The Manifesto Of Golden Dawn

Ταυτότητα (political identity)

GOLDEN DAWN is a social and nationalist movement with structures, principles and positions. It is active in the political life of the country since the mid-90s, having taken part in European elections (1994, 2009) and national elections (1996, 2009). On 7 November 2010 the Golden Dawn participated in the municipal elections. In the recent election of June 17, 2012 it received 7% and elected 18 MPs.

The social nationalist movement of GOLDEN DAWN finds itself at the frontline of the struggle against the nation-killing memorandum and the sinful regime of the parties that consist the political establishment. We fight against altering our racial demographics by the millions of illegal immigrants, and the dissolution of the Greek society promoted by both the coalition parties and the so-called left. We propose a national strategy so that we can overcome the crisis imposed on our country. We are struggling for a Greece which belongs to the Greeks.


1) I embrace the third major ideology of history, the one that is the most rooted in the history of my people. Opposed both to communist internationalism and universalism-liberalism.

2) I embrace the need for a state founded and built based on this ideology that nourishes and guides continuously our lives as individuals and as a society. A state that constantly serves the eternal revolutionary principles of the nationalist worldview, with the ultimate goal of forming a new society and a new type of man.

3) I embrace the moral imperatives arising from my worldview and aim to a radical renewal of the obsolete and counterfeit social values. My ideology is not looking to salvage anything from the installed economic and social interests that lead nations, peoples and cultures in decline. So I’m an enemy of every power that perpetuates this sepsis that finds foothold in plutocracy. Whether this power is a military-financial dictatorship or a parliamentary dictatorship. Because those are the two sides of the same coin, and their purpose is tearing down national identity.

4) I ‘m aware that nationalism is the only absolute and true revolution because it seeks the birth of new ethical, spiritual, social and mental values. The right and left solutions supposedly fighting each other, are just a fake theater of two partners who perpetuate the dominance of cosmopolitan internationalists, anti-national and anti-social forces.

5) I believe the only state that serves correctly it’s historical role is the social state, where political power comes from the people, without party promoters. Nationalism sees people not only as a numerical entity of individuals but as a qualitative synthesis of people with the same biological and spiritual heritage, which is the source of all creation and expresses its power in the social state. The only state that can represent the people as an organic and spiritual living whole.

6) The polticians on both the right and the left are deliberately lying, democracy means rule of the people, and therefore the society that is comprised of people of common origin (definition of Citizen in Classical Athens). The social state of nationalism is the only direct democracy. The state were the people are the only reality and do not need authority but leadership. The People are the real sovereign and rule themselves through their leader. So the social state can fulfill the only possible equality (derived from thought and that is not of natural, but human cultural – political creation), equal opportunities. In contrast to the transient and fleeting majority of parliamentary governing, the will of the people is the supreme law, and obedience to it results in true justice from the whole to every unit. ……

7) I realize that in the social state of the nationalist ideology exists the ultimate equality and the politically structured social equality. In the social state there is no social stratification based on income-economic classes. The social classes are collaborating organically groups of people with different abilities and production skills each, just like in a living body. The different systems contribute harmonically and in full cooperation for their survival. Solidarity is the rule of the social state for the relations between social-organic classes. The few people who have burgled their organic relationship with the people are the members of “plutocratic oligarchy” with their cosmopolitanism, and members of the leading groups of “Bolshevik party-union oligarchy” with their internationalism. The oligarchies of money and the tyranny of political parties are the same- enemies of the Nation and the People.

8) I am an enemy of vast exploitative wealth, either locally or internationalist, and a champion of small family ownership like the “kleros” or “temenos” of our ancestors. Money is a mean of necessity, not a governing principle of life or the purpose of it. The ultimate goal of the social state is the elimination of tiered false-value of money and the controlled use of it as a trading mean. The state should have control over private property so that it is not dangerous for the survival of the People or can manipulate them. The economy should be planned so that it serves the national policy and ensures the maximum self-sufficiency without dependence on international markets and control of any multinational companies.

9) I believe that the state, the social state, is the political organization of the nation and that the nation exists from itself without being an invention. It is an automatic spiritual fact that springs from the existence of the People, it is a reality that is based on the existence of the People. Whether or not the People realize the extent and depth of its
existence, the Nation is the highest spiritual entity. The People are born from the tribes, the types of a race and its existence gives birth to the nation as a superior spiritual manifestation (moral, cultural, religious). Derived from the people, the nation – race, needs to be strengthened and developed through the state. It may exist without a state but will be steadily declining (See the national rise of the Greeks after 4 centuries of subjugation and lack of state). So I understand that international communism and liberal cosmopolitanism are undermining the nation by stirring up class divisions.

