far Left by their corrupt rule and mismanagement of Greece. (Akis Tzahadzopolous from PASOK is just one example of their corruption).
    1.) Why isn’t PASOK’s MP Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List 2 years in his home?
    2.) Why isn’t PASOK’s Finance MP Papconstantiou in jail for removing his relative’s names on the List?
    3.) What about PASOK & ND Partise still owing 250 million Euros to the Banks in phony loans they have not paid back yet?
    It seems to me the Gov’t and Press is using Golden Dawn as a “distraction” to take attention away from the Massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 37 years of corrupt rule!

  3. Dear George, Ed, and all your hard working staff and supporters in Jew York City and World-wide, your shows are 100% true nationalism by exposing the Rothschild Banking Trust that sucks the world’s blood dry through wars and boom/bust economics. The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt a Jew. Judaic ideals and concept have always pushed the money system; Rothschild money has been behind all movements like Communism and rogue capitalism; which is why this is a race war between Jews and white Europe.
    I will send you some music from our Record company in Scotlant –who Btw, are deciding on Independence in just under 100 days time. Unfortunately this circus is pressed over by Scottish National party zio-clowns — a collection of Marxist crackpots…Big Brother with a capital “B”!! There are no lesser of two evils here.
    PS/ If you would like to use downloads on your site to sell “In Search of the Mad Midget” I will donate all rights and monies to Golden Dawn N.Y., 100%
    Good luck Brothers. HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!!!
    Cmndr. GOYIM

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