10) I believe in the importance of society, the whole community of the People, not the individual. The individual acquires a face and forms it’s shape, it’s “I” identity through the “We” of the total. Individuals do not have historical significance as opposed to the people who are condensations spacetime of special qualities of the People and the Nation. A person can only be one who completes the socialization through capability, as harmonious comition of social and individual values. This superior type of person is a new kind of person that nationalism seeks to create.

11) I honor and respect the tradition because it consists all the aspects of beauty and the good that occurred and revealed in history. While grounded in tradition I seek the new creation, the incessant evolution.

12) The social state of nationalism delivers social equality of opportunities grounded in meritocracy and does not ignore the law of diversity and difference in nature. Respecting the spiritual, ethnic and racial differences of men we can build a society with egalitarian laws. This egalitarian laws are the proof of the moral transgression of nationalism and show that there is no legal modulation to protect the naturally existing institutional inequalities that are an integral part of nature and life. In contrast to this, the social – national state gives the same margin of enhancement and sealing to every different element of existence. So, as a nationalist, I fight all forms of destructive policies (regarding nations, races, men), and any false inequality and oligarchy (money, party, perversion).




1) Δέχομαι την τρίτη μεγάλη ιδεολογία της Ιστορίας, την πιο ριζωμένη στο ιστορικό παρελθόν του Λαού μου. Το ίδιο ενάντια στον κομμουνισμό-διεθνισμό όσο και στον φιλελευθερισμό-οικουμενισμό.

2) Δέχομαι την ανάγκη ενός κράτους θεμελιωμένου και οικοδομημένου μ’ αυτήν την ιδεολογία που θρέφει και κατευθύνει συνεχώς την ατομική και συλλογική ζωή. Ενός κράτους που εξυπηρετεί αυτές τις αέναες επαναστατικές αρχές της Εθνικιστικής Κοσμοθεωρίας διαρκώς, με τελικό σκοπό την μορφοποίηση μιας νέας κοινωνίας κι ενός νέου τύπου ανθρώπου.

3) Δέχομαι τις ηθικές επιταγές που απορρέουν από την κοσμοθεωρία μου και λειτουργούν για την ριζική ανανέωση των αχρηστευμένων και κίβδηλων κοινωνικών αξιών. Η ιδεολογία μου δεν επιζητεί να διασώσει τίποτε από τα εγκατεστημένα οικονομικά και κοινωνικά συμφέροντα που οδηγούν τα Έθνη, τους Λαούς και τον Πολιτισμό σε παρακμή. Έτσι είμαι εχθρός κάθε εξουσίας που διαιωνίζει αυτή τη σήψη που ‘χει για στήριγμά της την πλουτοκρατία. Κάθε εξουσίας, είτε δικτατορία των στρατιωτικο-οικονομικών συμφερόντων είναι, είτε δικτατορία του κοινοβουλευτισμού. Γιατί είναι δύο όψεις του ίδιου νομίσματος: του αντεθνικού ισοπεδωτισμού.

4) Έχω αντιληφθεί πως ο Εθνικισμός είναι η μόνη απόλυτη και πραγματική επανάσταση γιατί επιδιώκει γέννηση νέων ηθικών, πνευματικών, κοινωνικών και ψυχικών αξιών. Οι δεξιές και αριστερές λύσεις που δήθεν πολεμούν η μια την άλλη, είναι απλά θέατρο δύο συνεταίρων που διαιωνίζουν την κυριαρχία των διεθνιστικών και κοσμοπολίτικων αντεθνικών και αντιλαϊκών δυνάμεων.

5) Πιστεύω πως το μοναδικό κράτος που εξυπηρετεί με ορθότητα τον ιστορικό του ρόλο είναι το Λαϊκό κράτος, όπου την πολιτική εξουσία έχει ο Λαός, χωρίς κομματικούς προαγωγούς. Για τον Εθνικισμό ο Λαός είναι όχι μονάχα μια αριθμητική ενότητα ατόμων αλλά μια ποιοτική σύνθεση ανθρώπων με την ίδια βιολογική και πνευματική κληρονομιά, που αποτελεί την πηγή κάθε Δημιουργίας και εκφράζει την δύναμή του στο Λαϊκό κράτος. Το μόνο κράτος που μπορεί να εκφράσει τον Λαό σαν οργανικό και πνευματικό ζωντανό σύνολο.

6) Τα ψευδεπίγραφα των δεξιών και αριστερών πολιτικών αποτελούν κατευθυνόμενη πλάνη, γιατί δημοκρατία σημαίνει κράτος του δήμου δηλαδή του Λαού που αποτελείται από ανθρώπους κοινής καταγωγής (ορισμός του Πολίτη στην Κλασσική Αθήνα). Και το Λαϊκό κράτος του Εθνικισμού είναι η μόνη άμεση δημοκρατία. Η Πολιτεία όπου ο Λαός είναι η μόνη πραγματικότητα που δεν χρειάζεται εξουσία αλλά ηγεσία. Ο Λαός είναι ο πραγματικός άρχοντας, ηγεμονεύει τον εαυτό του μέσα απ’ τον Ηγέτη του. Γι’ αυτό το Λαϊκό κράτος μπορεί να πραγματώνει την μοναδική δυνατή ισότητα, (που απορρέει από την Σκέψη και δεν είναι Φυσική, αλλά ανθρώπινο πολιτιστικό – πολιτικό δημιούργημα), την ισότητα ευκαιριών. Σε αντίθεση με την παροδική και εξαγοράσιμη πλειοψηφία της κοινοβουλευτικής διαχείρισης, η γενική θέληση του λαού είναι ο ύπατος νόμος, η υποταγή στον οποίο επιφέρει την άμεσο δικαιοσύνη από το σύνολο προς κάθε μονάδα. ……

7) Συνειδητοποιώ πως στο Λαϊκό κράτος της Εθνικιστικής Ιδεολογίας υφίσταται η απόλυτη ισονομία και η πολιτικά ιεραρχημένη κοινωνική ισότητα. Στο Λαϊκό κράτος δεν υπάρχει κοινωνική διαστρωμάτωση με βάση τις εισοδηματικές -οικονομικές τάξεις. Οι λαϊκές τάξεις είναι συνεργαζόμενες οργανικά, ομάδες ανθρώπων με άλλες παραγωγικές ειδικές ικανότητες και δεξιότητες η κάθε μια. Ακριβώς όπως σ’ ένα ζωντανό οργανισμό. Τα διαφορετικά συστήματα συνεισφέρουν αρμονικά και σε πλήρη συνεργασία για την επιβίωσή τους. Κανόνας του Λαϊκού κράτους, για τις σχέσεις των Λαϊκών – οργανικών τάξεων είναι η Αλληλεγγύη. Οι ελάχιστοι άνθρωποι που έχουν διαρρήξει οριστικά την οργανική σχέση των καταβολών τους με τον Λαό είναι τα μέλη της “πλουτοκρατικής ολιγαρχίας” με τον κοσμοπολιτισμό τους, και τα μέλη των καθοδηγητικών ομάδων της “μπολσεβίκικης κομματο-συνδικαλιστικής ολιγαρχίας” με τον διεθνισμό τους. Οι Ολιγαρχίες του χρήματος και της κομματικής τυραννίας είναι το ίδιο. Εχθροί του Έθνους και του Λαού.

8) Είμαι εχθρός της μεγάλης και εκμεταλλευτικής ιδιοκτησίας, είτε ντόπιας είτε διεθνιστικής, όσο και υπέρμαχος της οικογενειακής μικροϊδιοκτησίας του κλήρου ή τεμένους των προγόνων μας. Το χρήμα είναι αναγκαίο μέσο και όχι ρυθμιστικός παράγοντας της ζωής ή αυτοσκοπός. Απώτατος στόχος του Λαϊκού κράτους είναι η κλιμακωτή εξάλειψη της ψευτοαντικειμενικής αξίας του χρήματος και η ελεγχόμενη χρήση του σαν ανταλλακτικού μέσου. Το κράτος πρέπει να ελέγχει την ατομική ιδιοκτησία ώστε αυτή να μην γίνεται επικίνδυνη για την επιβίωση του Λαού ή να μπορεί να τον χειραγωγήσει. Η οικονομία να σχεδιάζεται ώστε να εξυπηρετεί την Εθνική πολιτική και να εξασφαλίζει το μέγιστο ποσοστό αυτάρκειας με απεξάρτηση από τις διεθνείς αγορές και έλεγχο κάθε πολυεθνικής.

9) Πιστεύω ότι το κράτος, το Λαϊκό κράτος είναι η πολιτική οργάνωση του Έθνους και πως το Έθνος υπάρχει αφ’ εαυτού χωρίς ν’ αποτελεί εφεύρεση. Είναι αυτόματο πνευματικό γεγονός που ξεπηδά από την ύπαρξη του Λαού, είναι μία αντικειμενική πραγματικότητα που εδράζεται στην ύπαρξη του Λαού. Άσχετα αν συνειδητοποιούν σε έκταση και βάθος την ύπαρξή του τα μέλη του Λαού, το Έθνος είναι το ύψιστο πνευματικό γεγονός. Ο Λαός γεννιέται μέσα από τα φύλα, τους τύπους μιας Φυλής και η ύπαρξή του γεννά το Έθνος ως ανώτερη πνευματική της εκδήλωση (ηθική, πολιτιστική, θρησκευτική).Το Έθνος προερχόμενο από τον Λαό – Γένος, χρειάζεται για να ενδυναμώνεται και να αναπτύσσεται κράτος. Μπορεί να υπάρξει χωρίς κράτος αλλά φθίνει διαρκώς (Βλ. Εθνεγερσία των Ελλήνων μετά από 4 αιώνες υποτέλειας και κρατικής ανυπαρξίας). Έτσι κατανοώ πως ο διεθνισμός του κομμουνισμού και ο κοσμοπολιτισμός του φιλελευθερισμού υπονομεύουν το Έθνος όντας αντεθνισμοί (εργατικός και ταξικός).

10) Πιστεύω πως σημασία έχει η κοινωνία, το σύνολο, η κοινότητα του Λαού κι όχι το άτομο. Το άτομο γίνεται πρόσωπο κι’ αποκτά μορφή, διαμορφώνει “Εγώ” μέσα στο “Εμείς” του συνόλου. Τα άτομα δεν έχουν ιστορική σημασία σε αντίθεση με τα πρόσωπα, τα οποία αποτελούν συμπυκνώσεις χωροχρονικές ιδιαίτερων ποιοτήτων του Λαού και του Έθνους. Πρόσωπο μπορεί να είναι μόνο ένα άτομο που ολοκληρώνεται από την κοινωνικοποίησή του, μέσα από την ικανότητα, ως αρμονική σύνθεση των κοινωνικών και ατομικών αξιών. Αυτός ο ανώτερος τύπος ανθρώπου είναι το νέο είδος ανθρώπου που επιδιώκει να πραγματώσει ο Εθνικισμός.

11) Τιμώ και σέβομαι την παράδοση γιατί είναι το σύνολο των πτυχών του ωραίου και του αγαθού που παρουσιάστηκαν κι αποκαλύφθηκαν στην ιστορική διαδρομή. Παράλληλα στηριγμένος στην παράδοση αναζητώ την νέα δημιουργία, την συνέχεια, την αδιάκοπη εξέλιξη.

12) Το Λαϊκό κράτος του Εθνικισμού αποδίδει την κοινωνική ισότητα των ευκαιριών που είναι στηριγμένη στην αξιοκρατία και δεν παραγνωρίζει τον νόμο της ποικιλότητας και της διαφοράς στη Φύση. Σεβόμενοι την πνευματική, εθνική και φυλετική ανισότητα των ανθρώπων μπορούμε να οικοδομήσουμε κοινωνία δικαίου και ισονομίας. Αυτή η ισονομία είναι η απόδειξη της ηθικής υπέρβασης του Εθνικισμού και δείχνει πως δεν υφίσταται νομική διαφοροποίηση για να προφυλάξει θεσμικά τις φυσικά υπάρχουσες ανισότητες αφού αυτές αποτελούν αναπόσπαστο στοιχείο της Φύσης και της Ζωής. Αντίθετα το Λαϊκό – Εθνικό κράτος δικαίου δίνει τα ίδια περιθώρια ανάδειξης και επισφράγισης του διαφορετικού στοιχείου της κάθε ύπαρξης. Έτσι πολεμώ ως εθνικιστής κάθε ισοπεδωτισμό (Εθνών, Φυλών, Ανθρώπων), όσο και κάθε κάλπικης τεχνητής ανισότητας και ολιγαρχίας (χρήματος, κόμματος, διαστροφής).


34 comments on “The Manifesto Of Golden Dawn

  1. 8) “The state should have control over private property so that it is not dangerous for the survival of the People or can manipulate them.”

    How does owning private property become dangerous for the survival of the People?

    Does this mean that Greeks who own anything from a single one bedroom condo in the cities to vast amounts of land on the islands, that they will have to forfeit their property to Golden Dawn if they gain power in office?

    So while some Greeks who’ve worked hard and toiled their land over the years, they’ll end up losing their homes if GD becomes the primary party?

    • “How does owning private property become dangerous for the survival of the People?”
      Ask George Soros. Obviously, it means control over big private property that isn’t used for the benefit of all the people and the nation.

    • All property in the United States is already controlled by the State or Federal government under eminent domain laws. See the Kelo v. City of New London Connecticut case.

      You do not own your property. You can be forced to sell it at a loss or lose it altogether to anyone who can prove that they could profit the State or Federal government and thereby the people more by removing you from the equation using these laws. In the, “Land of the Free,” the rich own everything including your property.

  2. Parts in # 8 are questionable yes * (see below) , but if that means as in preventing monopolies or in Private property as in the Bank like the Private Bank the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks that controls the U.S. Economy with it’s sub bank Goldman Sachs that is controlling the world economy and working on owning everything on the planet then OK. The US Government Treasury should control and issue money as the US Constitution says which was violated in 1913 with the US Federal Reserve act by the Marxist Woodrow Wilson and Edward Mandel House a Rothschild Illuminati Marxist agent . The Bank of Greece is a Central Bank owned by Rothschild and other Germans some Greeks and only 5 % the Greek government.
    So part 8 needs some explanation in reference to private property because Golden Dawn seems to be very anti Socialist and anti communist.
    # 8; I am an enemy of vast exploitative wealth, either locally or internationalist, and a champion of small family ownership like the “kleros” or “temenos” of our ancestors. Money is a mean of necessity, not a governing principle of life or the purpose of it. The ultimate goal of the social state is the elimination of tiered false-value of money and the controlled use of it as a trading mean. * (The state should have control over private property so that it is not dangerous for the survival of the People or can manipulate them. The economy should be planned so that it serves the national policy and ensures the maximum self-sufficiency without dependence on international markets and control of any multinational companies.)

  3. 8) “The state should have control over private property so that it is not dangerous for the survival of the People or can manipulate them.”

    The process of expropriation “occurs when a public agency (for example, the provincial government and its agencies, regional districts, municipalities, school boards and utilities) takes property for a purpose deemed to be in the public interest, even though the owner of the property may not be willing to sell it.”

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    • Whoops! You dropped your mask! Now we can all see your ugly, evil face hidden behind the disguise of the victim.

      • THE ORIGINAL EUROPEANS KNEW HOW TO DEAL WITH VERMIN like that Silverstein ,I heard they were forced to convert and were called MARRANOS (PIGS WITH NO BALLS) for that.

      • They have never been victims,they have made everyone else victims,but their disguise is coming off due to their perceived upper hand and the inevitable pride that comes with it .

    • Good luck trying. Start to look around you idiot the world is waking up. If you think Golden Dawn is your only problem your sadly mistaken! Once the entire world was against Germany but now the world is with us. It is only a few libtards thinking he is god or something. Fight on the good fight my brothers!!! Taking our victory a day at a time!!!

    • Suckestein you come from a race of cowards you don`t dare a manly attack,but following your demon conceived: by “deceit thy will wage war” doctrine,like I said slithering snakes.You will not prevail We will.

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  6. Rothschild is NOT German! The central banks like Rothschild and Goldman Sacks are Jewish Zionist. One may one to remember that 80 years ago Germany was a free Nation. Bolshevism lead by the Jew Lenin and initially invented by the Jew Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto was responsible for the bloody revolution in Russia. Yet who did Britain and America ally with-Stalin the Bolshevik the very demon Hitler was trying to prevent from overtaking Europe. It was primarily vassal Nations of Britain and America who sold White Nations into Jewish debt slavery since after Germany’s defeat Jewish Zionists has their claws in every Nation.


  8. Well well well. A group of greek radicals like neo nazis. How interesting. I see a refrence in the manifesto about ” Nationalism sees people not only as a numerical entity of individuals but as a qualitative synthesis of people with the same biological and spiritual heritage” So in other words you people believe in Eugenics as well like hitler did right? If you are not Greek you do not count right? Yeah the Jews leadership sucks we all know that,But not all of them are zionist. I do not believe in “race” liek you prolly understand it. I Go with the scientific verified definition That we are all Homo sapien sapiens. Different races would not be able to mate with one another and all humans can do that regardless of skin color or creed. OH and No th ereason Scientist still use “race” as a identifier is just for the sake of CLASSIFICATION not of any real species diffrences. Direct all responses here because I do not trust anyone but friends with my address i use.

  9. My Oath to the Golden Dawn

    To all of the Golden Dawn members who are reading this, I have a statement to make:
    I swear to uphold all of the tenets and laws that the Golden Dawn stands for, and I will not
    betray my comrades where ever they may be, and I will uphold the good name of the
    Golden Dawn and protect its interests and aspirations in a manner befitting my allegiance
    to Nikos Mihaloliakos, leader and inspiration to thousands of Greek men and women
    around the World, and a man of quality and honor.
    My oath to the Golden Dawn is ironclad, and dedication and fealty are what give me a
    sense of purpose in this world of chaos and anarchy.
    For the remaining years of my life, my obligation to the Golden Dawn will not falter,
    and I will strive to be the most exemplary member of this most honorable and nationalistic
    political party, because at the core of this Party’s system and structure lies the hope that
    what is left of Hellas can be salvaged and made whole again, and that a future can become
    a reality for all true Greeks anywhere on this Earth, and that survival for the Greek Race
    is insured, not only for the old, but also for the young.
    This is my life; this is my choice; this is my duty to Greece and the Greek Race overall.

    Hail Victory!
    Hail Greece!
    Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

    Vasili Bakagias
    September 2013

  10. In the Name of Honor and Justice: A Tribute to Nikos Mihaloliakos

    Lo and behold!
    A man appeared from Hellas’
    Unknown regions to bring a
    Purifying fire to cleanse and
    Heal a gaping wound that was
    Inflicted on Greece many years
    Ago by the Adversary and those
    Who serve its unholy commands
    To spread the World-consuming
    Evil that has destroyed all in its
    Path, unrelenting and voracious
    In appetite and greed,
    Sparing no one and nothing.
    In the midst of chaos and anarchy,
    Heaven sent forth a summons to
    Bring forth a man who has not
    Walked the Earth since the days
    Of the Heroes and Demi-Gods
    In Hallowed Antiquity.
    Long ago,
    A prophecy was uttered on the
    Lips of the ancient and noble
    Race of Hyperboreans
    Concerning the coming of a
    Race-redeemer who would
    Pull his People from the jaws
    Of utter ruin,
    Sparing men and women a
    Plunge into the great Abyss,
    Giving hope and optimism
    To the beleaguered Hellenes
    Who were at the mercy of the
    Kali Yuga,
    The dreaded age of death and
    Which is the last cycle of Time
    For this epoch of modern man’s
    Many have been champions of
    But only one man will be able to
    Salvage what is left of once-glorious
    After the darkling hordes have had
    Their way with that once-proud land
    That stands on the brink of social
    And economic collapse.
    His name is Nikos Mihaloliakos,
    And he is steel shaped in the
    Form of a man,
    Being a conqueror of dark forces,
    And bringing light and goodness
    Back to the Land of Wisdom and
    Offering all true Greeks a chance
    Of redemption again after so many
    Years of struggling with foolishness
    And mismanagement,
    Which has cost Greece its very
    Soul and its dignity.
    My hope for Greece has arrived
    In the very form of a true
    Man of Steel,
    And in the final days of my
    Beloved Hellas,
    Many will rejoice,
    Knowing that in the years
    Following the wise and firm
    Leadership of
    Nikos Mihaloliakos,
    Love and Faith were restored
    Once again in the land of
    Gods and Heroes.

    Hail Victory!
    Hail Greece!
    Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

    Vasili Bakagias

  11. Greece as it stands, has no chance of success. With the philosophical principles you are proposing, they have all of the potential of a united people, unlimited.

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  13. I’m a Greek born in Canada proud as hell to be Greek i agree with Golden Dawn , Your voice should be heard on all Greek radios across Canada, wake people up they don’t know whats really going on in Greece ,
    all e legal immigrants should be forced out immediately before things get worse , and have our Army patrol the borders of Greece

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